Fun Factory Bootie Ring

Fun Factory, Bootie Ring, Silicone Jock Lock that Grips onto the Shaft and Strokes with every single thrust

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Product Description

If there is anything gratifying to a man, it is having a pleasurable sexual adventure. With Fun Factory Bootie Ring, it is not just pleasure but heightened p-spot pleasure. Whether you have a partner or you are solo, this is the ultimate cunning contraption that works perfectly to enhance penis strength, erection and hardness and ultimately carries your sexual and orgasmic experience to a totally different level. Are you seeking climaxing championship? Here is the way to go. Read on to discover all the salient features of fun factory bootie ring and maximize your orgasm once and for all.


Extraordinary Stimulation
Your choice to use bootie ring is a perfect gateway to gain maximum stimulation and erectile pleasure. The moment you start putting it on, you invite a feeling of stimulation and the raised area, which is the smooth silicone ridge connecting the plug and the ring gracefully massages your perineum, an area that is sensitive due to a network of nerve endings and nerve tissue. Regardless of how you have been feeling before, be sure that the firmer erections that this sensual equipment will give you are going to leave you the happiest man with a hard and aroused masculine organ.


Outstanding Size And Design
The size, shape and general design of this extraordinary contraption by fun factory is perfectly ideal for most average-sized organs. Its ring measures 1.75” and is elastic/stretchy, thus fits most sizes. Experts have thought it out in an exact way that meets your individual needs and desires. Therefore, do not hesitate having one of your own from highly reputable technicians with relevant wizardry. Its tip is conveniently tapered, making the process of insertion stress free and less hectic even for the beginners. One the other hand, the base fits comfortably between your cheeks. Anytime you need a perineum massage, have this excellent toy to offer you the much you desire. The design is further perfected by its waterproof nature. Whether you are in the shower or bath, be sure you won’t have problems with your contraption.


Highly Enriching Motion
This toy features a pleasurable motion when used the right way. Any movement you make brings about a gentle tugging which causes transmission of pleasurable waves from your organ’s base to the prostate, some of the most sensitive parts and potential sources of ultimate pleasure. Be sure to accomplish all your duties for the day before using it lest you forget yourself in the soothing motion that simultaneously attacks your mind, heart and body, leaving no room for other thoughts in your mind.


High level of Efficiency
Experts knew it all before coming up with a smooth and soft silicone, yet firm enough to deliver a feeling of masculine fulfillment. This toy functions efficiently and effectively, as long as the right procedure is adopted. The attached prostate-stimulating plug is quick to give out desired results. It is simple to use. Just by pulling the stretchy silicone ring over your shaft and letting it to snugly rest at the base behind your balls, you stand a great chance to become a champion as far as pleasure and stimulation are concerned. If you want to experience memorable sensation, do not forget to apply suitable water-based anal lubricant.


Benefits Both Partners
No other source of gratification and happiness to a couple is as great as conjugal satisfaction. As a man, your penile strength and stability in erection are the greatest determinants of mutual sexual gratification. Experts knew this and with your interests in mind, they came up with this toy meant to achieve your dreams and your partner’s dreams too. Do not be left out. Have one of your own and watch out for the difference. For sure, your penis erection will improve by far.


Safe And Healthy
Unlike other similar products that are likely convey a number of side effects to the users, fun factory bootie ring causes no harm when used. It is medically clean and healthy. Choosing to use it comes with immense benefits with no form of regret.

This handcrafted sexual toy is a great solution for those seeking sexual adventure, including sex-toy enthusiasts and extra-curious beginners. It’s undoubtedly beneficial as briefly discussed in the above described features that characterize it. Gratify multiple erogenous zones by simply making a decision to buy fun factory bootie ring and live to rejoice the rest of your time. It’s fortunate that the ring is available at a perfectly cost-effective price by top suppliers. Compared to the maximum benefits you will reap from its use, what you are going to pay is simply a great bargain. Join millions of others already enjoying life and be sure of extreme pleasure at your convenience.