The Fun Cup

Menstrual Cup

Without delving into the embedded patriarcal society in which we all live, it most definitely has led to the stigma involved with all things menstruation. Most men don’t even understand the basic principle of a period: being the ejected blood, mucus and tissue by the uterus, materials it was preparing ready to fertilize an egg, but when the ovum isn’t fertilised, this is all expelled through the cervix.

So it’s really no surprise that not much research has historically been done into how to manage this monthly flow. It wasn’t really until toxic shock syndrome hit the headlines in the 80s that women started to look for an alternative to those disposable products like tampons.

What is a menstrual cup?

Which is where the menstral cup, or diva cup, comes into play. Unlike a tampon or a pad which are designed to soak up period blood, a menstrual cup ‘catches’ it. And while there is now a wide range of these cups on the market, the Fun Cup just might be the best option out there.

Designed and manufactured by those brilliant Germans at Fun Factory, home of some of your favourite sex toys, the Fun Cup is their innovative entry into this growing market. The Fun Cup is a 100% medical grade silicone and is a far better design than all those others, that haven’t changed their design since the 90s!

Why use a menstrual cup?

While tampons can dry you out and cause micro-tears, leaving you more susceptible to infection, the Fun Cup is gentle on your skin and great for your well-being. A menstrual cup can hold 4-6 times the amount of a tampon, and once cleaned, is reusable for years to come. As such, the Fun Cup is a lot more eco-friendly than disposable products, and better for the environment is better for everyone. Given the expense of disposable products, the Fun Cup will pay for itself within about six months, and saving money is always a good thing (more money to spend on toys!).

Choosing the right menstrual cup

There are a few important things to keep in mind about finding the right menstrual cup (since it can be worn for around ten hours, it wants to be comfortable). Menstrual cups should sit snugly within the vaginal canal, just below the cervix. However if it is touching the cervix, it can be dislodged, which is going to be both uncomfortable and messy, and means your menstrual cup doesn’t fit properly.

This is why, with the Fun Cup Explore Kit, there is one of each of their two sizes included, Size A and Size B. Size A is 5.3cm long with a 4cm diameter and holds 20 ml and is great for those with a lighter flow or those with a shallower vaginal canal. The larger Size B, 5.8cm long, 4.3cm diameter and holding 30 ml, is better suited to those with a longer vaginial canal or during a heavy flow.

The Fun Cup has also been designed to better fit your anatomy, as well as provide greater comfort and leakage protection. Most menstrual cups also have that pokey tail hanging beneath the bell shape, while the Fun Cup has a tapered tip with small grooves to better get a grip on it for removal.

How to use a menstrual cup

This is where most people hesitate about the idea of using a menstrual cup. There’s a bit of a learning curve to inserting a menstrual cup, but you’ll have it mastered in no time.

Inserting your Fun Cup

Start by sitting on the toilet with your legs apart, or standing with one leg propped up. Fold your cup, either with a C-fold or a punch-fold, and insert into your vagina, scooping it back towards your spine. If you’re having a lighter period, or to make things easier, apply a little water based lubricant to the cup. Once inserted, release the cup, and it will unfold inside you. By bearing down with your muscles and twisting the cup back and forth, you’ll create a seal. Give a gentle tug to ensure it is secure.

Removing your Fun Cup

You can either reach in and press the tip of your cup with your finger, or alternatively bare down with your muscles and pinch the tip. Gently pull the cup out and tip its contents down the toilet, or down the drain if you’re in the shower.

This whole tipping out the contents is where some women feel they want to turn their noses up at diva cups, but at the same time, many women enjoy the fact that they can keep a better eye on how things are going.

Cleaning your Fun Cup

With a mild unscented soap, rinse and wash out your cup before reinserting it, or storing it in the included antimicrobial Tyvek bag. If you’re on the go and emptying your cup in a cubicle, just wipe it out with some toilet paper before reinserting it.

If you’d like to keep your cup extra clean between periods, boil it for three minutes, allow it to dry before returning it to your Tyvek bag. The fun cup is available at the adultlifestyle sex toy stores Sydney.

Here’s Why Some Lesbians Deeply Enjoy Strap-on Sex

strap-on sex

While leaving the gym, I ran into an old friend from high school. Though I hate running into people I haven’t seen in ages, this time small talk was unavoidable. We asked each other the basic questions of life, but I have to admit I already Facebook crept her a couple of months ago. She’s one of those people that make you check-in with them, you know, see where they are in life. I knew she was a lesbian, dating this woman who enjoys riding horses and making campfires. I already knew everything there was to know, expect the details. After a couple of minutes, she offered to grab a coffee, and I said yes. I knew this was my chance to clear up some of the myths that were floating around in my head about strapon dating and maybe she had the answers.

The details were what I was curious about. I wasn’t a lesbian, and though I understood and respected the basics of it, I wanted to know more. We sat down, I ordered a cold coffee; she had a latte. We talked about life, and I brought up her relationship. “Listen,” I said, “I want to ask you a question that’s really been on my mind.” She smiled openly and nodded, “sure, what is it?” I looked at her for a moment with hesitation, can I ask her this? Can you ask people you haven’t seen in ten years a question like this?

“I want to know more about strap-on sex,” I replied. “That is if you know anything about it. I have a lot of questions about it, and people ask me about it like I’m some wise wizard. But, I haven’t tried it before, so I don’t really know.” She leaned back and laughed, “is this why you agreed to go to coffee with me?” I laughed, “well, partially yes. But I’m also curious about your opinion on these things.” She leaned forward, “well, I do have strap-on sex with my partner if that’s what you’re asking.” I nodded, “but why?” Her eyebrows furrowed, “what do you mean why?” I paused for a moment, rephrasing my thoughts, “I guess my question is why have strap-on sex?” Over the next thirty minutes, I was given all the reasons why.

A dildo isn’t a penis

Here’s what we get wrong with lesbian strap-on sex. Most of us assume that lesbians opt for strap-on sex because they miss having sex with men. But that’s wrong. Just because a woman enjoys using a dildo doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with men. A dildo is a phallic object that both men and women use for pleasure. It’s not a penis.

Strap-on sex spices things up

Like everything in life, a routine can become boring. Whether it’s lesbian, gay, or straight sex, doing the same sex positions can become dull. But strap-on sex spices things up and allows lesbian couples to try new positions, broadening their sexual repertoire. Strap-on sex isn’t necessarily used every time a couple has sex. Instead, it can be used to switch up the routine and put a little va-va-voom back in the bedroom.

