Perfect Sex Toys to Make Money from the Comfort of your Home

Did you know that Perfect Sex Toys can make a lot of money? Yes, sex toys are great companions capable of keeping you sexually satisfied and fulfilled even while your partner is not around, but beyond this, they can also serve as a great way to earn sustainable income that you may not even have dreamed of.

When used right, sex toys can literally change your life financially. And how exactly does one use them right, you ask? Well the best way without a doubt is to put your sex toy skills to use on an adult webcam platform where you have tons of prospective audience waiting to see what you got, and most importantly waiting to reward you handsomely for it.

But of course there are a few things you have to consider before you begin.


Before you Start


  • Choosing a Platform


Before you begin to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars on adult webcam platforms, you must first choose a webcam platform to register on. First of all we’d like you to know that there is no point whatsoever in registering on more than one platform. Registering on a singular great platform will allow you to earn way more than registering on a lot of mediocre ones.

As for what a great platform is, well we define this as a platform that has a great reward system, easily navigable user interface, tons of ready traffic for you to take advantage of, and a customization feature that allows you to stand out from other models.

When it comes to satisfying all of these criteria, our final verdict, without a shadow of a doubt, remains Chaturbate. Registering on Chaturbate gives you everything you need to become a successful cam model and more.


  • Customizing your Profile


Another key thing to do before you start your cam journey is to customize your profile. This is done by designing profile graphics to be embedded on your page. This design adds an element of beauty to your page, helps you stand out amongst other pages, and helps pass across valuable details and information to your fans and visitors.

Designing your graphics can be a chore, though, or it can cost you a lot of money if you choose to outsource the task. Luckily there is a third way that requires no stress or money spent. Instead all you have to do is gain access to loads of high-quality templates that can be easily edited to reflect your own information – all for free.

As for the best place to get these kinds of templates, the answer, without a doubt, is Getting your templates on Designurbate also makes it easier to export and embed your final design on your Chaturbate profile in no time at all.


The Best Sex Toys


Making money as a cam model also requires making use of the very best toys for the tasks. As of the present moments, these include:


  • Lovense Lush


The Lovense Lush bullet vibrator is arguably the most popular toy on Chaturbate. Every cam model must simply have one. They are so appealing not just due to their beautiful exterior and sleek design, but also thanks to their functionality as a remotely controlled device.

This way models can hand out control of these toys to their fans, who pay a small amount of money for this privilege. Thanks to this simple function, broadcasters are able to make their shows way more interesting and way more profitable at the same time.


  • Lovense Hush


The Lovense Hush is just like the Lovense Lush, except the fact that whereas the Lush is mainly for use on the vagina, the Hush is for anal use. Both are compatible with remote applications, making them appealing to Chaturbate models.


  • Sex Machine


Sex machines are great for increasing intensity of Chaturbate shows. While dildos and vibrators are great, sometimes viewers on the platform request for something a little more hardcore and intense, and in cases like that sex machine usually suffice.


  • Sex Dolls


Sex dolls are appealing toys to use when viewers request for a little bit of skin-to-skin action. For models who are strictly solo performers, sex dolls can help fill the void to the users and act in a way as though there was somebody else present.

The Top Companies in the Sex Toy Industry in 2022

Every day, new products are developed in the global Sex Toy Industry in 2022 and new competitors enter the market. As consumers demand better-quality products with a wide range of features, vendors are meeting their demands. Between 2021 and 2023, the market is projected to grow by over $6 billion according to leading experts at live porn cams WowFreeCam, so consumers will have plenty of choices, and Vendors need to stay competitive by keeping up to date. These are the leading sex toy companies for 2022.


A trojan is primarily known in the sex toys industry for offering condoms, however, the company even offers vibrating rings, lubricants, and massagers. Trojan condoms come in over 30 varieties, each with a different size and feature.

Doc Johnson

In 1976, this American sex toy manufacturer was founded in North Hollywood. They are the creators of the Pocket Rocket and rabbit-like vibrators, products that have become iconic in the industry. Most Doc Johnson’s products are manufactured in the United States, and it has a catalog with over 2,000 products. A wide range of anal toys, vibrators, dildos, masturbators, bondage gear, and other products are available.

