OVO F10 Massager

OVO F10 Massager is as enjoyable for external clitoral and nipple stimulation as it is for internal vaginal stimulation, making this a flexible and invaluable toy

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The OVO F10 Vibrator is composed out of 100% body friendly materials such as silicon. It is quiet and refined although the motor is quite powerful and is known for ultra sensate vibrations. It is battery operated and is known for low battery consumption. It is suited to work on five different modes while OVO has received numerous design awards for this vibrator. It is water proof which as a result makes it easy to use in the shower. It is of the right dimensions which makes it easy for transportation.




Have you by any chance get to look upon the new OVO F10 Vibrator by? Made up of silicon material, it weighs only 127 grams and is designed in Germany.  It is lead and phthalate free and shower proof, which makes it easy to accommodate in a bathroom. It is a fully integrated vibrator with easy to reach control buttons so why not buy ovo online now. The vibration is whisper quiet but don’t let that deceive you as it offers ultra powerful vibration and has a tactful design. It has angled body for highest vibration and the vibrator is rounded for comfortable use.


Buy OVO online with the F10 Vibrator has just made its foray into the market and its design has already gained popularity with the masses. The uniquely curved yet rounded design makes it a one of a kind product. It is shower proof and silky smooth while the use of silicon on the exterior of the body makes it smooth to use. It is composed out of 100% skin friendly materials and OVO is offering a 15 year warranty with the F10. It is one of the most popular devices currently in the market


Ovo Sex Toys offer a lifestyle choice in quality designed and engineered pleasure products for adults. Introduced in 2012 the Berlin based company products were a hit at the EroFame show. With such a start out success the toys were taken to the Salon International de la Lingerie show in Paris. The OVO sleek designs and beauty are a result of German designers that are so confident of their product they offer a 15 year warranty. Packaging is elegant yet simple having won Red Do International design awards and have been endorsed by mainstream companies like Dyson and Mercedes.