Fun Factory Sonic Vitamin

Fun Factory Sonic Vitamin, Silicone Dual Ended Dildo for Solo and Couple Play

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Product Description

A non-traditional dildo, with a unique look and feel, Fun Factory’s Sonic is the indeed the new generation dildo. Designed specifically to tease and tingle your senses in the most unusual way, the Sonic dildo is here to make heads spin. Apart from the fact that it is in every way unique as a dildo can be, it comes from a trusted brand—Fun Factory, Bremen, Germany. The brand brings with it the promise of high quality and almost no defects within the warranty of the product.

The Fun Factory Sonic dildo is a very useful piece among erotic toys that has a distinct set of functions. While a simple, normal dildo can be used by men and women, the Fun Factory Sonic dildo is specifically made for the female anatomy. The two-way design of the dildo is presented to be efficient to not only be used to penetrate the vagina but also simultaneously penetrate the anus. Sonic can also be used to help women couples to get the best out of simultaneous penetration from the different ends of the same dildo.

The total length of the Sonic dildo is a good 16 inches, giving a good length for both the activities mentioned. The material used is 100% pure, medical grade silicone, with a flexible joint in the middle. The flexibility hosts for different experiences and options to put to use while using the Sonic dildo. Though the Sonic dildo is flexible, there is no shortcoming on the firmness it adds to its features. The firmness provided by it is amazing and will help you come around in a way you never imagined before.

If you closely examine the dildo, you will notice that one end is thicker in diameter than the other; with one measuring 1 inch and the other 2 inches. With a difference of a good 1 inch, you and your partner or you alone can enjoy the variation to a satisfying experience.

As expected from any Fun Factory dildo, the climactic experiences are heightened with each product they belt out and the Sonic dildo is no exception. Fun Factory Sonic dildo expresses a guaranteed fun sensation on both sides of the insanely amazing dildo. With smooth and silky tapered ends, there’s a promise of simple insertion and a completely wonderful feeling.

Highly recommended if you plan on achieving the G-spot stimulation and a healthy anal insertion at the same time. The double blast of pleasure is reassuring and is recommended for individuals who know their way around a dildo, as you can achieve all sorts of positions with it. Beginners are urged to reach to this point at some time in their lives.

Like all Fun Factory dildos, Sonic is shattering grounds at lightening speeds and is all set to enable you to achieve that strong and powerful orgasm you always wanted to achieve. The dildo is easy to use and easy to maintain as well. They can be easily washed using warm water and antibacterial soap or the Fun Factory cleaner fluid. They are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skins as well. They come in awesome bags that can be used to store in confined spaces.

The Fun Factory Sonic dildo is a super product and is here to blow your mind off. It comes in red and purple for all you ladies out there. As an invention, it’s simply brilliant and is something that is only expected to come off the Fun Factory idea station. The product is reasonably priced a tad bit more expensive than the regular dildo, but after looking at the benefits and the idea of complete and utter arousal, the product is worth the buck.

Fun Factory ensures, time and again, that each individual has a product for themselves in the catalog and this time, Fun Factory outdoes itself with the innovation of a two-ended dildo that is currently making heads turn. All women who want to enjoy their time with the Sonic dildo, solo or with a partner, here’s the best product doing the rounds, Enjoy intimate moments with the Fun Factory Sonic dildo and please yourself with the ultimate arousing sensations. With its robust flexibility, you will be able to bring your wildest fantasies alive in the most elegant manner—the possibilities are endless.