Fun Factory B Balls Black/Red

Fun Factory, B Balls Black/Red, Insertable Unisex Anal Balls that have smaller internal balls that roll around with every single movement

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Product Description

I noticed an increase in Fun Factory B Balls reviews and like many other people, I was curious to know what people were saying and whether the product was worth the time and money. Like any other person who loves bottom simulation, I was looking for product that would give me a new and different simulation. My partner and I were getting a bit used or tired of the usual sensation that was offered by the ordinary Joes of butt plugs. And this is why we were on the lookout for anything new in the market or a product that was getting many reviews. This is why we decided to take a look at the B Balls by Fun Factory.


What is the Product About:-
B Balls are a type of butt plugs that are manufactured by Fun Factory. This is the same company that brought to you the famous Cobra Libre masturbator for men. The product comes in form of two balls that feature T-shaped tapered ends and are connected by a thin stem. One ball measures 4.75 inches in girth while the other is smaller and has a girth of about 4.2 inches. Each ball contains a smaller ball inside it that produces a jiggle when shaken hence the name “jiggle balls.” Like other butt plugs, this item also seek to take adult pleasure to the next level especially for those who love stimulating the rear ends.


What is They Made Of:-
According to the product detail and manufacturer’s website, Fun Factory B Balls are made from plastic and silicone. The plastic material is minimal and has been used to make the main structure while silicone, the main material, covers the surface of the butt plug. Having different-sized balls helps a user choose the best size and also vary the type of simulation. Together with the tapered-ends, the silicone material is intended to make insertion smooth and painless even without using a lubricant. Just like the manufacturer claims, the jiggle balls can also be inserted in the bottom end without arousing any suspicion or causing any discomfort due to its size and design.


Who Is Fun Factory B Balls Designed For:-
B Balls from Fun Factory join the league of the eve-growing number of butt plugs. They however promise a different sensation and arousal from other alternatives. The adult toy is designed for the following people:

A single user who desires to stimulate self discreetly even while on the road
Partners or couples who want to take turns on each other
Inexperienced users who are new to this activity and wish to stimulate their rear end
Experienced individuals who are seeking for a new or different experience
The design seems okay for any user since base minimizes the chances of the balls completely disappearing into the anus.


Why Would I Buy The Product:-
After sampling different reviews and also trying the product on my partner and myself, I found the butt plug by Fun Factory suitable due to the following reasons:

It comes with a simple and easy to handle design that makes it easy to insert it inside any hole.
The silicone material is of high quality yet smooth. You only need to apply a small amount of lubricant and don’t have to worry about injuring the area.
The two-sided toy comes with different sized balls which allow you to vary your experiences.
Cleaning and taking care of the adult toy is made easy by use of plastic covered with quality silicone.
It comes with a versatile design and will work on any kind of users whether single, partner, inexperienced or experienced.
It’s ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue, discomfort or injury.

Why Wouldn’t I Buy the Product:-
Inexperienced users may experience some pain initially due to the larger-sized balls (4.5 and 4.75 inches).
The indents on the toy require some bit of thorough cleaning to ensure hygiene and safety.
The balls may seem a bit rigid compared to other options in the market. But with the right amount of lube, the hardness won’t be an issue.

My Take:-
The overall design of the toy is quite good despite its simplicity. You also don’t need to be very experienced in this sector since it comes with a straightforward design. However, you may need to be prepared for some discomfort initially and spare an extra toothbrush for fine cleaning. All-in-all, any person seeking to take anal stimulation to the next level should find Fun Factory B Balls worth investing in.