OhmiBod Fuse for Kiiroo

Compatible with all existing and future Kiiroo devices Is The OhMiBod Fuse That Will Ignite a connection and synchronize your sensations!

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Product Description

Ignite a connection and synchronize your sensations! 

The Fuse dual-stim massager is Bluetooth®- enabled with two-way communication.
You and your partner can now share your pleasure from any distance.

The built-in sensor technology allows for bi-directional control of connected devices.
Either of you will be able to drive the action.

The LED light illuminates to provide you visual feedback.

This interactive G-Spot vibrator is fully compatible with one of the worlds' most renowned sex toys for men: The Fleshlight Launch powered by Kiiroo.
It also syncs it to other interactive vibrators like The Kiiroo Pearl2.
The Fuse connects to all other Kiiroo powered adult sex toys.

The first interactive dual stimulation vibe that takes the excitement of control to a new level. The built-in touch sensitive technology in the tickler allows you to control your partner’s device at the touch or tap of your finger.


OhMiBod is the adult toy company that brought you the vibrator that paired with your musical device to give you vibrations that matched the music you were listening to. Such a toy was described as unique and sensual and they have continued with this philosophy with their new product ranges. Sleek, sensual and combining pleasure with an integration of technology OhMiBod are considered to be innovators in the realm of adult toys.