Fun Factory

Founded in Germany, Fun Factory has an international reach. Gay cams use them for a lot of their main products, and they began producing for them and many others in 2003. The Fun Factory’s goal is to develop medical-grade silicone and polymers of high quality and quality for adult products. Products, such as dildos, vibrators, and pulsators, have been well received and won awards.



The Lelo brand was founded in 2003 and specializes in custom sex toys. The company has offices all over the world and is based in Stockholm. The company offers anal toys, condoms, kegel products, and internal and external vibrators. A Picobong brand is also offered by Lelo in the sex toys category.


LifeStyles was founded in Australia in 1905 and is a leading condom company. In addition to conventional condoms, the company also distributes SKYN condoms, which are latex-free. A vibrator is also produced as well as lubricants and massage gels.


The Lovehoney company was founded in 2002 and it is one of the leading online retailers of sex toys in the UK, with stores serving Europe, North America, and Australia. As well as manufacturing and distributing adult product lines, including vibrators, lube, bondage pieces, lingerie, and others, the company additionally distributes its own adult product lines. There are also other lines developed in conjunction with top brands by Lovehoney, including the official Fifty Shades of Greyline.

Luvu Brands

This American manufacturer was established in 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to adult products and bed therapy products, the company also manufactures daybeds and adult products. Manufacturer Luvu sells its products to over 40 countries. The company manufactures in the United States. Using angles, elevation, curves, and a variety of other design elements, Lulu’s Liberator brand offers bedroom products that will make sexual activities more comfortable and exciting for people of all ages, sizes, and abilities.


Its condoms are sold in 150 countries and have been around since 1915. Aside from sex toys and lubricants, the company also produces constriction rings, bullets, and fragranced lubes. Reckitt Benckiser owns Durex, a company operating in over 60 countries with more than 40,000 employees. Reckitt Benckiser owns household and health-related brands, including Lysol, Finish, Scholl, and Gaviscon.

Better opportunities now for perfect porn games

We know that perfect porn games is seen as clickable by the public, but this article is a kind of reminiscence of the 90’s, when everyone was running for the genre of this obscure game. After that, those who played sex themed games were a neighborhood guru, a mystic who had a direct connection to what we called the “slow internet” at the time, and which we use through our porn after 12 p.m. ۔ Watch those who played sex themed games, whether they were friends with everyone, sharing their treasures with others, whether they were silent aunts who did not share any of their games, because by masturbating at that age they It wasn’t cold


The basic version of Second Life is completely free, but you will have to pay for many gaming opportunities from beautiful outfits and ending with new sex poses. Or, as an option, find yourself a sponsor. By the way, money can be entered and withdrawn in second life, so there are some prostitutes in the game who make a lot of money on virtual sex.

Red Light Center.


Likely a factor concerning why they’re doing as such ineffectively.  The game has a lot of content that includes clearly overlooked areas, you can wander around for hours without meeting anyone. Interactive VR Porn gives you the right guidance.


This error is free from the Red Light Center. In fact, the game is very similar to Second Life, but the purpose of everything in it is to have sex as soon as possible. We create a character, choose a dress, and dance for a few minutes in a club and now we have a conversation with a beautiful stranger (or stranger) who is likely to end up in bed.


The basic version of the game is free again, but if you want to know all the joys you have to go out for the commercial version.


Sexy Beach – This is a series of games to have sex with girls, without it, almost anything complicated, even according to the quality of the game. At first we only see the young woman, then we get acquainted, we talk closely, finally we get a chance to spread it with the sunblock. And, if in most other erotic games, sex usually starts immediately after exiting the main menu, then in Sexy Beach 3 there is a very long prelude after the girl, you the desired strawberry will not be found “.

Different types of graphic erotic flash games.


Sensual setting is something that engineers join into the standard blaze games, making the right state of mind for the game.  For example, if it is a poker game, the winner of each winning round will be the girl who dances the striptease. Or, if it is a role game, you can play for a girl who needs to satisfy many peers to achieve the desired result in her career. Anyway, on our site, you can have a lot of fun playing different erotic games. While now users Interactive VR Porn! With XXX access to a huge variety of games, thirty years ago he paid a lot of money to play erotic games.

Wild Revenge – the primary realistic sexual game.


Game Wild Revenge was released in 1982. “Swedish Erotica” was read on the cover of the company’s games, however, thepce games were made in the United States. The main character is a naked shepherd with a penis who wants to have sex with an Indian woman. To watch the sex scene, the player had to walk to the right of the screen, avoiding the hail of arrows. Nowadays, users find games with more sophisticated interfaces, interesting graphics and creative plot. Thirty years ago, however, consumers did not have that much choice.

