Dorcel Luxury Collection Mini Lover

Dorcel Luxury Collection Mini Lover By Marc Dorcel is a 10 function vibrator with Hilt/Ring for Vaginal and Anal use

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Product Description

His mission: to explore all your senses. Behind its small size, this mini vibrator contains intense vibrations ... For the pleasure of Madame but also that of Monsieur, its small size and collar allow to explore new sensations. Small but powerful!

Never forget to thoroughly clean your sex toy before and after use with soapy water or with a cleaner.

Mini vibrator - 10 vibrations

Power supply: 2 AAA batteries (not included)


In 2014 Marc DORCEL will celebrate his 35 years of experience in lust and pleasures for you Ladies, and you Sirs. Discover this collection of sextoys for men and women that is bound to please. Marc Dorcel sex toys have been the benchmark of pleasure for over 30 years offering high-quality designs with a wide range of exciting functions and shapes. Very popular products made of superior quality material - often elastomer - specializing in toys for women in red/black colour that are anti-allergenic. Dedicated to the well-being of all your pleasures and aims to enable everyone to satisfy their kinky adult toy needs free of discomfort.