Fun Factory Bendy Beads

Fun Factory, Bendy Beads, Soft and Flexible Silicone Anal Sex Toy for Men or Women with Handle

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Product Description

The Bendy Beads from Fun Factory bring a fun new element to anal play. Anal beads are a classic toy for anal stimulation and are frequently used by both men and women during foreplay, sex, and masturbation. Like many other Fun Factory Toys the Bendy Beads are gender neutral.

Fun Factory's take on the classic anal beads is an innovative design that pairs form and function for a truly orgasmic experience and presented in a light and fun way. These beads are all attached to a continuous elastic anal chain made of medical grade silicone. The beads twist around with ridges winding up each one. It is an elegant design that has the size of each bead growing in size, from a small bead at the tip to the fifth and final large bead. An attached finger loop at the base makes removal of the Bendy Beads easy, even when your hands are slippery – an added bonus in comparison to other styles of anal beads which fail to take into account slippery fingers!

The Bendy Beads should be inserted slowly so you can enjoy each bead as it enters you, and enjoy a smooth introduction into the anus. Keep your beads in during foreplay, or even sex, for an additional stimulation while you make love. Use them while you masturbate and increase the pleasure you give yourself exponentially. The beads stay in place during use, but once you're ready to remove them it makes for an intensely erotic experience. What the beads do is force a contraction of the anal muscles– this contraction occurs during orgasm and as such when the contractions are being forced, for example through the removal of beads, it is essentially mimicking the contractions of an orgasm.

Many people prefer to pull them out fast right at the moment of climax for an extremely strong sensation. The Bendy Beads are made of a soft but firm silicone that reacts with your body's heat to warm itself up. The silicone material is easy to clean with soap and water, and is non-porous to make it easier to keep sanitary. Slip the Bendy Beads inside you and feel the pure joy that these elegantly winding beads can bring you.

Flex your body and the beads move with you. Made out of the highest-grade materials available, and created to be used by either gender, the Bendy Beads from Fun Factory are an amazing product. A true innovator in sex toys, Fun Factory brings you the elastic Bendy Beads for purely sensational anal play.