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Fun Factory Semilino, Rippled Erogenous Zone Vibrator with Curved Tip for Direct Stimulation, Rechargeable Powerful Fun

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Product Description

The Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator in recent times has emerged as one of the most popular sex toys that there is. Giving women a chance to satisfy their needs when that special someone is away, the Semilino vibrator has evolved as a sex toy product that literally no woman can do without. However, the question needs to be asked as to what makes this toy so special, what is it about the Semilino vibrator that makes it so popular? Is it the unusual shape or simply the insatiable feeling that makes this sex toy stand out from the rest? The answer to all of the above can be found below.


What is Semilino vibrator?
Standing in at 17.3 cm in length and 3.3 cm in diameter, Semilino vibrator is a micro vibrator that has been designed to provide pleasure, without compromise. Often referred to as the small package with big fun, the intense design of the Semilino vibrator has been finely crafted whilst keeping all of your special needs in mind. Some of these special and unique features are listed here.

Unique Depth -
Although a lot of women may complain about the Semilino vibrator being too small, the overall length and diameter has been created keeping your optimal requirements in mind. And because the Semilino vibrator is only 17.3 cm in length and 3.3 cm in diameter, you no longer have to worry about internal wear, tear and damage to the sensitive tissues of the vagina. It is perfect for stimulating the g-spot, and vibrating in the precise spot that you need it it

Intriguing Design -
One of the main highlights of the Semilino vibrator is its pleasure inducing ridges, which has been specially crafted to arouse you and provide optimal stimulation to you vagina with penetration. Now, as the semilino has a slight ridge at the base of the shaft, it can also be used anally as well. The ridges will stimulate either the vaginal entrance or the sphincter muscles with repeated contractions that are as a direct result of the unique ridges running allong the shaft.

Gentle Bend -
A big problem with most vibrators out there is that despite being excellent at its job, it lacks the bend and angle which provide optimum stimulation to your vagina/ass to the max and hit your G-Spot/P-Spot the right way. But with Semilino vibrator, say goodbye to your incomplete orgasms, because the gentle bend of the shaft has been critically and thoughtfully designed to stimulate your G-Spot vigorously and help you achieve back to back orgasms.

Waterproof Body -
If you have used vibrators before, you might be well aware how they tend to short out when in contact with water. But the waterproof body of the Semilino vibrator helps prevent any unwanted shorts and keeps you safe all time, which means it works perfectly with lubes and you no longer have to worry about unwanted breakdowns.

The semilion is a powerful vibrator which is stronger, and bolder in its design than the delicacies of the Fun Factory Flora. The ridges of the semilino are designed to incite and provide pleasure and it will do this in both a blunt and pleasurable way.