Fun Factory Manta Review!

Fun Factory’s Manta caught my eye first by its weird shape and also by its name. Very odd for a Sex Toy to be named after an animal… Cough Rabbit… However, looking more into this toy I am beyond fascinated by how much fun you can actually have with it. 

Labeled as a vibrating stroker by Fun Factory and one of the 2-3 products designed for men by the Company (the other popular toy being the Coba Libre II), The Manta is very distinct with it’s inward shaped designed which was created to encompass the penis shaft while you move it up and down. Although the ripples do look pretty, they are there for a reason! The ridges in the vibrator are designed to hold the lubricant you apply (Definitely use Pjur Aqua) for a longer and smoother glide. Not only is the toy made out of medical grade silicone but it also sports a rechargeable battery which Fun Factory is best known for and a travel lock so you can take your Manta ANYWHERE!

Quick Fact: When Manta’s mate, it is normally one female chased by 20-25 male Manta’s. Does this sound familiar? 
As a start to writing more and more reviews, you’ll come to notice a common pattern. I love toys that don’t just have one use, but can be VERSATILE! There is so many different way’s you can put the Manta to some fun use with your partner or even yourself! 

  1. It can be used on the shaft of the penis whilst giving oral and even on the testicles 
  2. It can be used as a solo toy while you use it to masturbate 
  3. Don’t NEGLECT the head, use the Manta on the head of the penis for the ultimate stimulation 
  4. The tips on the end of the Manta can be used to stimulate nipples and ear lobes 
  5. Because of the silicone at the tip of the Manta being extremely thin, the vibrations are much stronger meaning that you can use it to stimulate the clitoris (Not just a male’s best friend, call it more a fun third wheel). ]

The Manta by Fun Factory is definitely the sex toy you need to add to your fun box at home. Be sure to add it to your cart here and remember Manta’s need water to live so add a Pjur Aqua to the cart too! 

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