Laya II Black Line

Fun Factory Laya II Black Line, Rechargeable Ergonomically Designed Massager for External Stimulation and Pleasure

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Product Description

Laya II, is a popular product that has morphed into a marvelous new version of itself. Another Black Line blockbuster, this upgraded version is more powerful than ever before, guaranteed to leave you panting for more! If you have known Laya in her previous incarnation (Layaspot) and was totally delighted, then you will be more than pleasantly surprised. You will be over the moon!

This completely re-designed version has an intuitive button control and makes your experience fun and easy, especially if you’re new to the ‘gorgeous game’. It is very quiet, guaranteeing that the only sounds are going to be those coming from you – and they are going to be the thrilling sounds of you in the thrills of sensual delight!

Laya II is suited for a sensuous session on your own, or a wild time with a partner. It is not obtrusive in any way, and gently molds into a perfect fit with another body. In fact, it is the perfect partner’s partner and it can be used to stimulate and ‘massage’ your partner and even use it for his delight during oral sex, stroking his shaft with it, bringing both of you to a place that you only dreamt of ever finding yourselves in your wildest fantasies.

The vibrator is also your ideal travel companion. It is so compact it folds neatly in your suitcase, has a travel lock so your case will remain buzz-free, and it also falls under TSA’s radar, saving you from any potentially embarrassing questions.