Game Wild Revenge caused a stir in the United States. Women’s rights groups, such as Pornography against Women, as well as Native American activists, have protested against the image in the fake rape game, calling for the game to be banned. However, the developers sold about eighty thousand instances for fifty dollars, before the market banned the game.

7 Best Sex Toys

We hope that you love our items!

They were all picked by our publishers independently. So, you know, if you decide to purchase through the links on this page, the BuzzFeed can take a portion of sales or other revenue. Oh, and FYI – at the time of writing, pricing is correct, and things are on stock. You read our detailed guide to the best sex toys for ladies (you are welcome), but have you ever thought about buying one of the best sex toys for couples?

The reality is that 45 per cent of couples use sex toys in the UK sex toy statistics show that. Why does it happen? Well, to keep your love life spicy and of course to shake things up a bit. Think about that: even shopping for the toy may be an exciting way for the pair of you to perform the part. Here you first heard it.

His throat? Whether you merely want to add a certain amount to your dorm repertoire or want to make your orgasms simpler, here are the finest sex toys for couples to assist you do the job.


Satisfier Endless Fun is your best new companion in your bedroom, brand new on the market. Together with your lover, you will adore your passionate feelings – he will be especially attentive to the greatness of your experience. They are not only designed to appear attractive, but the enjoyment is considerably stronger with their design. Let your partner get you into the seven settings by working on it until you can no longer do it. Earlier, when everyone heard this abbreviation, they believed that “this isn’t wonderful.” Lovers of BDSM are organizing conferences, festivals, clubs, and parties. Venetian, as it is more photogenic, is the only city which rivals Paris. The availability of affordable items makes Paris famous for its diversified night scene. Moreover, it operates. It is no longer a tabu to live in liberal times tolerating homosexuals. Persons with a same sex focus are vocalized over their sexual inclinations and come out of the closet.

There is a strong probability that you are seeking for something else, be it a guy or a woman. You are sick and bored of the standard, so you look outside the box to discover something fresh and new. Sadly, you have limited alternatives. There are, nevertheless, some interesting opportunities. You may learn more about women’s dominance if you are ready to abide by the rules. Among many this specialty is quite popular, since it is passionate, distinct, and attractive. Why adore so many males the dominance of women? The answers to this query are found in this handbook.

You should recognize first and foremost that the rule of women is unique. You were probably never controlled by a woman. You were not gagged or fucked. You will experience something distinct and distinctive when you become involved in this form of imagination. It is going to be something you never thought of. This alone will increase the amount of intensity. You will adore women’s domination if you are a lover of going things to the next level. Sit back and take charge of her.

You are the leader in your relationship, there is a strong possibility. It might always be dull to take over. Are you not bored of taking decisions and guiding the way? You would like to try with female domination if you responded yes to this question. You will wish to attempt them on several camgirl sites for female women. You will not have to take the lead anymore once you have done that. You may sit back and let her take the responsibility. For a change, she will call the shots. You are not going to have to decide anything. Instead, when it takes over, you will appreciate the sensation.

Love alone is a genuine thing at a time of quarantine. Sex toys sales – including the top stores for sex toys – have increased since America’s first lock-down in March, but also the number of participants at Sexual Play Workshops. We want our sex toys with all this spare time, and we want to learn how to utilize them in the ultimate self-care company of sex toys This summer, Dame started delivering sex-positive classes, and in their virtual events more participants have observed afro-sexology, a specific venue for Black people to talk and learn how to self-exploration. All this means that if you have been more engaged in your sexual excursions than ever before, you are not alone. This improvement in sexual well-being has motivated many to ramify and broaden their collection of sex toys. You may wish to try new things (such as the vibrating butt plug or the beloved Womanizer everybody appears to be whispers), or maybe you have a first time on the market and need a trustworthy beginning vibrator.

You may try with several adult toys—alone or with a companion. And if you need assistance to decide what is going to work for you, seek for the most popular and favorite sex toys.

Its pressure-wave non-contact technology generates a delicate, oral sex like suction. The Satisfier Pro 2 has 11 parameters, it is waterproof and is quiet and inconspicuous for bathtub enjoyment.  Why not allow your partner to enjoy a love doll.

