Laid B.1 Black Granite Anal Plug

Laid B.1 Black Granite Anal Plug is handcrafted butt plug that is sure to intensify the feelings and fullness of backdoor play, while tantalizing the senses

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Product Description

The B.1 Anal Plug is hand sculpted from polished Absolute Black Granite. Smooth, hard and heavy, it is meant to intensify the feeling of and sensations ahead of an orgasm. This is one material that's not often used in sex toys - polish stone has much of the same qualities as surgical steel and glass, with just a touch of difference. If you're looking for uniqueness then this is bound to bring a smile to your face.



Material: Absolute Black Granite (Gabbro)
Weight:168 gram / 5.92 oz
Origin: Shanxi, China
Age: Aproximately 500 milion year


After completing her master’s degree in industrial design Line Iren Anderson set out to be the first woman to design sex toys in Norway under her own sex toy brand Laid. For 18 months she researched adult toys, their history and how to apply modern designs and thought into developing the best intimate objects for women. Now that the designs were made she teamed up with Karianne Ronning a business graduate to develop the company and production started in 2009. No expense was spared to ensure that each items was safe and reliable. Laid Sex toys are now distributed in over 30 Countries.