Big Boss G5 Black Line

Fun Factory, Big Boss G5 Black Line, Thick and Powerful Silicone Vibrator for when you need the biggest and the best

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Product Description

The Big Boss is the stand-up power product having a name that shouts for itself.  Its size and girth and a head that is honed for pleasure, is ensured to have you gasping merely from looking at this big boy. This is a serious toy meant only for women who take their pleasure as a top priority. It has rechargeable batteries and a quick-stop function in case your sensation-fest is becoming too wild and the neighbors are banging on your wall!

In that case, just take Mr. Big into the shower and get to it once again. Experience that sudsy wet and warm sensation without any harm coming to your favorite toy. It’s as good in the wild and wet as it is in the deliriously dry as a quick starter. In other words, Big Boss performs with all the bravo that it was made for in any conditions. It’s made from body-safe silicone, so there’s no niggling thoughts that you may have had in the bad old days, like “is this safe, no nasty chemicals?”

The Big Boss is part of a new line of vivacious and visionary vibrators being offered by the Fun Factory. Their vibrations are deep, powerful, and silent, driving you to insane new heights of pleasure, with the raised hand controls making for very easy use, in any position that you may find yourself. Believe me, customers who are raving about this product, have a few good stories of where they find themselves in their seismic sensual experiences!

The great plus is that you will never feel over-stimulated and numb, which is a sensation you don’t need, so you can give yourself extra time without any unwanted thoughts in your mind. Big Boss lets you concentrate purely on one thing – how high can you go?