Suede Love Lumps 5 Inch

Suede Love Lumps 5 Inch By Maxpassion has a touch of irresistible velvet that will feel orgasmic against your body.

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Product Description

 The multi speed Seude Lady Bump is a great vibrator for travel.  It has a smooth surface that feels soft as seude.  The powerful vibrator will ensure that it has the ooomph to massage the knot out of any kink.  It is a great sextoy for you to play with at a very cheap price.


Full, thin, full, thin... bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Ahhhhhhh, the lovely Love Lumps Vibe has an irresistable velvet touch and a vibration that adjusts from sweet to whoopee! Enjoy the full sensations of this wonder vibe!





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