Rabbit Vibrator

This rabbit vibrator stimulates a strong mixed orgasm. The buttery design is smooth, with a lengthy head curved to develop the G-spot and vibrant ears to boost your clit.

While small vibrators can make direct contact intensity management difficult (and can sometimes be too powerful), the slanted tip of the Kip makes it much simpler to attain and manage clitoral stimulation. Moreover, it is incredibly unobtrusive.

This double-stimulation vibrator has a unique curved shape to touch your G-spot, while giving your clit a well-earned love, and continuing with your partner. It is also completely waterproof and can be recharged rapidly via USB. This is included with a wireless remote to conveniently regulate the intensity configuration for you or your companion.

Anal Vibrator

Anal vibrator, which comes with 10 vibrational patterns, is perfect for beginners and experienced people. Its ergonomic design gives you complete friction and feel-good feelings to all the correct spots. There is also a hands-free wireless remote.

Differences between dildo, consol and vibrator


Today, sexual relations are used as an escape route from routine. A few moments of relaxation, of forgetting all problems. And they are becoming more and more easily available on demand.


Between applications to find the ideal partner and online portals where you can find sexy escorts in Canberra the options are unlimited. 


But it doesn’t end there. There are times when you don’t need another person to have an orgasm, which is more popularly known as masturbation.These practices have a series of very broad and desirable benefits for the body. The greater the stress and responsibilities, the more you desire and crave them.


It is inevitable, despite all the prejudices, fears, embarrassments and taboos that surround this world. Even many people find it difficult to talk about it out loud, because there are still many questions and doubts about everything surrounding sex.


Many are the doubts surrounding the world of erotic toys, objects of different shapes, sizes and colors designed with the sole purpose of providing pleasure. Helping everyone to intensify their pleasure both alone and in company, a similar reason as to why female escorts in Hamilton are so sought.


One of the most popular questions is undoubtedly the difference between dildos and vibrators. These two really are very similar but at the same time have some characteristics that make them different.



These are a type of sex toy that usually have an elongated, penis-like shape. They are usually like this because they historically produce eroticism. Although they are more and more different to increase their practicality and usefulness given the use you want to give it.


The evolution of these objects is very significant. In fact, in 2005, what appeared to be the remains of the first dildos in history were found. They were dated to over twenty-eight thousand years ago, even though the word “dildo” was first used in the sixteenth century in Greece for the first time.  


Its main function is the penetration and stimulation of the most sensitive areas of the body, both through the vagina and the anus. Therefore its shape and material must be suitable. There are even real moulds of well-known porn actors in case someone wants to recreate some X scene. 


Dildos are also related to other fantasies such as pegging. Because with the help of a harness and this sex toy, the change of roles is carried out where the active becomes passive. 



The main difference with the dildo is the internal motors that drive the vibrators and make the movement happen. As their name suggests, thanks to their vibrations in the right areas they can produce a lot of pleasure. So their main function is no longer penetration but stimulation. So its forms are very different and not so recurrently phallic.


As the Hysteria film shows, at the end of the nineteenth century, vibrators were also used to “cure” what was then believed to be a female disease with the same name as the film. 


Little by little minds have been freed and opened up so that sexual practices are normalized. This makes the consumption of erotic toys increase and therefore develop. This is why they can now be found in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Even in a very innocent way, like a simple rubber duck.


Which one is better?

This is a somewhat complicated question. Since it depends, in many occasions, on personal tastes and particular fantasies. Since each of them stimulates areas and in different ways. So when it comes to choosing, you have to ask yourself the right questions about: material, shape, vibration, size and colour.


But if you have any more specific doubts, you can turn to a professional. Among them, sexologists, sex shop owners… Because in the end what is really important is the self-knowledge and to enhance the pleasure you can feel until you reach the climax.  

Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstrual Cup

menstrual cup

The Fun Factory Fun Cup – switching to a menstrual cup could absolutely change your life and save you money! So, I’m sure everyone has heard all about menstrual cups and the stigma around them. I’ve had a lot of people come into the store and ask me “wouldn’t that hurt?” or “isn’t it gross?”, my immediate answer to both of these questions is absolutely not! Wearing a menstrual cup can be slightly awkward to wear at the very start but this is the case with tampons as well. Everyone has been in that situation of starting to wear tampons and not exactly knowing how to feel about it but eventually you get use to it and it becomes a normal and convenient thing because of course you can do pretty much anything with a tampon i.e. sports, swimming, exercising etc.