It changes power dynamics

Most people assume that in lesbian relationships, there is a butch/femme dynamic where the masculine individual is the top and the feminine individual is the bottom. However, that’s not the case. Firstly, women, regardless of their features, can like a variety of other types of women. A butch can date someone femme, androgynous or tomboy and vice versa. During sex, role reversal happens often and allows both women to try out different power dynamics. Women can experience both the desire to penetrate and be penetrated; they’re more fluid when it comes to power dynamics.

Because there’s more to sex than scissoring

The porn industry didn’t interpret lesbian sex very well. If you look up lesbian porn, most of them scissor. Though scissoring is an actual lesbian sex position, it’s not the only one they engage in. Lesbian sex involves a variety of positions and requires a decent level of flexibility. But, again, it’s not the only position. Oral sex, fingering, and strap-on sex is some examples of sexual acts included in lesbian sex.

Strap-on sex is penetrative sex

Sex between women via strap-on isn’t the same as a woman having sex with a man. The major difference is because one of them involves a man whereas the other involves a dildo. Strap-on sex is penetrative sex which has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Women, regardless of their sexuality, can enjoy penetrative sex and desire it with their female partner. This is where the strap-on plays an important role. It provides a lesbian couple the ability to have penetrative sex without involving a man. In other words, sometimes you just want to be penetrated.

So if you were wondering why some lesbians enjoy strap-on sex, these are some of the reasons why. The beauty of sex is everyone can enjoy different acts for reasons other than their sexuality, and strap-ons are simply a tool for exploration.

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Surfing The Stronic!

Fun Factory has been a stand out brand for me from the day I started at OhZone. The brand which is a personal favorite among all the staff here and we are all so excited because Fun Factory has a new product and I can’t wait to be the one to tell you all about it!

About the brand:

Fun Factory is a German company who are a stand out brand, completely owning they make sex toys and in my humble opinion probably the best sex toys in the business. The Fun Factory website claims the founder’s mission was to develop sex toys of the highest standards.  The toys go through development, production, quality assurance testing and are packed for your pleasure at the factory on the banks of the Weser river all the way in Germany. The company pride themselves on using medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone which means you can masturbate worry free.

Okay, but about the surf:

What makes the surf different to the other toys is the incredible pulse vibrator or a pulsator, meaning it essentially thrusts and pulsates inside you. It has weights inside the toy, which can be felt if toy is shaken whilst not in use and you can feel how it shakes. Once the toy is switched on the weights begin to shake back and forth to create an intense feeling once inside the body, better yet its hands free. The surf is a mid-sized vibe and also has tapered waves or grooves for simple insertion but deep massage, the last groove long enough to bounce on the clitoris to bring that toe curling orgasm home.  True to fun factory’s form the toy comes in fun bright colours: a teal blue or an intense reddish orange – it also comes in a classic black for those who prefer darker vibes. Unfortunately for you anal lovers this toy is designed for vaginal use; please do not use this toy anally.


Fun factory know how annoying batteries are particularly in the middle of the night when all you want to do is get down with your vibrator and you have no spare batteries. The Fun Factory toys are super easy to charge all toys come with a charging cord included in your box with purchase. The charger has two magnets that connect to the bottom of your toy. Simply let the magnets connect and your toy will be ready for play in just a few hours!


  • Water-proof – your toy wants to get wet with you!
  • Body safe silicone, non-porous and hypoallergenic – for your peace of mind during masturbation.
  • The surf has 7 speeds as well as three 3 rhythms to keep you and your vagina happy no matter how you like it.
  • Safety lock for travel – this is so important for people who take their vibes with them on trips. Safety locks save any embarrassing moments when your bag starts vibrating in the airport.
  • Rechargeable – I think this one is hugely important and really undervalued; lots of customers will opt for toys with batteries because they are cheaper and I’ll tell you like I tell my customers! You’re really saving money in the long run from not having to replace your batteries all the time. Also, it’s so much better for the environment, think of yourself as an eco-warrior when you buy a rechargeable toy tell yourself you’re doing it for planet earth.
  • The surf can operate for a solid 45 mins on highest speed/rhythm.



  • Those with pacemakers should avoid this product as it can be harmful to you.
  • The instructions definitely want me to indicate that this toy is specifically designed for vaginal use only. (On the plus side, Fun Factory makes anal toys and OhZone stock those toys, ask your friendly staff about these!)
  • The initial charge to use can take up to 6-8 hours to fully charge for first use which is such a drag when you want to use it immediately. Trust me! Honey, I feel your pain on this one.


Overall, I found this toy probably the best in the range of the stronics (although I haven’t used all of them… yet). Those waves created a weighted ‘fuller’ feeling without the vibrator size being too big. This would ultimately suit someone who has used a toy before, someone with intermediate knowledge on what they like and how to masturbate with pulsators. I was absolutely in love with the colors, I know this isn’t a deal breaker for most people but having a toy you love with fun vibrant colors just makes the experience much more fun. I would highly recommend this to all customers seeking a new vibrator – you really do need this toy in your life.

Anyway, I am off to ride the waves again.

Big Boss and The Black Line!

The names of Fun Factory sex toys tend to be creative and beat around what they actually are in a fun and creative way. For example:

  • Fun Factory Duke is a male prostate vibrator.
  • Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is a pulsator.
  • Fun Factory Semillino is a miniature vibrator.

The Fun Factory Big Boss Black Line vibrator, as the name suggests, is a BIG Fun Factory vibrator. There is no confusion there! In my opinion, it is one of the classiest phallic shaped vibrators in the adult lifestyle industry.  I’m usually one to steer away from the realistic looking vibrators. I don’t know why, I think it might be something to do with detaching a vibrator from the real thing. Let’s face it, unless something is seriously wrong, a man’s penis does not vibrate.

The original Big Boss vibrator has a white handle that comes in three colors including pink, nude and black. The Fun Factory Black Line has been specifically created with a black handle, a matching shaft and has their signature red button. I found this sex toy instantly appealing due to it’s sleek and all black design. Fun Factory describe it in perfect detail:

This gorgeous vibe crosses from realism into fantasy. We’ve re-imagined this customer favorite in pure black, to match your deepest, darkest desires (and because black goes with everything).

