Big Boss and The Black Line!

Names of Fun Factory sex toys tend to be creative and beat around what they actually are in a fun and creative way and now they have released The Black Line.

  • Fun Factory Duke is a male prostate vibrator.
  • Bi Stronic Fusion is a pulsator.
  • Fun Factory Semillino is a miniature vibrator.

The Black Line

Fun Factory Big Boss Black Line vibrator, as the name suggests, is a BIG Fun Factory vibrator.  There is no confusion there! In my opinion, it is one of the classiest phallic shaped vibrators in the adult lifestyle industry.  I’m usually one to steer away from the realistic looking vibrators.

I don’t know why, I think it might be something to do with detaching a vibrator from the real thing. Let’s face it, unless something is seriously wrong, a man’s penis does not vibrate.

Original Big Boss vibrator  has a white handle that comes in three colors including pink, nude and black. Fun Factory Black Line has been specifically created with a black handle, a matching shaft and has their signature red button. I found this sex toy instantly appealing due to it’s sleek and all black design.

Fun Factory describe it in perfect detail

This gorgeous vibe crosses from realism into fantasy. We’ve re-imagined this customer favorite in pure black, to match your deepest, darkest desires (and because black goes with everything).

There are so many vibrantly colorful adult toys on the market that a dark, all black vibrator is highly welcome in my opinion.

Fun Factory Big Boss Features

Measures 9 inches in total length, with the shaft measuring at 7 inches and a girth of almost 2 inches. I thought the size may have resulted in weaker vibrations in the end but let me assure you.  This is most definitely not the case!

Vibrations in the Big Boss are strong and powerful throughout. It features six vibration intensities and six vibration rhythms. With the twelve unique vibration patterns, you will be able to find one for every mood.

Fun Factory describe the Big Boss’s vibrations.

Armed with Big Boss, can make any woman lose her mind with ecstasy. Big Boss keeps his promises and ensures potent power plays under the sheets. Our customers love that the bass tone vibration lets you play longer without ever feeling numb or over-stimulated.

The Black Line
Black Line Fun Factory

Shaft of the Big Boss

Has a slight G-Spot curve that is designed to look natural. It has a pronounced head for amazing g-spot stimulation and veins which add texture.  Shaft is firm yet bendable made with patented FlexiFun Technology that is unique to the Fun Factory brand.

When using the sex toy simply apply pressure or move your body into the sex toy. It will pleasurably move into the form of your body to reach all the right places.

Made from non porous, body safe, medical grade silicone that feels velvety and soft which can be a bit grabby. It is recommended to use a few drops of a high quality water-based lubricant like Fun Factory Toy Fluid to make your experience that much more pleasurable.

Apart from lubricant being a necessity with The Fun Factory Big Boss, I have found no faults or issues with this sex toy (If needing to use lubricant is even an issue! I feel that this is a small price to pay for a safe, non-porous and easy to clean vibrator.

One of the great features of the Big Boss

Ergonomic loop handle. I love the ease of adult toys with this feature. Instead of fiddling around trying to grab it with your hand. Possibly slipping due to excess lubricant and making a mess of what should be a relaxing and pleasurable experience. This loop means you can stick a finger or thumb in, hold on and move it with ease.

You can simply pull the sex toy up or push down to easily re-position it during masturbation.

the black line
Couples Sex toys

It has been made with a seamless design

Allows you to submerse it in water for some shower and bath time fun. Cleaning up is a breeze, simply use warm water with mild soap. It comes with a 2 year warranty.  Equipped with a travel lock to avoid embarrassing airport trouble.  Genuinely a top of the line, high quality vibrator.

One of the remarkable features of the Fun Factory Big Boss vibrator is how it recharges the battery using an eco-friendly magnetic charger.  A simple click n charge system.

For someone looking for a bigger, realistic and classy vibrator, the BigBoss Black Line by Fun Factory is my top choice. Fun Factory has won awards from iF World Design Guide and Xbiz.

the black line
semilino sex toy

Fantastic Vibes – Fun Factory Semilino

I love Germany; the boys, the toys, the accents, the scenery. Germany is a beautiful place and Fun Factory Semilino.

When I found out that fun factory a German company I was excited. Germany generally produces good quality items. So when I purchased my fun factory Semilino toy I raced home excitedly. It comes in a small box about the size of a medium hand.

Picture on the front of the box is almost identical to the size of the toy inside  it’s only been shrunk marginally.  Once you open the box though  that’s where the fun begins.

Semilino is a funky black USB rechargeable vibrator

With a soft silicone exterior. You open it up and just want to run your hands across the surface of the silicone  it’s squishy yet still remains firm. It fits really nicely in your hand with a petite handle and easy to reach buttons. It’s fairly simple to use, it only has three buttons.

An on/off button (appropriately named the fun button), an + and  _ button as well, which change the vibration settings.

One thing you need to be aware of is the safety function which prevents it from being accidentally turned on  an innovative feature for travelling! No more awkward your bag appears to be vibrating. You press and hold both the fun and + button to unlock the toy and the fun and – button to lock it up again.

the black line
Fun Factory Semilino

It Packs A Punch

You’ll need to be sitting down when you turn this on for despite its size it packs a massive punch.

Semilino has angled ridges that make it easy to insert, and create a warm rippling effect whilst pulling it out. Silicone material does grab dust pretty easily.  So if dust annoys you, you’ll be constantly cleaning this toy.

Grab a toy bag for this one when you can! Because of the smoothness of the silicone it holds lubricant really well.

Semilino can be used for either vaginal or anal play

Just remember not to let go of the toy as the flare on this toy isn’t big enough for experienced users.  I recommend this with most toys, make sure you keep a towel handy to wipe lubricant off your hands if you’re using it solo.  It does have a petite handle which is difficult to grip with lube-y hands.  Has a very slight curve for getting either the prostate or g spot.

I used this as an anal toy whilst jerking off and the vibrations on the prostate gave me incredibly an incredibly intense orgasm.

You can also use this as a small body massager, ball stimulator or to buzz the hell out of someone’s nipples.

When I say this toy has vibrations, I mean it has vibrations.

It’s not as powerful as a Lelo bodywand or We-vibe tango but it’s getting close. Now, it’s not that this toy is exceptionally loud but because of its strength it makes everything around it sound quite buzzy.

I wasn’t overly fussed by it but you might want to reconsider if your parents live in the next room and it’s well past midnight.

Despite those few – and very minor issues – this small, soft and powerful vibrator is an essential item for the bedroom with astounding versatility, power and size.

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