Fun Factory – The Retailers Choice. PART TWO!!

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Fun Factory creates premium sex toys that are bathed with a strong sense of play and are the retailers choice.

When it comes to quality, Fun Factory prides themselves on making high-quality sex toys for play and display. It keeps an eye on and controls every detail of the sex toys and it takes this responsibility very seriously. Fun Factory sex toys are manufactured manually from 100% pure medical grade silicone and body-friendly plastic.

Every aspect of the sex toys, from its production to the final detail is made in Germany, which is guarantee enough that customers purchase quality, safe and efficient sex toys. It is a well-known ideal that some of the best engineers in the world are German. This dedication shows in the development of fun factory toys and products.

Fun Factory has a highly experienced team of experts

Whom work together in order to create quality, innovative and trendy products that boost the passionate feeling of the customers. Materials used are soft and this makes them more arousing, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Customers will always want to be associated with quality products because it not only ensures durability, but also enhances the user experience. This is why a retail company should look to stocking fun factory products.

Retailers Choice

Fun Factory has revolutionized the adult industry by taking a different approach from other companies.  Result has been quality sex toys that are colorful, aesthetically stimulating and cheerful.

Fun Factory sex toys are not awkward objects but interesting accessories. They have a high recognition factor because of their audacious colors and design and are prominent in their displays.

Retailers Choice
Fun Factory reddot award


This generation of Fun Factorys sex toys wins the customers with its unique versatility.  They are impressive and stately made from medical grade material and come in both familiar and new shapes.

Sex toys from Fun Factory are ingeniously optimized unlike products from other companies. Fun Factory sex toys have the craziest design out there. Their sex toys are designed for maximum stimulation and maximum pleasure. Designs come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

A unique element about Fun Factory sex toys

Is their cozy outer silicone. These sex toys are soft and supple the reason why numerous sex toy enthusiasts only buy Fun Factory products. Experts at Fun Factory are always working to design new products and improve the old ones to ensure maximum satisfaction for their customers.

Fun Factory sex toys design grabs the attention of the consumer because they are different from other products.  It has acquired patents for some of the products with others waiting approval. This means that consumers cannot get sex toys similar to Fun Factory sex toys from another company.

Retailers like unique products because they attract customers to their stores.

Their designs are not meant to rely on copying nature designs.

Rather, they emphasize on style that embraces their colors, functionality stunning looks and safe material. They are a new breath of fresh air in the toy industry and fun factory is solely responsible for making them special.

Fun Factory’s motto is about making sex ‘Fun‘ and it achieves this through the fun loving nature and design of their toys. The companies efforts to break any inhibitions that existed in the industry are what earned its endearment to the many users in the market.

Positive Reviews & Feedback

Quality of Fun Factory products has received positive reviews and feedback from customers, which is strange gesture in this industry.  It has been awarded with leading design awards for its products. The companies SMARTBALLS DUO and SMARTBALL UNO won the prestigious IF design award.

Love balls, manufactured by the Bremen Company Fun Factory, have also managed to win awards in the past.

Fun Factory smart balls and other products such as the PEARLY, FLORA, SEMILINO AND EINS have won awards for their innovatively good designs. The company is the first in the sex toy industry to win an award based on design.

It is therefore clear to anyone the dedication that Fun Factory has in not just making toys, but in making good, award winning toys that benefit the customers. These awards have been won for various aspects such as design, innovation, and are a testament to the continual improvement of their toys over the years, and fun factories mission to always strive for perfection.

retailers choice
unique sex toys

Innovation of its product

Fun Factory makes sex toys that can only be described as innovative. Their sex toys are unlike anything in the market now. These products are not different and unique for the sake of it; they are seemly of the 21st century. Fun Factory creates categories of sex toys that with the customer in mind.

They incorporate modern technology to ensure pleasure for their customers. This means that if you place these products on the shelves, they move fast. Fun Factory has numerous years of technical knowledge and innovation that produce hypoallergenic, tasteless, odorless and skin friendly sex toys.

Much research goes into design and development of Fun Factory sex toys. It is for this reason that the company keeps on producing unique sex toys.

Innovation technology and vision behind Fun Factory sex toys

Makes the customers proud of the German heritage.  Company thinks outside the box when inventing their sex toys. They provide unique sensations that are meant to satisfy those who are looking for unique sensation.

Fun factory toys are also made in shapes and colors that are unusual but the art involved in the creation of the toys is appealing. It provides a thrilling and natural effect.

Fun factory has toys that have been uniquely shaped for people who appreciate art to boost their sex life. As well as people that were sick of the standardized aesthetics of the sex toy industry. This is what makes the toys special to the users hence their ever-increasing popularity.

retailers choice
tech sex toys

Tech Sex Toys

Latest technology used to make the toys boasts of a new ergonomic control panel that enables the customer to change the intensity of the toys adding to the fun.

They also have an interval program built into them allowing great excitement in all the vibration levels of the toys. There is technology and design within Fun Factory toys that allows the user to use some toys discreetly during the day.

Such toys include the B Balls where they are inserted to provide stimulation with every motion they make.  As they respond to the bodies natural movements throughout the course of the day.

retailers choice

Fun Factory Testimonials

Fun Factory sex toys have received positive reviews from various online stores. As the market for sex, toys continue to grow, and high-tech companies like Fun Factory continue to produce quality sex toys.  Retailers will have to expand their adult section to create more room for Fun Factory sex toys.