There are so many vibrantly colorful adult toys on the market that a dark, all black vibrator is highly welcome in my opinion.

The Fun Factory Big Boss measures 9 inches in total length, with the shaft measuring at 7 inches and a girth of almost 2 inches. I thought the size may have resulted in weaker vibrations in the end but let me assure you, this is most definitely not the case! The vibrations in the Big Boss are strong and powerful throughout. It features six vibration intensities and six vibration rhythms. With the twelve unique vibration patterns, you will be able to find one for every mood. Fun Factory describe the Big Boss’s vibrations:

Armed with Big Boss, can make any woman lose her mind with ecstasy. Big Boss keeps his promises and ensures potent power plays under the sheets. Our customers love that the bass tone vibration lets you play longer without ever feeling numb or over-stimulated.

Black Line Fun Factory

The shaft of the Big Boss has a slight G-Spot curve that is designed to look natural. It has a pronounced head for amazing g-spot stimulation and veins which add texture. The shaft is firm yet bendable made with patented FlexiFun Technology that is unique to the Fun Factory brand. When using the sex toy simply apply pressure or move your body into the sex toy, it will pleasurably move into the form of your body to reach all the right places.

It is made from non porous, body safe, medical grade silicone that feels velvety and soft which can be a bit grabby. It is recommended to use a few drops of a high quality water-based lubricant like Fun Factory Toy Fluid to make your experience that much more pleasurable. Apart from lubricant being a necessity with The Fun Factory Big Boss, I have found no faults or issues with this sex toy (If needing to use lubricant is even an issue!). I feel that this is a small price to pay for a safe, non-porous and easy to clean vibrator.

One of the great features of the Big Boss is the ergonomic loop handle. I love the ease of adult toys with this feature. Instead of fiddling around trying to grab it with your hand, possibly slipping due to excess lubricant and making a mess of what should be a relaxing and pleasurable experience; The loop means you can stick a finger or thumb in, hold on and move it with ease. You can simply pull the sex toy up or push down to easily re-position it during masturbation.

It has been made with a seamless design that allows you to submerse it in water for some shower and bath time fun. Cleaning up is a breeze, simply use warm water with mild soap. It comes with a 2 year warranty, is equipped with a travel lock to avoid embarrassing airport trouble and is genuinely a top of the line, high quality vibrator. One of the remarkable features of the Fun Factory Big Boss vibrator is how it recharges the battery using an eco-friendly magnetic charger with a simple click n charge system.

For someone looking for a bigger, realistic and classy vibrator, the BigBoss Black Line by Fun Factory is my top choice. Fun Factory has won awards from iF World Design Guide and Xbiz.

The Fun Factory Choice

Why Choose Fun Factory

There are so many good reasons why one should choose fun factory sex toys over many of the other leading brands.  Here are a few of those reasons outlined.

Fun Factory Sex Toys

Caption: Over 20 Years In Business

1. Design

Each new design of Fun Factory can take months, and sometimes years, to design, develop, finesse and get onto the production line. With that level of commitment, you can be assured that the newly designed sex toy is going to hit the right spot, or at least someone’s spot. The thing is, it is impossible to determine whether or not a sex toy is going to do well for everyone. Everyone has different shapes, personalities, and things that get them to climax, however Fun Factory demonstrates a willingness, and commitment to the development of particular toys that will do their job to as many people as possible.

You can determine this through the very exclusive line of the Fun Factory Family of sex toys. They’re not over producing toys needlessly, they are continually designing, and redesigning toys that will hit the mark. Only a select few companies in the public eye, such as, Samsung, Nicole Hudson Hair Stylist, Porsche, continually aim to improve their toys, and considering that some of Fun Factory toys are up to their 5th generation, strongly demonstrates their willingness and openness to improve their toys. Whilst critics will argue that they should have gotten it right the first time (and in most cases they did), sometimes when it comes to technology and things relating to this, the technology that you wanted then was not yet feasible, or reliable enough to work in the way that you want it to. Like cars, such as the aforementioned Porsche, they are constantly being upgraded with new reliable and innovative technology.  Fun Factory is innovative in this regard, as it attempts to use technology on the forefront of the market in order to develop new toys. Think the pulsator and its thrusting motor.

2. Power:-

The power of Fun Factory is strong. These aren’t your little motors, these motors have some strength, and they have some serious rumble  don’t be surprised if your Nutri-Bullet seems a little less like a novelty now. Fun factory easily surpasses Lelo in terms of power, and is on par with the Rumble of the We-Vibe Tango. That goes for all their vibrators as well, from the Cobra Masturbator, to the delightfully cute Flora, to the intensity of the Miss Bi and Lady Bi. They have strength, and power and they have a variety of settings for you to hit your peak. If you like rumbly vibrations then you’re certainly going to enjoy the Fun Factory series vibrators. If you prefer your vibrators to be a little weaker, less rumbly, then perhaps you should look elsewhere.

Fun Factory Banner

Caption: Fun Factory Innovative Design

3.Use and Versatility:-

The Majority of the Fun Factory sex toys are versatile in their use. The flora is an excellent example of this. Small enough to be considered a clitoral bullet, or body style bullet (by that I mean for the nipples, genitals, and other sensitive areas), and just long enough to be used as an insertable style toy. The semilino, its cousin, appears to be of a similar design but can actually be used anally, vaginally and pretty much the same way as the flora. Each of these toys hold a myriad of different functions, as opposed to singular functions. And yes, whilst you can state that you can apply this to many toys, and whilst the answer is correct, you can clearly see that Fun Factory’s aim is to be versatile, and fun. The fact that they add whether or not the toy is suitable to be used for anal play is indicative of the idea that these toys are meant to be versatile both in terms of gendered play, and in terms of single play as well.

4. Rechargeable:-

Rechargeable vibrators are better than non-rechargeable vibrators. Rechargeable can be more easily made waterproof, they’re not necessarily going to die on you at the wrong moment, indeed, with advances in rechargeable battery life these days they will easily be able to hold more power, and more charge than their battery cousins.

5. Being Different:-

This may sound superficial, but fun factory produces toys in colours that appear no-where else in the market. From petrol, to blackberry to India red, fun factory prides itself on being different. Fun Factory’s philosophy is to have fun, and when the company that makes your sex toys want have the same end of day philosophy as yourself, then you can be pretty much assured that you’re going to be in for a good time. The Pulsator is one of the more unique vibrators on the market, yes there are toys that thrust, but the fun factory toy is one of the sole toys one the market that pulses using a magnetic thruster that has a far less chance of breaking than a wind up gear which moves with the person.

