Fleur de Lis Seduction

Clitoral Stimulation, Personal Massager, Big Bullet

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Welcome to the Fleur De Lis Edition, where form follows fashion, style blends simplicity and femininity, and pleasure dictates every design decision. Stylish, sensuous and seductive! Technology has evolved, shouldn't your massager?

Every Evolved sex toy comes with a 1-year Warranty. All Evolved products are waterproof, phthalate free and latex free. Evolved Fleur de Lis Seduction is covered in a sensual satin smooth coating and made from body safe ABS. Powered by a strong motor with maximum intensity and minimal noise. Easy push button controls operating the 3 stimulating speeds. Requires 2 AA Batteries.


Dimensions 7.5 x 1.8 x 7.5 inches


Evolved Sex Toys are available in our sex toy shop for worldwide shipping to areas including America, Germany, Europe, Russia, France, Africa, Australia and many more.  Evolved Novelties prides themselves by offering sex toys that have ground-breaking designs that are highly trustworthy.


Evolved Novelties was established in 2006 and has been a trusted, award winning, sex toy manufacturer. Evolved is noted for their impressive designs, packaging and advertisement. When you receive your Evolved sex toy, you will find that they are skillfully crafted with high quality style and useful functionality. Their sex toys allow men, women and couples to fulfill their sexual desires with body fitting shapes during sexual intercourse. They have strong motors with vibrant colours. Evolved Novelties sex toys come with a 5 year guarantee which ensure you that they offer dependable product’s a services.