Colt Jumbo Probe

California Exotics silicone anal probe that's sturdy, durable and pliable with a heavy-duty suction cup base

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Product Description

Colt Jumbo Probe is a Man sized premium Silicone probe, Sturdy, durable and pliable, Heavy-duty suction cup base. It is an anal probe specifically built for stretching. Silicone, Safe and Pure. This probe is for people that want more, like it big, and like it strong. It is available in Black and Red Colors.


If you want toys built for men, by men - then you want Colt Sex Toys. Built by California Exotics, one of the worlds leading Sex Toy Manufacturers, these Colt toys are rugged, tough and long lasting and they're designed for power. If you're looking for a Male Sex Toy, don't bother looking past Colt Sex Toys.