So that leaves the question; why would you buy fun factory as opposed to other toys? The versatility of the fun factory mean that they’re an easy and fun purchase to make. They’re a fantastic toy for beginners and advanced users alike.

When looking for the best sex toys online, there are a lot of things that you need to look at before you can get into any site and choose their products. There are a lot of considerations and things that you should be aware of in order for you to make the right decision with regards to if you should do business with that site or an adult store. These guidelines help you understand the nature of the toys that you want to purchase and if they will live up to your expectations. Therefore, below are some more reasons that you should choose buy fun factory independent retailer of authentic fun factory products for all your sex toy needs.

We are professionals that will handle your order with the urgency as well as privacy that it deserves. This is an integral part in ensuring that you actually do get the best that you could hope for from the sex toys that you get. So, below are some more reasons as to why you should choose this fun factory product.


Having been in the industry for 20 years now, there is no better way to get the best sex toys than through such a trusted and established manufacturer. This is because experience helps to make the best toys in the market so that you can deal with those that are of the highest quality and standards. This is the right ingredient that you need to know in order for you as the consumer to get to choose with confidence that you will get the best toys that you can hope to find in the market. There are a lot of intricate procedures that are involved in this process and it requires the right experience to handle innovation and development. Fun Factory guarantee their products so you are guaranteed that you are actually getting the best products out of any transaction. So, before you choose any sex toy out there, get to know how long the manufacturer has been in operation and read some blogs or google the company name and this will tell you if they are genuine or not. The length at which a manufacturing business has been able to successfully remain afloat should tell you a lot about the quality of their products and why you should choose it. This is why you should visit our store as we only sell authentic fun factor sex toys direct to you.

German Design And Made

Caption: Hypoallergenic Sex Toys


Fun Factory also gives you a lot of variety which means that you have a wide selection of sex toys to choose from. From, pulsators, vibrators, dildos as well as anal toys and so many others, this gives you the customer the power to get to choose that which you think is right for you. This variety helps you decide and never miss out on a thing that you might be looking for. You will find a wide range of products that you can’t get anywhere else and this is why this buy fun factory is the best place for any toys that you have a mind to purchase. These sex toys are the best that there are in the market and when you are looking for sex toys, you want to be able to have a selection that you can get to see what it does before you can choose. This site lets you see that wide selection with reviews that will enable you to get the toy that you need to stimulate yourself to pleasures that you haven’t experienced before.


This is another thing that puts off a lot of customers but you never have to worry about it when it comes to Fun Factory sex toys as for the quality that you are receiving and the innovative engineering for a made in Germany product these sex toys have the best prices that you can find on the such highly regarded toys. Any customer out there who wants the best toys that are of the highest quality and at the right price will not be disappointed. There should never be any exploitation by the manufacturer or seller as these are the businesses that are responsible for the product branding and popularity. Product testimonials abound for fun factory toys and the toys are at the best prices for the market but this does not mean that quality has been compromised in any way.


Now, this does not mean that you are just satisfied as a customer alone with the purchase but that you are also satisfied with Fun Factory functionality and ability to pleasure. This means that you will be satisfied both by the product and in the bedroom as well where on your body you will be using it.  We deliver quick so that you will be able to use you choice asap and if the item is not as described or faulty in any way a full refund or replacement will be given.  Did we mention we ship in discreet packaging anywhere in the world.

Fun Factory Sex Toys On Sale

Caption: Fun Factory Sex Toy Sale


This is another part of this site that you as the customer will find totally great for you. Yes, this is the fact that you can get a great deal on Fun Factory sex toys that are here and so much more on this site and this is why a lot of people flock here to buy their sex toys. You want to deal with a site that offers deals once in a while on their products and this is great because then you can get to acquire a sextoy that you have been desiring for a long while but have never gotten your hands on it but at a reduced price. These kind of deals will enable you get a sex toy at the best price and eventually mean that you get the best for less. There are incredible offers on Fun Factory and other sex toys each and every week.

Discreet Packaging:-

This is one of the most important things when it comes to shipping sex toys and therefore it is important that they are sealed very discreetly as per the customer’s requests. The packaging used by RMV Management Pty Ltd is discreet and will enable customers that may be shy or do not want people knowing what they have purchased to order in confidence that their package delivered to them in the most professional of fashions to avoid any embarrassments that they may feel.  The boxes are not marked and only a return PO Box is listed in case of failed delivery.  We understand this and that is why a lot of the sex toys will be packed in double packages so that when they are delivered to you, you are guaranteed of getting the most discreet delivery that you can hope for.

Free Shipping:-

When it comes to buying things online, there is always the question of exorbitant fees for the delivery of products. This often discourages a lot of people who if they are far away will probably end up paying almost equal the amount they paid for the product to have it delivered to them. At RMV Management we respect that this should not be the case so have brokered a deal with DHL and ship internationally often cheaper than when we ship domestically in Australia.  For Australian customers any orders over $200 are shipped FREE.  It, therefore, should come as a relief when you see free shipping or cheap international for your product purchases. You will find that purchasing with RMV Management a trustworthy experience where we are not only living up to promises but exceeding them.

Sex Toy Innovator

Caption: Innovative Sex Toy Designs

New Products:-

When it comes to the new ranges of products that are introduced by the Fun Factory Company, you need to know that you are dealing with innovative products and that RMV Management will provide them to you as an independent retailer of authentic fun factory products as soon as possible. New Products undergo all sorts of tests to ensure that they are not only safe for you but your partner as well and the most exciting and fun sex toys. That is the kind of commitment that you expect from Fun Factory and it is also important to make sure that you get them as soon as they are released to the marked. This is one of the best things about choosing RMV Management for the best sex toys on the market. You always know that there is something new coming up that you can always look forward to seeing each time you visit one of our sites.


Product safety is the most important topic that you can discuss when talking about sex toys and you need to know the kind of toys that you are getting. With Fun Factory you know that quality and safety is paramount to the manufacturer and they are made from body safe silicone that are actually safe to use wherever it is that you plan to use them. This will mean that you get the best toy for you and one that is made from a material that is safe for you to use anytime and anywhere that you feel like. This is exactly the kind of comfort that the toys from Fun Factory deliver each and every time. You never have to worry when you are dealing with Fun Factory toys as they make the best toys in the market that have been tested and proven to work under the most difficult of conditions. This ensures that you get the best pleasure from your toy at all times whenever that you need it.  If you do not choose Fun Factory then please go for sex toys that are safe for you.

