Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug Medium in Black

Fun Factory, Bootie Butt Plug Medium in Black, Silicone Anal Sex Toy for Discreet Play and Can be Worn Throughout the Day

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Product Description

The Fun Factory Bootie is a medium sized anal sex toy that packs a punch. This is one versatile and fun anal sex toy, and the sensual curve that it has means that this will provide direct stimulation to the prostate when it's being worn. Silicone is the best material that can be used for naal sex toys, as silicone does not abrosb bacteria and it is perfectly safe to use within the body. Simply clean silicone with a non alchohol cleaner and you'll be ensuring that your toy will be lasting for as long as you need it.


The bootie features two small arms that act as the flare, these two arms unlike a lot of other anal sex toys are incredibly thin meaning that they will easily and discreetly find themselves against the cheeks of whomever is wearing them. The bootie is a great sex toy that be sure to quickly blow your mind.