Nalone Touch

Nalone Touch has a pure silicone outer body and stylish ergonomic design making this the most beautiful and attractive of products

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Nalone Touch

Is your G-spot a mystery? All women are curious about this mysterious and often-elusive spot, but with the Nalone Touch the mystery is solved. The Touch was designed to pleasure this spot with a unique curve that puts the rounded silicone tip in the perfect place for a G-spot explosion.

The Touch was designed for maximum pleasure. It is not hard plastic formed into a straight line. Your body is not a straight line, so why would you use a straight vibrator? The perfectly-designed Touch curves will align with your internal curves to ensure comfort and orgasmic pleasure with every vibration.

While many vibrators offer three to five vibration speeds, the Touch comes with seven different vibration settings. You can select the perfect speed and pattern for every erotic encounter. Go hard when you really want to relieve some pressure. Take it down a notch when you want nonstop, sensual pleasure that lasts a long time.

Switch from one setting to another without stopping the action. The controls are conveniently placed on top of the vibrator where you can reach them without a pause. When you're ready to stop the action completely, slip the Nalone Touch into its drawstring bag and hide it away in the beautiful satin-lined box.

Touch response technology is not found on every vibrator, but Nalone made sure to equip the Touch with this intuitive innovation. The soft metal ring on the front of the vibrator serves as a sensor to detect when you are ready for vibration. Touch the ring and feel the vibration. Release contact with the ring, and the vibration instantly stops.

When you're ready to play with the most responsive G-spot vibrator on the market, the Nalone Touch is waiting for you.


  • Soft silicone coat
  • Ergonomic design with round tip
  • 7 vibration modes
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Easy-reach LED controls
  • Super quiet (less than 50 decibels)
  • Rechargeable
  • 100% waterproof
  • 1 year Nalone warranty


Nalone is a UK brand that has created a range of innovative intimate lifestyle products. Whether they’re controlled by vice activation, Bluetooth technology, or simple button pressing, Nalone products will continually demonstrate power and excitement. This is an intimate toy manufacturer not to be missed