Fun Factory Duo SmartBalls White/Red

Fun Factory Duo SmartBalls White/Red, Insertable Balls to tighten, tone and strengthen the Kegel Muscles

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Product Description

There has been a rise in medically endorsed exercising devices and one such device are the Smart balls for women. These are highly recommended by the doctors, gynecologists and midwives. They were introduced in early 1990s and were introduced by European Pharmacies. Fun factory one of the largest suppliers of Smart balls today. They have two different kinds of smart balls; Smart balls Uno and Smart balls Duo.

For inexperienced and amateur women thinking to indulge and sue the exercising device must start with Smart ball Uno. It is a very easy to use kegel training device for beginners and is recommended for those with uterine conditions. For a strengthened pelvic floor, the Smart ball Uno is the right choice. One of the best parts about the Smart ball is that it can hardly be felt when you are wearing them and it can be easily inserted like a tampon. It strengthens the pelvic floor by constant rotations of the inner balls due to muscle contractions and everyday movements.

You can go about your day, do your daily chores, go out for shopping without feeling that are wearing the smart ball. Meanwhile, the smart ball Uno is doing its work and exercising your body. Regular and small training sessions provide the most improvement and the best result. The Smart ball Uno should be used for a specific period of time and then you can shift to the Smart balls Duo.

The Smart Ball Uno has many useful and exciting features that make it a successful product. Firs, it is attached with a single silicone covered ball that is inserted inside the vagina for strengthening the pelvic floor. It is great for beginners and inexperienced females going for something new. It is necessary for those thinking of using the Smartball Duo as it is more advanced with two silicones covered balls. They have an ergonomically design that easily adapts to the body and does not provide a hassle when worn.

The Smartball Uno can also be used by women with a tilted or dropped uterus. Women who have undergone a hysterectomy can also use the product. The pelvic floor muscles are stimulated and toughened up even with the smallest movements. For all those that want to enhance their sex life should use the product as it makes for better sensation and you can have a much more blissful experience with your partner. The Smartball Uno and Duo both are highly recommended by gynecologists and expert doctors around the world. They come with hypo allergenic and soft body friendly silicone ASB plastic. It very comfortable, quiet and discreet. The silicone ball is around 1.4 inches.

For more advanced and experience women and those that have already used the Smartballs Uno for a while, the Smartball Duo is the next best thing. It is similar to the Smartball Uno in many aspects but it contains two silicone balls that are to be inserted to further strengthen the pelvic floor and to stabilize it more. It is also inserted like a tampon and even with two balls, it can hardly be felt when it is worn. The fitness gradually decreases if wearing it is ceased, hence it should be used for small but regular sessions.

The Smartball Duo contains two soft and velvety silicone balls that are 3.2cm and 3.6cm while the combine length of both the balls is 9.5cm. The Smartball Duo is specifically designed while considering the female body and it ensures that the two balls do not provide discomfort in any way. You can hardly feel it and you can easily go about your day. It also has a finger loop that allows that the balls can be easily inserted. However, the Smartball Duo should not be used if the user has not tried the Smartball Uno first. The Duo with two balls is for the much advanced and experienced user. Both the products are made in Germany and there is no compromise in quality. The products sold by fun factory have received great reviews from all the users and many women have reported a change in their muscles and have benefited from the Smartballs. The Smartballs are a very useful product today and is a good training and exercise device.