Swan The Mute

BMS Factory, Swan The Mute, Dual Motor Flexible Silicone Vibrator, Dual Rechargeable Motors

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Product Description

Is it any wonder that Swan is the premier supplier of vibrators for women.  With such class and quality the Mute is no exception.  It is going to hit you in exactly the right spot to make you speechless.  In your muted state you will experience overflowing channels of exhilerating joy climaxing in a crescendo of dazzling lights and trembling knees.

Famous for its pronounced tip, this silent Swan will have you making a lot of noise about it.Vibrations on both ends with a flattering pointy tip makes the Mute Swan able to target the right spot with the boldest power. The round and hollow figure provides deep and sensational stimulation all around. The soft silicone body feels great on skin with smooth silicone-covered buttons to ensure safe usage. The Mute Swan dives head-first into uninhibited pleasure.

BMS Factory are the proud manufacturers of the following sex toy lines. Palmpower, Pantyvibe, Rain, Leaf+, Leaf, Swan, Swan Squeeze Control, Lux, Mae B, PowerBullet, Euphoria, Platinum, Esensuals, Breeze, MiVibe, Booty Beads, Power G, Ultimate Personal Shaver and Simple & True. Why not check out the Swan Sex Toys online here.

When you use the Mute Swan you'll be anything but silent, as you use either end to massage and stimulate your body. Dual ends can be used, and are both powered by their own PowerBullet motor. One end is tapered to ensure that you can pinpoint your G-spot with incredible accuracy for a deep and intense climax, while the other end is thick and hefty, offering a large surface area for extreme pleasure. Use either end for internal stimulation, or bring it out for some pleasurable clitoral massage.
Manufactured from smooth and silky silicone material, this massager feels velvety to the touch and it is safe to be used on sensitive skin because of its hypoallergenic characteristics. Make use of this double ended massager with water-based lubrication exclusively so you're able to have a wet and slick playtime, and do not hesitate to take your vibrator with you in to the bath or shower so you're able to take pleasure in some even wetter stimulation, due to the waterproof design and style. And you can play with up to eight hours of battery life from just a two hour charge making this an extremely efficient toy for your stimulation.
Available in Pink Plurple
Product Specifications

Details: Waterproof, Travel-Ready, Phthalate-free
Dimensions: 20 cm x 3 cm (small end) x 4 cm (large end)
Finish: 100% Seamless Silicone
Run Time: Up to 8 Hours
Charge Time: 2 Hours
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Motor: Dual motors powered by PowerBullet™ technology