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Fun Factory Stronic Sex Toy Innovation

If you want your sex experience to be as exciting as taking an adventure from places to places around the world or doing something exciting and challenging, then try putting some twist to it. Discover something new and apply it to see the difference. Why dwell too much on the traditional way of having sex when you can make it more fun and interesting? Have it your way. Have you tried using sex toys? Well, you should, and here’s why.

Before we go to explaining what the Stronic Innovation is, we need to know first what basically sex toys are. Toys really are not just for the kids anymore.

Sex Toys:-

Sex toys are devices or objects that are used to intensify or assist sexual indulgence for people, couples or sexual partners, could be a man and a woman or man to man and woman to woman, and the common and known sex toys are vibrators and dildos. These sex toys are usually in a form or similar shape of genitals that could be vibrating or not. These do not only limit to devices and objects; it also includes sex furniture like slings and BDSM apparatus. But condoms, pornography and methods of birth controls are not included in this category. Moreover, these also imply sexual impressions like adult toys and marital aid. However, marital aid has a broader and more general use as this is applied to herbs and drugs that help prolong sex or enhance sex or also known as sex enhancers.

These sex toys usually can be found or bought at sex shops, online or physical shops. As technology is advancing, these sex toys that include both for men and women are now available in most countries around the world.

Stronic Sex Toy Innovation:-

The stronic sex toy innovation is the best fun factory sex toy advancement in many years. It offers varieties of sex toys that use a pulsating method for stimulation rather than vibration.  When we say sex toys, these are just no ordinary ones. They offer the best and never-before-made sex toys just right for you and your partner. These love toys are made with safe materials that are not harmful to you and your body. And these come in handy are designed for sexual pleasures differently. They come with different colors of your choice and comes with various kinds and types. Features of each sex toy are organized for you to check and weigh if what type do you prefer. We cater sex toys not just for women but for men too.


If you check on pulsators, these are Stronic sex toys from Fun Factory that stimulate with extreme strength, which will make your sex experience best and at its most satisfying climax. It has a wing or arm that is suited to fit against the labia. It also has 10 levels of stimulation that you can choose from depending on the intensity of your orgasm. These levels contain different sets of rhythms.

Bi Stronic Fusion:-

Pulsators from Fun Factory come in three kinds. First is the Bi Stronic Fusion. This kind is designed to massage the G-spot and excite the vaginal opening. You can also enjoy sixty four ways of pulsation and vibration, and it comes with different colors like violet, candy rose, and India red. Aside from its buttons that serve as its control when using the device, it also has a quickstop button. It also has a battery light for charging, which indicates battery life, and has a lock, which is perfect for traveling. It is completely waterproof and is good for anal play. Bi Stronic Fusion is made of silicone and is made in Germany.

To explain how the Bi Stronic Fusion really works, this type of pulsator has two main functions, the shaft and its wing or the arm. When the device is used, its shaft pulsates that gives you a thrusting movement backward and forward. On the other hand, the arm or wing of Fusion basically vibrates while in use. So the combination of pulsating and vibrating will surely make you go crazy and crave for more.

How it is being controlled depends on the three buttons that you can see on the loop handle, the on/off button, the button for the wing or arm, and the button for the shaft. After pressing the FUN button that serves as the on/off switch, then the device basically operates. The button for the wing or arm controls its movements or the levels of its vibration, while the button for the shaft controls the entire pulsation.

Once you have mastered or gotten familiar with the functions of its keys or buttons, then you can create your favorite pulsating and vibrating combinations, depending on its level of intensity. After creating the combination that you like, you can press and hold the FUN button for 3 seconds so that the device can program the combination that you prefer. You will know when your combination is accepted when it vibrates and makes a noise, as a sign or assurance. And if you want another combination to try something different, then you need to press and hold the FUN button again for 6 seconds. This will reset the programmed combination; you will know this when again it vibrates and makes noise again. This device basically is button operated.

Aside from the FUN button that serves as the off switch when you are done, the same button is also used for the quick stop if you wish to finish it off immediately. And when you are traveling, the device can be locked by pressing and holding the top and FUN buttons. Unlocking it also works the same way.

