Fun Factory Stronic Drei Blackberry

Fun Factory Stronic Drei Blackberry, Pulsating Ripped Shaft Pulsator, Thrusting Erogenous Zone Stimulation

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Product Description

Are you looking for the best sex toy in town? Well, the process might be quite daunting since most people are not positive minded when it comes to such products, and in any case what works for your mates may not be the most ideal toy for yourself. However, you need not listen to what people have to say since you have limited time on planet earth and you ought to make the best out of it. There are several sex toys in the market today, but none can reach the standards of fun factory stronicdrei.

For a long time now, this brand have been used by thousands of people who have confirmed its effectiveness more so in sexual satisfaction. Some of us will confuse stronicdrei for a vibrator but it is a pulsator and the difference has revolutionised the sex industry.


What are the benefits of using this Pulsator?
The brand is unisex, suitable and safe for both anal and vaginal use making it more versatile. This makes it possible for the brand to be used by gays, lesbians or even married couples who want to intensify their fun moments in bed and enhance sexual satisfaction. The pulsator usually provides a back and forth movement unlike the buzz generated by some vibrators.

It enables the user to have his/her hand on other parts of the body or on his/her partner while still using it since it can be used hand free. The back and forth movement ensures the pulsator is in place for a longer time depending on how you like it. It has an added advantage with its ribbed shaft that ensures utmost stimulation of p-spot or g-spot hence maximum satisfaction.

It is made in Germany with pure medical grade silicone which does not rust hence increasing the pulsator’s lifespan. The healthy silicone reduces the risk of getting health complications that might come with rusting metal. It can get submerged in any liquid since it’s 100% waterproof and very easy to clean.

The pulsator has 2 years warranty with a powerful motor designed to last for a remarkably longer time. You can easily adjust the speed of the thrust to match your needs and it has an immediate stop button once you have reached orgasm, or in the off chance that you get interrupted. When compared to other vibrators, the fun factory stronicdrei is very quiet and can be used from any location without anyone noticing. Since it is rechargeable and portable, you can also carry it when you are going for business trips or any other occasions away from home and still have utmost sexual satisfaction at any time you feel like. Act smart and make an informed decision that guarantees value for your money.