Fun Factory Bendy Beads

Fun Factory, Bendy Beads, Soft and Flexible Silicone Anal Sex Toy for Men or Women with Handle

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Product Description

Anal stimulation for both men and women will be achieved when using these Fun Factory anal beads.  Long enough to experience a truely orgasmic experience.  The beads are on a continuous silcone chain.  When inserting the beads can twist around giving you unique anal experience and can probe that elusive prostate and help milk the prostate gland.  Use during foreplay, whilst having sex and will stay in place for strong stimulation.


The silicone material is easy to clean with soap and water, and is non-porous to make it easier to keep sanitary. Slip the Bendy Beads inside you and feel the pure joy that these elegantly winding beads can bring you. Flex your body and the beads move with you. Made out of the highest-grade materials available, and created to be used by either gender, the Bendy Beads from Fun Factory are an amazing product.




Love comes from the heavens...we have a piece of heaven right here on earth, for you and others to bestow incomparable moments. With exciting sex toys for singles, couples and for all kinds of playful passion. Everything from FUN FACTORY, one of Europe's largest manufacturer of erotic toys and number 1 when it comes to vibrators and dildos.


Going through life many people enjoy fine foods, appreciation of fine are or attending sporting events – steering away from a mundane life looking for moments of passion and surreal enjoyment. Often couples will do the same thing for their relationships – who wants to be in a dull and boring marriage? Fun Factory Sex toys create ‘beautiful things’ that couples and those into solo play can both admire and are practical to use. Since 1996 they have been pioneers in creating colorful adult product that are body safe and ergonomically suited to their use. The image of ‘smutty’ and ‘cheap’ when mentioning sex toys is gone with the most thrilling and beautiful products coming into people’s lives.