Fun Factory Tiger G5

Fun Factory Tiger G5, Soft Flexible and Ribbed Shaft with Internal Erogenous Zone Stimulation Curve, Rechargeable Powerful Vibrator

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Product Description

If you’re looking for some BIG fun, with a festive flare, the Fun Factory Tiger G5 Vibrator is for you.

Measuring in at about nine inches or 23 cm, it features a ribbed shaft that is also soft, providing for an intense but manageable rippling feeling while taking the product. Other key features include a battery charge light so that you can gauge how much juice you have left, six different vibration rhythms and intensities that are easy to change during play, and a good spread out of the vibrating, to prevent soreness in any one spot.

My boyfriend took it like a champ, and he’s far from easy to please down there. He raved about its ability to hit the prostate because of the curved tip at the end of it. I took it somewhat. According to the website for the vibrator, it’s especially designed to hit both the G-spot and the prostate with the curve. It’s certainly a fun product to get adventurous with. It comes in a variety of pastel colors, has such a sheer size to it and has a good distribution of powerful vibration. The possibilities with it seem almost endless. Check out some of its most interesting features:

While it’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum as far as vibrators go, the Tiger G5 has a lot going for it. It’s a good value when stacked up to equally large, powerful and detailed competitors. It’s a tad cheaper from the company website than Amazon.

Ease of use:
One of the best features about the vibrator is no doubt how easy it is to use. A couple of easily accessible buttons near the base of the product control it. What’s special is that they’re fairly easy to press down on even during action because of their prominence and durability, making for easy level change during intercourse. This is one of the best features about the product and something that sets it apart heavily from other toys. Often gears can be rather difficult to shift during motion, however, with the ease the buttons allow, this toy becomes much more fun than the average vibrator. It’s like taking everything that you can do with a normal vibrator and multiplying it by six, and then squaring that, for its six different vibration rhythms and intensities.

It’s definitely big, both in terms of length and girth. I can’t seem to find its exact girth. Its size is a pro and a con, but probably more of a pro. There’s of course not the same pressure to take the whole thing like with another person, since no one is on the other end feeling it, so even if it is too much for you, taking what you can shouldn’t be much of an issue. Albeit, some would like to see their partner take a vibrator fully.

Noise level:
Despite its size and power, the product stays relatively quiet, allowing those using it to focus on other more interesting things than the sound of a vibrator.

Suitable for the left-handed:
According to the company’s website, it’s designed for people that are both right-handed and left-handed, an interesting and no doubt appreciated feature by all the lefties out there using this product.

While I didn’t get to test this feature out, the company’s website also states that the product is waterproof.

It comes in India red, petrol and violet.

It’s really a heck of a toy. With the size, colors, even distribution of power along the shaft and ability to easily switch between modes, the Fun Factory Tiger G5 Vibrator is quite a bit of fun. It’s right on the line between a realistic and outrageous toy, giving a unique experience to those that use it that isn’t easy to find from other vibrators. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone that’s looking to have some serious fun. With this toy, you can’t go wrong.