Turning this secret fantasy into a lucrative business opportunity. Fun Factory sex toys are occupying the largest portion of the shelves. Consumers have continuously provided favorable reviews from users who have tried them. This is an indication that the products are preferred in the market and as such, the retailer is likely to make huge sales from it.

Peer reviewed products are normally a go to for every customer. People tend to buy products they know have worked for others as opposed to products that are relatively new and unknown. Though sometimes it is extremely beneficial to take a risk and plunge yourself into something new.

This gives fun factory an edge making it a good choice for the retailer as customers who have read the reviews are likely to flock the stores to purchase the products.

Fun factory is the largest producer of sex toys in Europe

Made a name for itself all over Europe and as such is a brand that is well recognized among customers. Any retailer hoping to expand its global outreach or even bring products from Europe to its customers, fun factory is a good way to start.

Stocking fun factory products will help the retailer reach more customers. As they will have a faster access to products they would otherwise get through courier services that are sometimes not reliable.

Discreet packaging

Purchasing sex toys can be a daunting experience for experienced and novice users alike.  Which is also a contributing factor to why some retailers do not stock them. Discreet packaging on fun factory toys allows customers to buy the products discreetly without everyone seeing what they have bought.

This provides an edge for the retailer as customers will prefer the packaging on fun factory products which is reminiscent of high end luxury items.  As opposed to a potentially ‘immoral’ sex toy being seen by the nosey Mrs. Gladys Kravitz style neighbor.

Feel Secure

In addition to that, heterosexual men could feel insecure about receiving anal play from the social stigma that likens anal penetration to same sex attraction.

Men are able to purchase toys for themselves or their girlfriends/wives/mistresses without anyone realizing what they have bought. After all, enjoying prostate or anal stimulation does not say anything with respect to their sexual orientation.

Privacy that the packaging on fun factory products allows is a key advantage to the retailer. Hence why it should be a good choice to stock their products.


retailers choice
R & D Fun Factory

Products Are Quality Tested

Fun Factory products are quality tested before they leave the factory. The products have already been rigorously tested during their development phases, and from that point it simply becomes a matter of quality control processes.

This is done by ensuring all the products are in a working condition before they are put into their box for shipment.

Don’t panic.  All of this testing is done with correct safety and health procedures that ensures the toy has not been handled intimately, or unsafely. The toys are also tested for their interactions with lubricant during the development phases. This means that fun factory puts a lot of effort into the products they put out to the market. They care about the user experience.

Every consumer wants a product that has been proven to work. This assurance from fun factory is a plus for any retailer looking to stock sex toys. The research department at fun factory has spent time interacting with consumers and testers to ensure that the product not only works, but also interacts well with other products the consumers might need to use.

This explains the stunning designs and durability that the toys have to offer.

Non-Toxic Sex Toys

Their sex toys are hygienic in the sense that they are not toxic.  Fun factory line does not give off chemicals or gases that could be absorbed by the user’s delicate genitals. The products are also non-porous hence; they are completely unable to trap bacteria, fungi or viruses and are therefore super hygienic assuming that they have been properly cleaned.

As a retailer, the safety of the consumer is imperative and that entails not predisposing them to illnesses and infections arising from the use of products bought at the store. Fun factory is a guarantee of safety as they have put effort into ensuring that products are hygienic and when used properly are not likely to cause bodily harm to the user, either physical or disease related.

Waterproof toys made from silicone can be easily washed with soap and water. Non-waterproof toys should be wiped with a solution of soap and water.

Hygienic Sex Toys

Sex toys provide excitement, stimulation, happiness, fun and extremely erotic moments. Keeping all this in mind, it’s sometimes difficult to make a decision as to which is the best toy for you, as normally there are several questions regarding sex toys.

These questions often include; which toy to use, the best place to buy sex toys and what you should watch out for when using a sex toy.

Array of sex toys is immense.

Vibrators, dildos, love balls, anal toys , toys just for men and toys specifically designed for women. Fun Factory provides retailers with personal consulting and staff development and training.  Which is a plus for the retailer as they acquire much more information. They can pass on to their customers for a more personalized experience and purchase.

Every retailer wants to be associated with the best products in the market. People are continuously looking to get value for money or products that last and provide a good user experience. This is why fun factory is the best bet for a retailer.

With more people growing increasingly aware of themselves sexually, sex toys from fun factory are the way to go.

Sex toy business is a multi billion-dollar enterprise

With an increasing consumer base driven primarily by women. Fun factory has set itself apart by going on a limb and putting effort towards the design of sex toys for men that actually sound like. They have put thought into the process.

Men can also enjoy the fun of a sex toy without having to settle for poorly designed products.

This aspect alone will give the retail company an edge over competitors since fun factory has a reputation for elegantly designed products for men hence increasing the customer base.

For a retail company, fun factory is a guaranteed success story

That is likely to propel the retailer’s sex toy sales over the roof. Fun factory is a globally recognized brand that has proven it is leading in innovation, design and performance. It is an apparent choice for a retailer looking to expand the sex toy section or start one.

With awards and great customer feedback, the company is an industry leader and is likely to stay so for a very long time. Their dedication to safety, hygiene and performance tailored to the user’s sexual gratification.

Fun factory is a definite choice for any retailer.

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