Kink in Deep Silicone Anal Snake Black

Kink in Deep Silicone Anal Snake Black is a real anal snake, entirely made of flexible, soft and silky silicone. Ultra long and grooved

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Product Description

When you're looking for a snake to slide their way into your ass so that you can experience deep pleasures then you need this one. You'll know exactly the length of this beast saving you the time of checking the pants of all the nearby boys as you seek the deep anal pleasure that you desire. Well. . . you still can that's for sure.


Soft and flexible with a slim body and tapered tip, the In Deep Silicone Anal Snake is one of the most innovative designs in the Kink by Doc Johnson collection. In Deep’s narrow width is perfect for teasing or a fast push, , while the extra-long length is ideal for goal-setting and deep exploration. The lightly ridged surface makes it easy to keep your grip even with slippery lubed-up hands, and creates pleasant friction as you feed every inch into the receiving ass. Kink by Doc Johnson is an exciting collaboration with to create a collection of high-quality authentic fetish items suitable for long-term practitioners and new initiates alike.

• Extra Long for Experienced Players
• Soft and Pliable for Comfortable Use
• Narrow Tip for Easy Insertion
• Vac-U-Lock™ Compatible
• Silky Soft Surface
• Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe


Total Length - 19.5 (in) / 49.53 (cm)
Insertable/Usable Length - 17 (in) / 43.18 (cm)
Width/Diameter - 1 (in) / 2.54 (cm)
Circumference - 3.75 (in) / 9.53 (cm)


Doc Johnson has collaborated with the infamous BDSM movie producer to create a collection Kink sex toys and fetish items that are great for Fetish enthusiasts.  The innovative Bondage and Fetish products have been made with this hardcore brand’s permission and specifications using the Doc Johnson quality manufacturing process.   Made in the USA and for bondage newbies of kinky experts alike.  All handcrafted to the level expected by one of the pioneering adult toy manufacturers online Doc Johnson.  These items are already adult shops hot selling items and you will love them too!!!