Positive Reviews:-

This is one of those aspects that a lot of people ignore and it comes back to haunt them seriously. You need to know if a site has had positive reviews over the years that it has been operational. This will let you know the kind of business that you are transacting with and how to go about it. This will also shed light on you on if you should leave the site or not. Therefore, you need not worry about this site as there have been a lot of positive reviews over the years that you can check online and get to see how happy people have been with the kind of service that they have received from this site over the years. This will let you know the exact kind of company that you are dealing with and if it is the best or not. Having positive reviews is a clear indication that this is a trusted business and you can be confident enough to transact with them. This will also mean that you get the product that you ordered for in the exact condition that it should be in and that it will live up to the standards set.

Award Winning Sex Toys

Caption: Reddot Award Winner

Toys For Everyone:-

This is also something that puts Fun Factory ahead of the competition as they have the best for everyone. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are single or married or you have a partner, gay or bi or lesbian there is something for everyone. This is one of the best things that you can hope to find when searching for intimate products. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lady or not, there is something for you that you will enjoy. This is why a lot of people have found the best sex toys for them when buying the Fun Factory Brand and will continue to find their toys for a long time to come. Fun Factory’s diversity has enabled them to not only remain afloat but remain innovative and relevant in the industry.

Customer Service:-

RMV Management does not just have websites that are somewhere that you should buy your toys from. They offer sales consultants that can be contacted by telephone that can assist you in your choice or if you have a problem and online chat during business hours Sydney time. You actually will actually be heard by a real person that cares and your issue addressed with the urgency that it deserve. This means that you do not ever have to worry about contacting the customer care desk as the team will promptly get back to you and address your issue immediately so that a solution can be reached that is both satisfactorily to both parties. Customer service is a sign of a reputable and trusted business.

Purchasing Fun Factory Sex Toys is just amazing with the amount of payment options. This is also another part of that makes purchasing Fun Factory Sex Toys from RMV Management is just the amazing amount of payment options. This is good news for the customer because it means that you are not restricted to a single mode of payment that may not be available where you are. Options like this is why this they are the best to purchase from and also gives confidence of them as a business. The many options that are there include PayPal, credit and debit cards, BitCoin, Electronic Transfer, Wired Transfer even Direct Deposit.

So, if you have been wondering where to buy fun factory and where you should be getting your sex toys from then visit us now. There are so many other reasons as to why this is the best place but these few will enlighten you on what to expect. This will also make you be prepared for the best experience when it comes to any of the toys that you are looking for as you are bound to get them here. So, having seen all that this site stands for, it is the time that you get to choose the best products from it and you can have the best fun that you have always dreamed of as this site is all about making sure that you do get the utmost pleasure from the toys that you buy fun factory here.

It’s A Pulsator NOT A Vibrator!

The Stronic Zwei sex toy is manufactured by the iconic Fun Factory brand that is located in Germany.  All their toys are manufactured and designed there so the quality is unsurpassed.  Learn more about Fun Factory as a corporation with Laura Von Dar Breilie.   The Fun Factory’s Stronic Zwei  is not your everyday vibrator, in fact it is not a vibrator at all it is a pulsator which means rather than vibrate the sex toy pulsates up and down.  It is not quite a thruster but emulates the exact action of intercourse. It is one of the favorite bestselling toy for gay partners.  Partner play will never have had as much fun  as when you do with this toy.

Fun Factory’s Stronic Zwei has the following functionality:
  • PULSATOR new, ‘naturalistic”, rhythmic thrusts really intense stimulation from pulsating thrusts in the strong, low frequency level
  • PRESS FUN TO PLAY: easiest to use ten stimulation rhythms
  • ‘Emergency off”: fast switch off with the FUN button
  • key lock for quiet transport
  • 100 % medical grade silicone
  • waterproof | easy to clean

All Fun Factory toys are renowned for their bright and vibrant and the Zwei is no exception. The design is roughly phallic and designed with the aim of enhancing or improving the users sex life. One of the ways that it will improve the sex life of its users is by assisting them to reach orgasm faster and often with less effort. In most cases, men reach orgasm faster than their female sexual partners. During ordinary sexual activity; that is activity that does not rely on sex toys online, female partners are often left to their own devices without reaching orgasm because once some men reach orgasm their less erectile penis fails to do its duty properly.  This can be rather frustrating for a lady not to be able to reach her sexual climax and lead to frustration and anger. If used during foreplay the Zwei will cause the woman to be more aroused early enough making it possible for her to climax at the same time with her partner. It also has the ability of helping women who fail to orgasm during ordinary sex to experience one or even multiple orgasms. Though women may know it not, orgasm helps in releasing tension. Women who reach their orgasm levels at least two times a week enjoy better nights sleep.

Partners who use sex toys online often may have realized that the devices may help them sustain sexual activities that take a prolonged period of time. Ordinarily, when a male partner ejaculates, sexual activity may fail to go on with the same vigor it started with. Luckily, female vibrators like cock rings, do the good job of preventing an early ejaculation.

Though many may have opposed sex toys when they were first introduced into the market, they now realize that the tools are important in helping the disabled participate and enjoy sexual pleasure. There is no doubt that some disabilities prevent people from having sex the natural way. Such people also need to experience sexual pleasure. Luckily, there are female vibrators that can act as perfect substitutes to a sexual partner. Another important benefit of Stronic Zwei Blue is that they do a better job in pleasuring a partner. Sometimes the act of pleasuring the other partner during or before sex may require a lot of effort and may even cause cramps. The devices, however, do the arousing job almost effortlessly.

For a long time, sex toys were seen as a taboo, but luckily In the current times society seems to understand that these aids come handy with quite a number of benefits, including helping men and women reach orgasm at the same time, helping the disabled enjoy sexual pleasure, and reducing the effort required to arouse a partner among many others. The feeling of it pulsating inside you is totally out of this world you will not want it to stop, but rest assured u can always have this toy ready for use no matter where u are because it has a magnetic charger, handy for those impulsive trips. After using this pulsator you will experience a whole new kind of stimulation/sensation. Its deep thrusting motion inside me gives the real thing a run for the money, but hey there is no substitute for the real thing…or is there – maybe just in this case.


