Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked question from our customers and also some handy tips if you have found some difficulties operating your purchase -

Protective plastic is sometimes placed inside a battery operated product to ensure that the batteries are not used. Open up the battery compartment, remove the batteries and see whether you need to remove any clear plastic pieces.
Ensure the batteries are facing the right way: Sometimes the batteries are placed inside the product the wrong way. Normally within a battery compartment of a product, you will be able to read the correct way the batteries are placed inside. Ensure the batteries are placed in correctly.
Product was not charged properly: Sometimes a product does not turn on if it has not been charged properly.If the product is battery operated ensure you use new batteries and if the product is rechargeable ensure you read the product manual to specify how long the product needs to be charged up for the first time. If possible, check that the charging cord, charging cradle, charging pin and adapter are all plugged in or used correctly.
Travel Lock was turned on: Some products are with travel lock turned on. This is turned on by the manufacturing company, so the product does not accidently turn on when it is shipped.Travel lock normally requires certain buttons that need to be pressed for a certain amount of time.
Not holding on button down for three seconds - Most rechargeable and many battery operated sex toys and vibrators are switched on by pressing the + control on your toy for 3 seconds. Turning the toy off requires you to press the - button for three seconds.
Many adult products have a charging cable that may be powered by usb or power cord. It is essential that you position the product the correct direction on the cradle and that the elements (which are generally metal) on the toy marry up to those on the cradle. The battery will not charge so the toy will not work unless it charges. Please ensure that your toy is correctly positioned on the charging cradle. The battery will not charge unless it is!
Please thoroughly check your product to see if there is an actual problem as over 70% of items returned are in working order. This means that 7 out of 10 product returns are found to be in good working order.

A product should be returned within 30 days of purchase. If a products is found to be faulty more than 30 days after purchase it should be returned to manufacturer for replacement that we will assist you with.

To return a product with a manufacturing fault, damage or not as described:

  • Within 30 days of purchase contact customer service by calling them on the phone, sending an email or our live chat.

Products are originally sent at the customer's cost but this cost will be refunded once the products are returned and the problem is verified.

Please Note: If the product is found to not be faulty the customer is liable for the postage charges each way.