The Amazing Head Job I Got From Cobra Libre!

For some men all they want is pure stimulation on where it counts…..the head.  There are plenty of men that just aren’t satisfied with regular male masturbators, either the in and out feeling get boring for them or maybe it’s the fact that they just prefer head stimulation rather than shaft and realistic vagina sensations.  For those who want deep rich vibrations dedicated to pleasure and stimulate the head of the penis, Fun Factory has fine-tunded the unique top-hit Cobra Libre!  The Fun Factory Cobre Libre 2 is the second iteration and makes some great improvements on their original. Fun Factory are an amazing German Sex Toy company that create amazing products which such innovations. Fun Factory, predominately known for their amazing and quirky yet practical female vibrators have pointed their expertise at creating a interesting, vibrating male’s toy. Their products reflect effective, playful concepts that can be taken into the bedroom without intimidating the user, rather completely engulfing them in the sensation Fun Factory’s toys provide.


The Cobra Libre 2 is a sex toy made for the head of the penis! This massager surrounds the tip of the penis with its soft, velvety interior made of medical-grade silicone. From gentle to powerful, the two motors deliver thrilling vibrations. Now like generally most of the male population know, and majority of the female population understand is that all the males sensation in his penis is 80% the head of the penis. This is because this is where all the nerve endings are! You might be thinking “Mate, you work in an adult shop you’re don’t need to give me anatomy lessons”, well then let me tell you this! THE Fun Factory Cobre Libre 2


The Cobra Libra 2 provides something that a lot of toys seem to struggle to complete… complete penis head stimulation. Cobra Libre doesn’t need to be moved back and forth by hand, so you can just concentrate on breathtaking sensations and enjoy the ecstasy!

The Fun Factory Cobre Libre 2 entrance is a turbo charged beast is about a finger length in, and contains a nice sensual bend in it to replicate the shape and curvature of deep throating. The Cobra Libre is a head vibrating machine, and will massage the head of your cock until it runs out of gas. There is another motor situated underneath to stimulate the shaft at the head of the penis. It’s particularly useful for those that don’t necessarily like an all encompassing masturbator, or simply want the vibrations centred on the head of the cock. The soft silicone has plenty of give in it, and is designed for a tight, comfortable fit. Where you put the penis is made of very flexible and velvety silicone that envelops the head and carries the rumbly vibrations over the whole area. You will need to use lubricant with this toy, as without lubricant you might be in for a little too rough a ride than what most people can handle. Remember that silicone, when not lubed up, becomes quite grippy and you will be completely unable to glide smoothly across it. The sensations are nothing like a fleshlight making it a unique male masturbator mens sex toy.

With Two Centric Motors

Fun Factory Cobre Libre 2 has two motors that provide powerful vibrations will have you’re knob shaking it’s own head thinking what did i get my self into. The vibrations range from mild to wildly intense. With its 11 vibration patterns, the Cobra Libre 2  heads confidently for the next climax and always ready to please from sensitive to demanding. Multiple speeds and pulsations types allows you to never ever get bored of the Cobra Libra 2. The CL2 is perfectly design to satisfy, it’s shape imitating a mouth and on the inside the texture is soft and smooth like that of a tongue. It is also completely rechargeable meaning you won’t have to worry about batteries. It is a true motor mouth.

The Controls Have Been Re-Worked

In addition to the long-lasting motors, the controls on the Cobra Libre II have been completely reworked. The biggest improvement they made over the last model was changing the touch controls to actual physical buttons, so controlling the is a lot easier and more responsive.  You have one button to turn the toy on or off and the other two sift between vibration intensities and patterns. The easy to reach buttons on this waterproof penis pleasurer guarantees easy navigation in the dark or underwater. The brand new Cobra Libre II wins over users with its exclusive extras. The charge level indicator, unique on the market, guarantees you’ll never run out of gas before the finish line. When the USB Charger is connected to Cobra Libre II, the number of illuminated operating buttons indicates how much power is left. If just one button is lit up, then you know it’s time to re-fuel. If all three are lit up, you are safe to go on another joyride. The comfortable key lock prevents unwanted motor revving in your handbag and a “quick stop” promises optimal safety when you have to unexpectedly brake.

The noise could be an issue for some, when its at low power it isn’t too loud at all but when you raise the intensity to the max it’s definitely isn’t the most discreet toy I have reviewed.  It certainly isn’t a deal breaker in most cases but should be noted anyways. Some toys have a whiny annoying noise whereas the cobra is just a rumble noise.

Fully Rechargeable

The Fun Factory Cobre Libre 2 is fully rechargeable and connects via a magnetic clip at the end of device which is really nifty. What this means its there is no plug, which allows this toy to be fully waterproof, so if you want to take your cobra with you into the shower or bath you can. It is important to note that this is not a full shaft vibrator like other masturbators you can buy through sex stores online. Another great thing about the cobra is that unlike many other male masturbators this toy can be used hands free. Just put a pillow on your lap and slide the cobra on and there you have it.

Once you are finished all you need to do is clean, which is easy since this toy is waterproof. Just simply wash it in warm soapy water and you’re done. The Fun Factory Cobre Libre 2 is made out of platinum silicone which  is very hygienic and easy to clean with a little bit of anti-bacterial toy cleaner or mild soap and should only be used with water-based lubricants.

Two thumps up for this little beast (I can because its hands free), definitely a must for all those who crave incredible head stimulation, a toy that is sleek and powerful and for those who don’t mind a bit off rumble noises….besides their own. Sit back and relax, maybe watch something that turns you on could enhance your experience. The Cobra Libra 2 is defiantly a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately,  they won’t be releasing a Cobra Libra 3 because it will make hand’s and mouths world wide jealous. For all males it is a must have, due to it’s amazing design and the two powerful motors. Don’t think with you’re actual head when it comes to buying this toy, use you’re penis head.

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Fun Factory Cobre Libre 2 Benefits:

  • A focus on the head of the penis
  • Fits around and hugs the tip of the penis
  • Extra soft velvety silicone inside
  • Two powerful motors massage the penis head
  • Intuitive control using touch buttons
  • Easy to use with one hand
  • No up and down movements necessary
  • 2 powerful, yet quiet motors
  • Thrilling design
  • Rechargeable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean under running water
  • Size: 14.7 cm,  4.3 cm

Fun Factory Cobre Libre 2 Masturbation Tips:

  • Use a vibrating cock ring on you’re testicles
  • Use On for Him whilst using the Cobra Libra 2
  • Put an ice cube inside of the Cobra Libra 2 mouth
  • Use a cooling lubricant with it
  • Use a warming lubricant with it
  • Use it whilst wearing a vibrating ball bag and a vibrating cock sleeve for 3 levels of ultimate stimulation
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