What is a menstrual cup?

For those who don’t know what a menstrual cup or have never heard of them before, let me give you a quick rundown. A menstrual cup is a silicone cone shaped cup that is inserted into the vagina during THAT time of the month. There are usually two or three different sizes for these cups which depend on age and if you have had children. These cups, (once inserted) create a seal in the vaginal canal stopping any blood from getting through. The cup has a tail or grip on the bottom end, this is where you would pinch and pull to remove the cup.

So, what is so good about the Fun Factory Cup you ask? Well let me tell you. The Fun Cup is made of body safe silicone which means the feeling of this silicone is extremely soft therefore it wont stick to the skin or feel rough down there while inserting or removing. The Fun Cup is also a 100% vegan product so we can have peace of mind knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of the cup. The Fun Cup also comes with antimicrobial bag for hygienic storage during the time of not using it. The pack in which the cup comes in actually comes with two cups one 20ml (Cup A) and one 30ml (Cup B), these two cups give the buyer a choice on either size. Usually sizes are determined by age for example if the buyer was 18 – 25 years of age with no children she would in most cases only need cup A as it is smaller, whereas if the buyer was a 25 – 40-year-old mother she would in most cases need cup B as the vaginal canal would be wider but also cup B can hold more which also means if the buyer was 18 – 25 with an extremely heavy flow she would be able to use cup B and it would still be effective. To insert the cup, you simply fold it in half and with two fingers holding the cup folded, push it up as far as possible and let it pop back out to create the seal. Your muscles will naturally move the cup further up so don’t freak out if you can’t feel it, it is physically impossible for you to lose it up there. To remove the cup, with the same two fingers, feel for the base of the cup, pinch in the sides and slowly pull it out, I’d suggest doing this on the toilet or in the shower to prevent mess.

Benefits of switching to the Fun Cup

Switching to a menstrual cup has a lot of benefits with it. To start with, a cup can be worn for up to 12 hours unlike tampons which can only be worn for a maximum for 4 hours or pads which can fill up pretty fast. Wearing the Fun Cup also means there is little to no risk of TTS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) which is a rare but life-threatening bacterial infection which comes from wearing or leaving in a superabsorbent tampon for longer than recommended. As the cup is made of silicone there is no risk of irritation or infection unless of course you’re allergic to silicone or you don’t clean the cup properly after use. Another benefit of wearing a cup is the smell, everyone who has experienced that time of the month and used any kind of feminine hygiene product would be familiar with that horrible metallic smell when changing it over to a new one. With the Fun Cup there’s no smell! That smell usually comes from a chemical reaction that happens between the bodily fluids and the absorbent product whether it is a tampon or a pad, these products also usually contain some kind of bleach to make them white, which again isn’t exactly safe for the body. With the Fun Cup you can still do everything in your daily routine, YES! you can exercise, swim, play sports and absolutely wear whatever your heart desires without worrying about leakage or even water absorbing into the product. Another great thing about the Fun Cup is although your initial purchase may cost you more than a box of pads or tampons, in the long run, you will save a bomb of money by not having to purchase feminine products each month and you’ll never be caught by surprise. That means no more sending your partner down to the shops to get you some! And with the added bonus that a menstrual cup only needs to be replaced every 10 years, that’s 120 months’ worth of money not spent on feminine products.

Cleaning your cup

In order to properly clean your menstrual cup, I’d recommend buying a small pot or metal container that can be put onto the stove. You’re not going to want to use this pot for anything else. Fill the pot up with water and wait for it to boil, which then you can put the rinsed Fun Cup into the boiling water and let it boil for 5 minutes. The boiling water will sterilise the cup and kill any bacteria that may be on it meaning next time you are ready to use the cup it will be clean, sterile and ready to go.

Summary of the Fun Cup

I highly recommend switching to the Fun Cup! Reduced risk of infection, all day wear, little to no smell, still do everything you normally would, no need to buys pads or tampons each month anymore and only needs replacing every 10 years. The pack comes with two cups one 20ml and one 30ml so if you don’t have children but are planning on having kids one day that’s perfect, you’re already set and won’t need to buy another one for a long while. The Fun Cup is an amazing product and I think with an open mind, could change any woman’s life!