Fun Factory – The Retailers Choice. PART TWO!!

Continued from part one…


Fun Factory creates premium sex toys that are bathed with a strong sense of play. When it comes to quality, Fun Factory prides themselves on making high-quality sex toys for play and display. It keeps an eye on and controls every detail of the sex toys and it takes this responsibility very seriously. Fun Factory sex toys are manufactured manually from 100% pure medical grade silicone and body-friendly plastic. Every aspect of the sex toys, from its production to the final detail is made in Germany, which is guarantee enough that customers purchase quality, safe and efficient sex toys. It is a well-known ideal that some of the best engineers in the world are German, and this dedication shows in the development of fun factory toys and products.

Fun Factory has a highly experienced team of experts which whom work together in order to create quality, innovative and trendy products that boost the passionate feeling of the customers. The materials used are soft and this makes them more arousing, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Customers will always want to be associated with quality products because it not only ensures durability, but also enhances the user experience. This is why a retail company should look to stocking fun factory products.

Fun Factory has revolutionized the adult industry by taking a different approach from other companies. The result has been quality sex toys that are colorful, aesthetically stimulating and cheerful. Fun Factory sex toys are not awkward objects but interesting accessories. They have a high recognition factor because of their audacious colors and design and are prominent in their displays.

Fun Factory reddot award



The generation of Fun Factory’s sex toys wins the customers with its unique versatility. The sex toys are impressive and stately made from medical grade material and come in both familiar and new shapes. Sex toys from Fun Factory are ingeniously optimized unlike products from other companies. Fun Factory sex toys have the craziest design out there. They sex toys are designed for maximum stimulation and maximum pleasure. The designs come in different colors, shapes and sizes. The unique element about Fun Factory sex toys is their cozy outer silicone. The sex toys are soft and supple the reason why numerous sex toy enthusiasts only buy Fun Factory products. Experts at Fun Factory are always working to design new products and improve the old ones to ensure maximum satisfaction for their customers. The Fun Factory sex toys’ design grabs the attention of the consumer because they are different from other products. Fun Factory has acquired patents for some of the products with others waiting approval. This means that consumers cannot get sex toys similar to Fun Factory sex toys from another company. Retailers like unique products because they attract customers to their stores.

The designs are not meant to rely on copying nature designs. Rather, they emphasize on style that embraces their colors, functionality stunning looks and safe material. They are a new breath of fresh air in the toy industry and fun factory is solely responsible for making them special. Fun Factory’s motto is about making sex ‘Fun’ and it achieves this through the fun loving nature and design of their toys. The company’s efforts to break any inhibitions that existed in the industry are what earned its endearment to the many users in the market.

The quality of Fun Factory products has received positive reviews and feedback from customers, which is strange gesture in this industry. The company has been awarded with leading design awards for its products. The company’s SMARTBALLS DUO and SMARTBALL UNO won the prestigious IF design award. Love balls, manufactured by the Bremen Company Fun Factory, have also managed to win awards in the past. Fun Factory’s smart balls and other products such as the PEARLY, FLORA, SEMILINO AND EINS have won awards for their innovatively good designs. The company is the first in the sex toy industry to win an award based on design. It is therefore clear to anyone the dedication that Fun Factory has in not just making toys, but in making good, award winning toys that benefit the customers. These awards have been won for various aspects such as design, innovation, and are a testament to the continual improvement of their toys over the years, and fun factory’s mission to always strive for perfection.

unique sex toys

Innovation of its product:-

Fun Factory makes sex toys that can only be described as innovative. Their sex toys are unlike anything in the market now. These products are not different and unique for the sake of it; they are seemly of the 21st century. Fun Factory creates categories of sex toys that with the customer in mind. They incorporate modern technology to ensure pleasure for their customers. This means that if you place these products on the shelves, they move fast. Fun Factory has numerous years of technical knowledge and innovation that produce hypoallergenic, tasteless, odorless and skin friendly sex toys. Much research goes into design and development of Fun Factory sex toys. It is for this reason that the company keeps on producing unique sex toys.

The innovation technology and vision behind Fun Factory sex toys makes the customers proud of the German heritage. The company thinks outside the box when inventing their sex toys. They provide unique sensations that are meant to satisfy those who are looking for unique sensation. Fun factory toys are also made in shapes and colors that are unusual but the art involved in the creation of the toys is appealing. It provides a thrilling and natural effect. Fun factory has toys that have been uniquely shaped for people who appreciate art to boost their sex life, as well as people that were sick of the standardized aesthetics of the sex toy industry. This is what makes the toys special to the users hence their ever-increasing popularity.

tech sex toys


The latest technology used to make the toys boasts of a new ergonomic control panel that enables the customer to change the intensity of the toys adding to the fun. They also have an interval program built into them allowing great excitement in all the vibration levels of the toys. There is technology and design within Fun Factory toys that allows the user to use some toys discreetly during the day. Such toys include the B Balls where they are inserted to provide stimulation with every motion they make as they respond to the body’s natural movements throughout the course of the day.



Fun Factory sex toys have received positive reviews from various online stores.

As the market for sex, toys continue to grow, and high-tech companies like Fun Factory continue to produce quality sex toys, retailers will have to expand their adult section to create more room for Fun Factory sex toys. Retailers are turning this secret fantasy into a lucrative business opportunity and Fun Factory sex toys are occupying the largest portion of the shelves. Consumers have continuously provided favorable reviews from users who have tried them. This is an indication that the products are preferred in the market and as such, the retailer is likely to make huge sales from it. Peer reviewed products are normally a go to for every customer. People tend to buy products they know have worked for others as opposed to products that are relatively new and unknown – though sometimes it is extremely beneficial to take a risk and plunge yourself into something new. This gives fun factory an edge making it a good choice for the retailer as customers who have read the reviews are likely to flock the stores to purchase the products.


Fun factory is the largest producer of sex toys in Europe:

The company has made a name for itself all over Europe and as such is a brand that is well recognized among customers. Any retailer hoping to expand its global outreach or even bring products from Europe to its customers, fun factory is a good way to start. Stocking fun factory products will help the retailer reach more customers as they will have a faster access to products they would otherwise get through courier services that are sometimes not reliable.


