Aphrodisia Anal Pleasure Beginners Prostate Stimulator White

Prostate Massager

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Product Description

Anal pleasure has never been easier. This is your basic, and pretty essential, prostate massager. Sure, whilst women can use it to apply pressure to the g-spot through the anus, the prostate massager is specifically geared for men. The curves are situated to hit the prostate and the perineum and to provide the essential stimulation for a prostate orgasm. 


This is a non vibrating male sex toy and it can work in several different ways. One of the most comon, yet least effective ways, is through manual manipulation. That being, the toy is inserted and then held and manipulated with the hands to provide varying amounts of pressure and pleasure.


A less common, but far more effective way to enjoy prostate play is hands free. Lube up the toy, and insert it. The soft silicone of the Beginners anal pleasure prostate massager will really help here, and then you use the muscles to tense and relax. The movement of this will cause the toy to gently provide stimulation to the prostate for a sensational anal orgasm.




Aphrodisia Sex Toys are made by The Howells Corporation and is their ‘home brand’. With patents to manufacture over 200 styles of adult toys they take making safe and quality products to a whole new level and their products are validated by CE, SGS, and RoHS. Materials like silicone, TPE, TPR and ABS are used to make sure all products are environment-friendly, harmless, safe for body and phthalate-free. With more than 14 years’ experience manufacturing sex toys they have a great reputation in the adult industry.


Howells also does OEM projects for many major sex toy distributors including NS Novelties, Adam & Eve, Playboy, Hustler and others that you will see in stores for double even triple sometimes even four times the retail price. Same toy – just different packaging. So if you are after no-nonsense sex toys that are affordable to boot choose the Aphrodisia range.