Kaylah is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores.

Fun Factory Sundaze: Your New Favourite!

sun daze sex toy

Hooooooooo-boy! We are being spoiled! Apparently it’s new toy month; I’m definitely not complaining! With the recent drop of the ARCWAVE Ion, (check that article out on this very website) Fun Factory took a look and said “I can do that too!” and dropped the very intriguing Fun Factory Sundaze! The Sundaze seems like a few of Fun Factory’s most popular toys birthed a beautiful love child made to please, and in this article, I’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about it!


For a while, the Stronic line from Fun Factory has been some of the most cutting edge technology in the industry, on par with PleasureAir from Womanizer. For those who’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a Stronic toy know exactly what I’m talking about. For those who have missed out, you’ll probably be asking; What is a Stronic? Well, my sweet summer child, the Stronic line combines the ever interesting power of magnets (magnets????) and does all the dirty work ol’ wristy would normally be burdened with. I went into some detail about these toys in my New Wave of Vibrators article, so for a more in depth understanding of the toy, along with some more phenomenal technology that can get your funky business even funkier, check it out here. The Sundaze seems to combine the powerful and impressive thrusting power of the stronic line with their super powerful vibrating toys you’ve come to love. It doesn’t stop there; it also has a feature it calls “tapping”, and while I have no clue what that would do, Fun Factory touts it stimulates nerve endings other vibrators can’t, which in fairness, sounds awesome.


Coming in two fresh colours; pistachio and fuschia, the Sundaze keeps with the eye catchingly beautiful theme of all Fun Factory toys. It does stray, however, from the Stronic lines striking black bases/handles, opting instead for a subtle gold, similar more to the Cayona or Amorino. It’s not a massive toy, again probably drawing closer in form to the aforementioned gold based counterparts to the Sundaze, but will still certainly pack a punch. Similarly, again to all the Fun Factory toys, that beautiful, silky, matte silicone we’ve all come to love is present. Soft to the touch, medical grade, and body safe silicone, means the Sundaze is super easy to clean & take care of, but comfortable to use whenever the time is right. To wrap up our features, the Sundaze is also completely waterproof, so a hot soak in the tub just got a bit hotter. The Sundaze also advertises near silence (from the toy, not the user), which is again in line with all Fun Factory products we’ve seen before. 


Anyone who has shopped for Fun Factory products will know that the Stronic line press a pretty penny at the counter. For magical seemingly-gravity-defying technology, it’s understandable. Considering the Sundaze is between a pulsator and a vibrator, it only makes sense that pricing wise, it sits between the vibrators and pulsators. Cheaper than all pulsators, more expensive than all vibrators. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. While we don’t have an RRP just yet, the price standing I mentioned before should be a clear enough gauge to set some money aside for your next personal investment.


The Sundaze will grace our shop floor with it’s presence soon enough. We’ll be some of the first in Australia to get our hands on it – so for everyone keen, a short trip to your nearest Oh!Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre will allow you to check this fun new bedtime best friend off your list. I have a good feeling the Sundaze is going to be a fan favourite, so get ahead of the curve and pick one up ASAP!

Sex Toys Are Fun!

sex toy fun

Sex toys are known as all those objects that are used to increase sexual stimulation, and although they are often used to please ourselves, sex toys are much more fun if used with a partner.

With each passing day, more couples and women are encouraged to try fun sex toys and thus get out of the routine and give more intensity to their sexual relations.

It is also worth mentioning that some models of sex toys not only focus on increasing sexual stimulation but are also used to strengthen the pelvic floor to prevent urinary incontinence and also improve women’s sexuality.


-They help you get to know you better:

Sex toys are mainly characterized by allowing you to meet you more easily and discover what you like. This will make your sex much more pleasant and fun.

-You will have more and better orgasms:

By using sex toys you will notice that your orgasms will be more durable and more intense, and can help you reach orgasm more quickly. The more orgasms you have, the easier it will be to experience them again.

-Improve sex with your partner:

Sex toys are the perfect complement to the sexual act because with their different functions they can be used to increase the stimulation and pleasure of the partners.

-Improve health:

Sex toys, by promoting orgasms, can release the stress and tension accumulated during the day, relieve headaches, backaches, menstrual cramps, and also allow you to sleep better and faster. All this is because orgasms help you feel better.