Discreet packaging:-

Purchasing sex toys can be a daunting experience for experienced and novice users alike, which is also a contributing factor to why some retailers do not stock them. The discreet packaging on fun factory toys allows customers to buy the products discreetly without everyone seeing what they have bought. This provides an edge for the retailer as customers will prefer the packaging on fun factory products which is reminiscent of high end luxury items as opposed to a potentially ‘immoral’ sex toy being seen by the nosey Mrs. Gladys Kravitz style neighbor. In addition to that, heterosexual men could feel insecure about receiving anal play from the social stigma that likens anal penetration to same sex attraction. Men are able to purchase toys for themselves or their girlfriends/wives/mistresses without anyone realizing what they have bought. After all, enjoying prostate or anal stimulation does not say anything with respect to their sexual orientation. The privacy that the packaging on fun factory products allows is a key advantage to the retailer hence why it should be a good choice to stock their products.


R&D Fun Factory


The Products Are Quality Tested:-

Fun Factory products are quality tested before they leave the factory. The products have already been rigorously tested during their development phases, and from that point it simply becomes a matter of quality control processes. This is done by ensuring all the products are in a working condition before they are put into their box for shipment. Don’t panic – all of this testing is done with correct safety and health procedures that ensures the toy has not been handled intimately, or unsafely. The toys are also tested for their interactions with lubricant during the development phases. This means that fun factory puts a lot of effort into the products they put out to the market. They care about the user experience. Every consumer wants a product that has been proven to work. This assurance from fun factory is a plus for any retailer looking to stock sex toys. The research department at fun factory has spent time interacting with consumers and testers to ensure that the product not only works, but also interacts well with other products the consumers might need to use. This explains the stunning designs and durability that the toys have to offer.


The toys are hygienic:-

The toys are hygienic in the sense that they are not toxic. The fun factory line does not give off chemicals or gases that could be absorbed by the user’s delicate genitals. The products are also non-porous hence; they are completely unable to trap bacteria, fungi or viruses and are therefore super hygienic assuming that they have been properly cleaned. As a retailer, the safety of the consumer is imperative and that entails not predisposing them to illnesses and infections arising from the use of products bought at the store. Fun factory is a guarantee of safety as they have put effort into ensuring that products are hygienic and when used properly are not likely to cause bodily harm to the user, either physical or disease related. Waterproof toys made from silicone can be easily washed with soap and water. Non-waterproof toys should be wiped with a solution of soap and water.


Hygienic Sex Toys

Sex toys provide excitement, stimulation, happiness, fun and extremely erotic moments. Keeping all this in mind, it’s sometimes difficult to make a decision as to which is the best toy for you, as normally there are several questions regarding sex toys. These questions often include; which toy to use, the best place to buy sex toys and what you should watch out for when using a sex toy. The array of sex toys is immense.

Vibrators, dildos, love balls, anal toys, toys just for men and toys specifically designed for women. Fun Factory provides retailers with personal consulting and staff development and training which is a plus for the retailer as they acquire much more information which they can pass on to their customers for a more personalized experience and purchase. Every retailer wants to be associated with the best products in the market. People are continuously looking to get value for money or products that last and provide a good user experience. This is why fun factory is the best bet for a retailer. With more people growing increasingly aware of themselves sexually, sex toys from fun factory are the way to go.

The sex toy business is a multi billion-dollar enterprise with an increasing consumer base driven primarily by women. Fun factory has set itself apart by going on a limb and putting effort towards the design of sex toys for men that actually sound like; they have put thought into the process. Men can also enjoy the fun of a sex toy without having to settle for poorly designed products. This aspect alone will give the retail company an edge over competitors since fun factory has a reputation for elegantly designed products for men hence increasing the customer base.

For a retail company, fun factory is a guaranteed success story that is likely to propel the retailer’s sex toy sales over the roof. Fun factory is a globally recognized brand that has proven it is leading in innovation, design and performance. It is an apparent choice for a retailer looking to expand the sex toy section or start one. With awards and great customer feedback, the company is an industry leader and is likely to stay so for a very long time. Their dedication to safety, hygiene and performance tailored to the user’s sexual gratification, fun factory is a definite choice for any retailer.

The Stronic Revolution!

stronic sex toys

Fun Factory Stronic Sex Toy Innovation

If you want your sex experience to be as exciting as taking an adventure from places to places around the world or doing something exciting and challenging, then try putting some twist to it. Discover something new and apply it to see the difference. Why dwell too much on the traditional way of having sex when you can make it more fun and interesting? Have it your way. Have you tried using sex toys? Well, you should, and here’s why.

Before we go to explaining what the Stronic Innovation is, we need to know first what basically sex toys are. Toys really are not just for the kids anymore.

Sex Toys:-

Sex toys are devices or objects that are used to intensify or assist sexual indulgence for people, couples or sexual partners, could be a man and a woman or man to man and woman to woman, and the common and known sex toys are vibrators and dildos. These sex toys are usually in a form or similar shape of genitals that could be vibrating or not. These do not only limit to devices and objects; it also includes sex furniture like slings and BDSM apparatus. But condoms, pornography and methods of birth controls are not included in this category. Moreover, these also imply sexual impressions like adult toys and marital aid. However, marital aid has a broader and more general use as this is applied to herbs and drugs that help prolong sex or enhance sex or also known as sex enhancers.

These sex toys usually can be found or bought at sex shops, online or physical shops. As technology is advancing, these sex toys that include both for men and women are now available in most countries around the world.

Stronic Sex Toy Innovation:-

The stronic sex toy innovation is the best fun factory sex toy advancement in many years. It offers varieties of sex toys that use a pulsating method for stimulation rather than vibration.  When we say sex toys, these are just no ordinary ones. They offer the best and never-before-made sex toys just right for you and your partner. These love toys are made with safe materials that are not harmful to you and your body. And these come in handy are designed for sexual pleasures differently. They come with different colors of your choice and comes with various kinds and types. Features of each sex toy are organized for you to check and weigh if what type do you prefer. We cater sex toys not just for women but for men too.


If you check on pulsators, these are Stronic sex toys from Fun Factory that stimulate with extreme strength, which will make your sex experience best and at its most satisfying climax. It has a wing or arm that is suited to fit against the labia. It also has 10 levels of stimulation that you can choose from depending on the intensity of your orgasm. These levels contain different sets of rhythms.

