Odeco Dual Smart Balls

Odeco Dual Smart Balls is Made of 100% medical grade silicone, these waterproof smart balls are noiseless and can be used anywhere anytime

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Product Description

These kegel exercizers are dual identical sized smart balls made of a roundish shape that are designed to give you hour upone hour of sexual fun.  They are  made froin  100% body safe medical grade silicone.  Non vibrating the added bonus is that they will tighten the pelvic walls and muscles allowing you to achieve stronger orgasms whilst giving a tighter feeling to your lover when having sexual intercourse.


Creating no noise they can be used anywhere anytime for sensual pleasure or as a Kegel Exerciser.


 Available in

Black, Purple, Rose


Pleasure is the business of Odeco Sex Toys who have been manufacturing adult toys for more than 7 years. All the best adult shops stock Odeco with their modern vibrant colors and multiple speed and mode vibrators. Ergonomically designed with a chic twist these intimate pleasure devices will ensure a holistic release of pent up sexual frustrations bringing joy to the user and their partner. Great for solo or couples play bring Odeco home to your bedroom tonight!