-It makes our desire to have sex increase:

Sex toys help us in a very meaningful way to keep our sex life more active and also our sexual desire.

-Anal sex:

Sex toys are perfect for people who want to start this activity because they can be a great help to get used to the area and prepare it for penetration.

There are also lubricants and gels ideal for use in this activity, which is highly recommended for beginners.

-They make you independent:

It can make you enjoy as much or more than with a man, for example, rabbit toys designed to simultaneously stimulate the internal vagina and the clitoris.

Most common sex toys:

There is a wide variety of fun sex toys, but between the most common we can mention:

-Penis rings:

These sex toys are a good option not only for men but also for women, as they stimulate the clitoris and prolong the erection of the man by trapping blood inside the penis.

They are mainly used by men who have erection problems.


This is a device that is used to stimulate the anus and the vagina.

This sex toy can be used with movements to cause more internal stimulation or statically while stimulating other areas of the body at the same time.


This sex toy is an electronic device very similar to a dildo or dildo with the difference that it vibrates, it is mainly used by women to stimulate the clitoris offering a completely different pleasure.

Today there is a wide range of vibrators with different shapes and sizes that can be used internally or externally.

-Chinese balls:

These are large hollow metal balls that include smaller balls inside. They are inserted into the vagina, where they can remain for a long time. The movement of the woman causes these balls to swing, causing an orgasm in the woman who uses it.

This sex toy is also used by women suffering from vaginal problems because it helps exercise pelvic muscles and prevents urinary incontinence.

Many of these sex toys change in consistency and form, but in general, they remain the same.

Should I use sex toys?

Whether you are single or as a couple, sex toys are a great support to make your sexual relations a much more rewarding and enjoyable experience. They can also help us discover how to stimulate and learn about our sexuality. Besides sex toys are fun.

Why are sex toys fun?

Sex toys as mentioned above are the perfect complement to your sexual relations since in addition to adding more pleasure and desire in your sexual encounters, they will also give you more fun and emotion, due to their varied functions that give an extra touch in the moment of sexual act or masturbation. Sex toys offer pleasure in different ways that are just waiting for you to meet them.

Enjoy and forget about taboos.

The Fun Cup

Menstrual Cup

Without delving into the embedded patriarcal society in which we all live, it most definitely has led to the stigma involved with all things menstruation. Most men don’t even understand the basic principle of a period: being the ejected blood, mucus and tissue by the uterus, materials it was preparing ready to fertilize an egg, but when the ovum isn’t fertilised, this is all expelled through the cervix.

So it’s really no surprise that not much research has historically been done into how to manage this monthly flow. It wasn’t really until toxic shock syndrome hit the headlines in the 80s that women started to look for an alternative to those disposable products like tampons.

What is a menstrual cup?

Which is where the menstral cup, or diva cup, comes into play. Unlike a tampon or a pad which are designed to soak up period blood, a menstrual cup ‘catches’ it. And while there is now a wide range of these cups on the market, the Fun Cup just might be the best option out there.

Designed and manufactured by those brilliant Germans at Fun Factory, home of some of your favourite sex toys, the Fun Cup is their innovative entry into this growing market. The Fun Cup is a 100% medical grade silicone and is a far better design than all those others, that haven’t changed their design since the 90s!

Why use a menstrual cup?

While tampons can dry you out and cause micro-tears, leaving you more susceptible to infection, the Fun Cup is gentle on your skin and great for your well-being. A menstrual cup can hold 4-6 times the amount of a tampon, and once cleaned, is reusable for years to come. As such, the Fun Cup is a lot more eco-friendly than disposable products, and better for the environment is better for everyone. Given the expense of disposable products, the Fun Cup will pay for itself within about six months, and saving money is always a good thing (more money to spend on toys!).

Choosing the right menstrual cup

There are a few important things to keep in mind about finding the right menstrual cup (since it can be worn for around ten hours, it wants to be comfortable). Menstrual cups should sit snugly within the vaginal canal, just below the cervix. However if it is touching the cervix, it can be dislodged, which is going to be both uncomfortable and messy, and means your menstrual cup doesn’t fit properly.

This is why, with the Fun Cup Explore Kit, there is one of each of their two sizes included, Size A and Size B. Size A is 5.3cm long with a 4cm diameter and holds 20 ml and is great for those with a lighter flow or those with a shallower vaginal canal. The larger Size B, 5.8cm long, 4.3cm diameter and holding 30 ml, is better suited to those with a longer vaginial canal or during a heavy flow.

