Bum Buddies Tease My Tush

Bum Buddies Tease My Tush By Topco Sex Toys is a Beginner Silicone Anal Plug, Smooth, ultra hygienic silicone anal plug, Thin, t-bar base fits between cheeks

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Product Description

The tease my tush toy is great for beginners just getting into anal play. With a unisex design, this can be introduced to men or women and is hygienically made from 100% platinum cured medical grade silicone. One of the safest materials to use for anal play as it doesn't absorb bacteria and won't cause any irritation. With a Thin T bar that sits comfortably between the cheeks this toy can be worn during solo play, partnered play and everything in between.


The Tease My Tush is available in two colours and levels - so make sure you grab the one that suits your experience level best.

Orange: Beginner (9 cm insertable with 3 cm width)

Blue: Advanced (13.2 cm insertable with 4.3cm width)


Topco Sales Sex Toys have been in the adult business for nearly four decades. One of the first companies in the United States to mass produce toys, they understand what sells and what makes a product great. Continually changing their line up with new and innovative toys they’re designed for solo play, couples play and everything in between. Their extensive line up includes brands such as Cyberskin, penthouse, Vulcan, Climax, FunZone, Lucas Entertainment and more. Your bedroom will never be the same again and for all the right reasons