Trainer Toyfiend Double

Trainer Toyfiend Double Is Kegel Exercisers Balls made of 100% soft body-friendly silicone, super hygienic and easy and safe to use.

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Trainer Toyfiend Double


A smooth ergonomically shaped Kegel-exerciser designed for comfortable vaginal training and stimulation. It is slimmer and heavier that the Single Trainer, creating a tougher work-out for the pelvic muscles.Kegel-exercises are recommended by gynaecologists, doctors and midwives all over the world, and they help restore the pelvic floor muscles after giving birth, improves vaginal control and helps prevent urine-leakage, and they can also give stronger orgasms!


To use them, simply insert the Toyfriend Trainer as far as it will comfortably go, and your work-out has started. You can leave them inside while you walk, work, work-out or just wonder at the strangeness of life. The muscles that need exercising will automatically start working once the Trainer is inside.


The Double Trainer is made in solid, seamless super-smooth silicone, and it weighs 66 grams and has a size of 25 x 28 mm and a total length of 12 cm, mm.


Tickler is a Swedish designer label operating on the global market which creates playful and exciting adult toys accessible to everyone. All Tickler sex toys are different in character and design, have their individual styles to meet personal vibration preferences, but share some basic qualities: They are all quiet, energetic, waterproof and made of smooth, body-safe silicon