The Fun Cup has also been designed to better fit your anatomy, as well as provide greater comfort and leakage protection. Most menstrual cups also have that pokey tail hanging beneath the bell shape, while the Fun Cup has a tapered tip with small grooves to better get a grip on it for removal.

How to use a menstrual cup

This is where most people hesitate about the idea of using a menstrual cup. There’s a bit of a learning curve to inserting a menstrual cup, but you’ll have it mastered in no time.

Inserting your Fun Cup

Start by sitting on the toilet with your legs apart, or standing with one leg propped up. Fold your cup, either with a C-fold or a punch-fold, and insert into your vagina, scooping it back towards your spine. If you’re having a lighter period, or to make things easier, apply a little water based lubricant to the cup. Once inserted, release the cup, and it will unfold inside you. By bearing down with your muscles and twisting the cup back and forth, you’ll create a seal. Give a gentle tug to ensure it is secure.

Removing your Fun Cup

You can either reach in and press the tip of your cup with your finger, or alternatively bare down with your muscles and pinch the tip. Gently pull the cup out and tip its contents down the toilet, or down the drain if you’re in the shower.

This whole tipping out the contents is where some women feel they want to turn their noses up at diva cups, but at the same time, many women enjoy the fact that they can keep a better eye on how things are going.

Cleaning your Fun Cup

With a mild unscented soap, rinse and wash out your cup before reinserting it, or storing it in the included antimicrobial Tyvek bag. If you’re on the go and emptying your cup in a cubicle, just wipe it out with some toilet paper before reinserting it.

If you’d like to keep your cup extra clean between periods, boil it for three minutes, allow it to dry before returning it to your Tyvek bag. The fun cup is available at the adultlifestyle sex toy stores Sydney.

Have an Event Like No Other with Sky Strippers

Male Stripping

Planning an event to remember for your girl squad? Want to see a stripper show and have a good time? Are you looking for topless waiters to cater to your party? Sky Strippers got everything covered under one roof. This company, based in Melbourne, has the best male entertainers in all of the city. It provides a wide range of services from male stripping, topless waitering, posing for paintings and photoshoots, and a whole lot more.

If you are clueless about what we are talking about, let this article explain to you how Sky Strippers can provide you and your girls a one of a kind entertainment.

The Home of Hottest Strippers in the City

If you enjoy Magic Mike and Top Gun, you can have them both when you watch one of the live shows brought you by Sky Strippers. They have live shows that feature fully choreographed performances and interactive experience featuring male entertainers who came directly from California. These shows are offered at their Super-Lux Male Strip Club, or you can book them for home visits.

For those who want to make their event extra special, they can bring the heat to your parties and events. They usually cater to hen’s parties, girl’s nights, birthdays, surprise parties, or any occasions that need entertainment. These hot bodies can offer one-of-a-kind entertainment with interactive routines like a lap dance, chair flips, and body roll. 

Enjoy the Food and Drinks with Topless Waiters

Some like it hot, but Sky Strippers can increase the temperature with their topless waiters. Who can say no to a combination of food and sexiness? For a night to remember, you and your girls can enjoy the party with delicious food and overflowing drinks served by fine gentlemen who are perfectly underdressed. These topless waiters with fabulous physique and charming personalities can entertain your guests with their witty banter and flirtatious conversations while keeping their thirsts at bay.

An adrenaline-pumping show and topless waiters, a heady combination that is guaranteed to make your hen parties, birthday parties, or girl’s night out fun and exciting. A male entertainment that you cannot find anywhere else in Melbourne.

Let Sky Strippers Help Plan Your Party

Are you ready to give your best friend the best hen party? Let Sky Strippers help you plan it. They have sensationally seductive male entertainment to make your guest shrill with delight and get the party started. The party planners  can help you plan the hen’s night games, the food, and alcohol, and even come up with a show for you. And for that perfect wedding makeover book an appointment with Nicole Hudson at her hair and beauty salon.

They are the experts in events planning as they have serviced hundreds of these parties. As a company well-known in the male entertainment industry, the company is a professional through and through. This comes as no surprise since they have been voted as the leading male entertainment agency in Australia many times for their professional approach, dynamic planning, and dependable execution.