Lelo Gigi 2

Lelo Gigi 2 is the enhanced version of LELO's wildly popular G-spot vibrator that stands as the most positively-reviewed and best selling massager of its kind

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Product Description

Let’s face it, some men just cannot find a G-spot with a GPS, a map, and a billboard pointing the way. That’s okay, it’s just part of the whole male cluelessness that pervades blokes from one end of the globe to the other. No need to worry though, because even though he can’t find your G-spot, Gigi can! Gigi 2 is the personal G-spot massager from LELO, the company that specializes in sex toys that are not only functional but beautiful.


Gigi’s tapered tip invades your G-spot with one of five different stimulating modes. If you like the low and slow vibe with the ability to switch quickly to full on turbo powered tremors, Gigi is your girl! She’s angled to make self-stimulation easy and with the patented super quiet motor, she is discrete enough to use when others are home. Of course, as quiet as she is, chances are you will not be. And since Gigi 2 is rechargeable, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of batteries!

Length   16.5 cm (length) 11.4 cm (insertable)
Width   16.5cm(6.5inches), insertable 11.4cm (4.5inches)




For a pleasant evening at home when he is gone for the night you can have it all with Gigi 2! Gigi 2 is the G-spot massager for the discriminating woman. The tip is designed specifically to reach the elusive G-spot and hover delicately over it sending waves of pleasure crashing through your body from the inside out. Gigi’s super silent motor means that the only sounds being heard will be those you will be making as Gigi and its vibes course through you. With five different stimulation modes, you have the control as to how much power and intensity to use to find the setting that is right for you. And since Gigi 2 is rechargeable you won’t be fumbling for batteries to keep the action going! An evening with Gigi is one that words will fail you in trying to describe.


Gigi 2 is the G-Spot massager from LELO Company. When you slide Gigi 2 between your thighs and switch it on, it will only take one touch before you realize that the LELO Company has hit the nail on the head. Its sleek design allows for the penetration you are looking for with the flattened tapered tip that finds your G-spot and gives it the workout you wish he could give you.


Its five different vibrating modes give you enough of a selection that you could realistically see spending hours exploring with this sex toys. And it  is rechargeable, so you won’t be wasting precious time looking for batteries!

 Materials: PC-ABS / body safe silicone

 Materials: PC-ABS / body safe silicone

Finish:   matte

Size:  165 x 35 x 33 mm

Weight:  92 grams

Battery:  Li-lon 500 mAh 3.7 V

Charging: 2 h at 5.0 V 500 mA

User time: up to 4 hours

Standby: up to 90 days

Frequency: 120 Hz

Max noise level: <50dB

Interface: variable interface dial, 5 modes


In 2003 three Swedish designers came together in Stockholm with an idea. How could they transform the outlook of many towards the sex toy industry to allow it to become acceptable, more mainstream and remove the sometimes negative stigma attached. This is when the concept of Lelo Pleasure Objects came to fruition changing the landscape of sex toys by creating and designing luxurious sex toys that were unlike anything ever created before. Uncompromised design ensure refinement and quality never seen before and with the first 1 year guarantee and 5 year warranty on all their products. The popularity was amazing with over 18 million Lelo products sold worldwide so far it became the brand that people wanted to shop for. Endorsements by celebrities, main stream advertising and a cupboard full of awards has made it the benchmark for all its competitors who have all tried to replicate the success.