Bi Stronic Fusion:-

Pulsators from Fun Factory come in three kinds. First is the Bi Stronic Fusion. This kind is designed to massage the G-spot and excite the vaginal opening. You can also enjoy sixty four ways of pulsation and vibration, and it comes with different colors like violet, candy rose, and India red. Aside from its buttons that serve as its control when using the device, it also has a quickstop button. It also has a battery light for charging, which indicates battery life, and has a lock, which is perfect for traveling. It is completely waterproof and is good for anal play. Bi Stronic Fusion is made of silicone and is made in Germany.

To explain how the Bi Stronic Fusion really works, this type of pulsator has two main functions, the shaft and its wing or the arm. When the device is used, its shaft pulsates that gives you a thrusting movement backward and forward. On the other hand, the arm or wing of Fusion basically vibrates while in use. So the combination of pulsating and vibrating will surely make you go crazy and crave for more.

How it is being controlled depends on the three buttons that you can see on the loop handle, the on/off button, the button for the wing or arm, and the button for the shaft. After pressing the FUN button that serves as the on/off switch, then the device basically operates. The button for the wing or arm controls its movements or the levels of its vibration, while the button for the shaft controls the entire pulsation.

Once you have mastered or gotten familiar with the functions of its keys or buttons, then you can create your favorite pulsating and vibrating combinations, depending on its level of intensity. After creating the combination that you like, you can press and hold the FUN button for 3 seconds so that the device can program the combination that you prefer. You will know when your combination is accepted when it vibrates and makes a noise, as a sign or assurance. And if you want another combination to try something different, then you need to press and hold the FUN button again for 6 seconds. This will reset the programmed combination; you will know this when again it vibrates and makes noise again. This device basically is button operated.

Aside from the FUN button that serves as the off switch when you are done, the same button is also used for the quick stop if you wish to finish it off immediately. And when you are traveling, the device can be locked by pressing and holding the top and FUN buttons. Unlocking it also works the same way.

Stronic Drei:-

The second type of pulsator from Fun Factory is the StronicDrei. This sex toy is perfect for vaginal and anal sex plays. It has low-frequency thrust movements but has levels of stimulation, from being gentle to being powerfully strong. Its texture is designed like ribs and has 4 rhythms and 6 intensities. It can be turned on and off using the FUN button. It is also rechargeable and has a battery display that indicates its battery life. Just like Bi Stronic Fusion, it also has a lock for traveling purposes, to avoid turning it on in an unexpected event. It is made of medical-grade silicone, which is harmless and odorless. The device is also waterproof, and it is 23.9 cm in length and 4.0 in diameter. It is made in Germany as well. It is made with a slightly curved shape for the purpose of stimulating the G-spot in many different ways. It also comes with the colors like petrol and blackberry.

To explain how the Stronic Drei functions, just like the Fusion, it also has three buttons on its loop handle. The FUN button serves as the on/off switch or basically the power button. This also has quick stop function that you can use whenever you want to stop playing it immediately. This device holds the medium level thrust.

So when you turn it on, the other two buttons now take care of the remaining process. The two buttons are marked with a plus and a minus sign. The plus sign handles the thrusting work of the device. So the level or the speed of its back and forth movement is basically controlled by this button. If you want a slow or faster movement of the thrusting or a combination of the two, then this button is in charge of it. While the minus sign takes care of the pulsation of the device. This button gives you the pattern of thrusting and stopping, depending on the level. Not only that, it gives you the jiggles, semi-thrusts, jabbing, rattling, and rumbling that makes you feel stimulated in various ways. And it stays quiet and does not create too much noise while functioning.

In addition to that, if the battery of the device is fully charged, the device can be used for up to 3 hours of continuous use. It has a unique and classy way of charging. You can click and charge the battery. The process goes like this. The charger of the battery is magnetic where it attracts to the pins that are on the base of the device in which it allows to click into place and starts charging.

In locking the StronicDrei when you are traveling, just press and hold the FUN and minus buttons at the same time for a few seconds. And if you want to unlock the device, press and hold the FUN and the plus buttons at the same time for a few seconds. This will ensure that your pulsators will not cause any commotion.

Stronic Eins:-

The third one from Fun Factory is the StronicEins. This type of pulsator has a unique thrusting movement that moves like the real male organ. It is basically for vaginal use and ten different thrusting rhythms. It also has a FUN button to switch in on and off and has low-frequency range yet powerful. Just the other two types, it has a lock for traveling reasons. It is made with silicone that is medical grade and is waterproof. It is 23.8 cm long and 3.5 cm in diameter. It also goes with colors like dark violet and pink.

To explain how this device really works, just like Fusion and Drei, Eins also has three functional buttons. The FUN button operates the same as the on or off switch. So after turning it on, you can now explore the other two buttons that have the plus and minus marks. These two buttons function like to pulsate and vibrate when used. It basically has the same functions just like Fusion and Drei, and it also displays different rhythm and speed, depending on the level of intensity. After you finish using it, you can press the FUN button again to switch it off.

The same with the other two pulsators, you can also lock Drei when you are traveling. Just press and hold the FUN and the minus sign buttons at the same time for about 5 seconds. Unlocking also has the same way. You only need to again press and hold the FUN and plus sign buttons for 5 seconds again.

This stronic sex toy also does not create too much sound, you can also create your own combinations with Eins as this also has various levels of intensities and rhythms that you can enjoy. It gives you ten sets of modes, or basically its levels of intensity, a safe mode, the algorithmic modes (slower and steady rhythm), three constant modes (faster and slightly steady rhythm) , and three dynamic modes (it slows, oscillates, and moves faster).

Its battery is charged for 16 hours and can be used for 3 hours when fully charged. And its charger is magnetic as well. If you are traveling, there is a also a lock for it in case the power button gets pressed. It also has 10 modes that you can enjoy from. These are different sets of rhythm from a slow pace to a faster pace. Since its component is silicone, it is best suggested to use lubricants for a more orgasmic feeling that it can give you.

This is just one of the many examples of the Fun Factory Vibes. Different kinds and types of sex toys will vary depending of the users mood and interest, as these also come with different shapes. As these sex toys will give you sexual pleasures, make sure to do it in the proper way because you don’t want to spoil that hunger for orgasm in you.

With Stronic sex toy innovation, all of those curiosities, cravings, and others will surely be fulfilled. The fun factory innovation goes along with the modernization of the sex toys as each pulsator or vibrator, or others, has uniquely different designs to brighten up your sexual experience. You may want for more sex toys once you have purchased one, so never settle to only one. Choose wisely but surely.

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