P-Spot Orgasms Made Easy With B Balls!

The B Balls from Fun Factory are an anal toy of a whole new category!

Two balls placed closely together combine the benefits of anal beads with the safe comfort of an anal plug.  Their design alone is intriguing.  Two teardrop shaped balls connected by a stable strand of silicone simplify the arousing insertion of both this unique butt plug.

But the exceptional feature of the Fun Factory B Balls is hidden inside. With in the B Balls live a set of small weights that rotate with every movement the user makes. These rotational motions create gentle to intense anal stimulation, all without a motor. This technology will stimulate the anus and surrounding erogenous zones for hours, until the B Balls are removed. This unique kind of arousal offers both her and him hours of a whole new kind of ecstasy. When you get them out of the package you can feel them jiggle away in yours hands.

Your vagina or anal exercises and natural movement controls the balls: when you’re moving all over, so are they. Even if you’re shaking forward and backward, they’re moving with you to. You can even spice up your sex life by holding a vibrator against the base. Whether you’re hoping to add some anal penetration with sex, or make solo play that more fun you can use the B Balls. You can also simply stroll around on walks, no one will know and it will be somewhat a mystery. It work’s even better if you go on a run because the running makes more impact. The adaptability of the B Balls structure and stem permit it to bend with my body. The space between the bigger ball and “base/handle” is sufficiently long.  The bigger ball pushes against sphincter muscle. The handle will ensure it will not travel further then necessary.



  • Erotic outside of the bedroom:

A big trend in anal play is to take it “on the go”, using anal plugs that can be worn seamlessly throughout the day, under your regular clothes. Thanks to their narrow and ergonomically shaped base, the B Balls can be worn comfortably for a long time without ever interfering with every day activities. The motions of the inner rotating weights have an extra special kick, because they remind the wearers of their presence and give them either solo or with their partner an erotic boost during the day. You can wear them when your walking, running, exercising, watching tv or even cocking your lunch!

  • B Balls for Her:

With a diameter of 3.2 and 3.6 cm, the B Balls are especially recommended for those experienced with anal toys. Thanks to the teardrop shape of the first ball and the flexibility of the silicone connector, the toy is inserted in seconds. During sex with a partner or a toy (i.e Stronic Eins) the B Balls give Her a pleasant sensation of fullness. Additionally, the rotation of the inner weights intensifies love making with every movement. The plug’s narrow base doesn’t hinder access to any erogenous zones and allows for unlimited experimentation. When penetrating a female partner who is wearing the B Balls, a male partner will also feel this “fullness” in in the form of increased vaginal tightness.

  • B Balls for him:

Anal plugs, which directly focus on the prostrate, are very common. Often, direct stimulation of the male’s p-spot leads to climax very quickly. For this reason, some men avoid wearing plugs while making love. B Balls are different: they stimulate the P-spot intermittently with gentle rotational motions, this type of stimulation can help men stay aroused for long periods of time. Through the user’s own movements, the intensity of the rotations can be increased as wished. So climbing stairs or running to catch a bus may turn into a special kind of foreplay!

Love games with the B Balls are infinite. The motions produced by the balls are extremely pleasurable to both Her and Him. The wilder the lovemaking, the more intense and thrilling the rotations of the B Balls, as they keep up with the bodies’ rhythms.