Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug Large Black

Fun Factory, Bootie Butt Plug Large, Black Silicone Sex Toy, Unisex Design but works best for direct prostate stimulation

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Product Description

The perfect plug for newcomers and the experienced! Thanks to its velvety soft surface, the bootie is capable of delivering all sorts of rapturous pleasure. The combination of flexibility and the necessary firmness arouses the posterior passion zones. BOOTIE comes in three sizes and is an exquisite toy for lovers of anal pleasures. Whilst geared towards prostate stimulation, the toy can be used by women as well.

This sex toy kit is the perfect toy for prostate beginners up to the advanced with its choice from small, medium and large that is discreet and perfectly angled for direct prostate play. The absolute amazing thing about this particular toy is that it is designed to be worn during sex and sexual play. The soft silicone will ensure that the toy bends and moves with you, which makes it an incredible yet simple accompaniment to sex as with each and every thrust that the guy makes, it will hit the prostate and tickle, tease and tantalize.

Fun Factory anal plugs are manufactured using 100% medical grade silicone. They are flexible without losing the necessary firmness and gentle to the body, easy to clean and hypoallergenic. As such due to their medical grade silicone they can be worn for extended periods of time without fear of infection, or harmful toxin being delivered to the body.

Like the boosty, this toy can also be worn by women for added pressure against the vaginal walls. This will allow penetrative vaginal sex to feel tighter, and thereby increase sensation for both partners. The bootie was initially brought out in Black or Purple and in one size. Recently, much to the excitement of their fans, fun factory has released the Bootie plug in more colors, and it can now be purchased in three different sizes as well! Meaning that anyone that particularly likes a more fulfilling plug can now also be truly satisfied by the Fun Factory Bootie.

Special Features:-
A good starting point for anal games
For beginners and those who are experienced
Adapted to female and male anatomy
Plug can remain in anus for a longer period of time
Good combination of necessary firmness and flexibility
Highly durable