Stronic Drei:-

The second type of pulsator from Fun Factory is the StronicDrei. This sex toy is perfect for vaginal and anal sex plays. It has low-frequency thrust movements but has levels of stimulation, from being gentle to being powerfully strong. Its texture is designed like ribs and has 4 rhythms and 6 intensities. It can be turned on and off using the FUN button. It is also rechargeable and has a battery display that indicates its battery life. Just like Bi Stronic Fusion, it also has a lock for traveling purposes, to avoid turning it on in an unexpected event. It is made of medical-grade silicone, which is harmless and odorless. The device is also waterproof, and it is 23.9 cm in length and 4.0 in diameter. It is made in Germany as well. It is made with a slightly curved shape for the purpose of stimulating the G-spot in many different ways. It also comes with the colors like petrol and blackberry.

To explain how the Stronic Drei functions, just like the Fusion, it also has three buttons on its loop handle. The FUN button serves as the on/off switch or basically the power button. This also has quick stop function that you can use whenever you want to stop playing it immediately. This device holds the medium level thrust.

So when you turn it on, the other two buttons now take care of the remaining process. The two buttons are marked with a plus and a minus sign. The plus sign handles the thrusting work of the device. So the level or the speed of its back and forth movement is basically controlled by this button. If you want a slow or faster movement of the thrusting or a combination of the two, then this button is in charge of it. While the minus sign takes care of the pulsation of the device. This button gives you the pattern of thrusting and stopping, depending on the level. Not only that, it gives you the jiggles, semi-thrusts, jabbing, rattling, and rumbling that makes you feel stimulated in various ways. And it stays quiet and does not create too much noise while functioning.

In addition to that, if the battery of the device is fully charged, the device can be used for up to 3 hours of continuous use. It has a unique and classy way of charging. You can click and charge the battery. The process goes like this. The charger of the battery is magnetic where it attracts to the pins that are on the base of the device in which it allows to click into place and starts charging.

In locking the StronicDrei when you are traveling, just press and hold the FUN and minus buttons at the same time for a few seconds. And if you want to unlock the device, press and hold the FUN and the plus buttons at the same time for a few seconds. This will ensure that your pulsators will not cause any commotion.

Stronic Eins:-

The third one from Fun Factory is the StronicEins. This type of pulsator has a unique thrusting movement that moves like the real male organ. It is basically for vaginal use and ten different thrusting rhythms. It also has a FUN button to switch in on and off and has low-frequency range yet powerful. Just the other two types, it has a lock for traveling reasons. It is made with silicone that is medical grade and is waterproof. It is 23.8 cm long and 3.5 cm in diameter. It also goes with colors like dark violet and pink.

To explain how this device really works, just like Fusion and Drei, Eins also has three functional buttons. The FUN button operates the same as the on or off switch. So after turning it on, you can now explore the other two buttons that have the plus and minus marks. These two buttons function like to pulsate and vibrate when used. It basically has the same functions just like Fusion and Drei, and it also displays different rhythm and speed, depending on the level of intensity. After you finish using it, you can press the FUN button again to switch it off.

The same with the other two pulsators, you can also lock Drei when you are traveling. Just press and hold the FUN and the minus sign buttons at the same time for about 5 seconds. Unlocking also has the same way. You only need to again press and hold the FUN and plus sign buttons for 5 seconds again.

This stronic sex toy also does not create too much sound, you can also create your own combinations with Eins as this also has various levels of intensities and rhythms that you can enjoy. It gives you ten sets of modes, or basically its levels of intensity, a safe mode, the algorithmic modes (slower and steady rhythm), three constant modes (faster and slightly steady rhythm) , and three dynamic modes (it slows, oscillates, and moves faster).

Its battery is charged for 16 hours and can be used for 3 hours when fully charged. And its charger is magnetic as well. If you are traveling, there is a also a lock for it in case the power button gets pressed. It also has 10 modes that you can enjoy from. These are different sets of rhythm from a slow pace to a faster pace. Since its component is silicone, it is best suggested to use lubricants for a more orgasmic feeling that it can give you.

This is just one of the many examples of the Fun Factory Vibes. Different kinds and types of sex toys will vary depending of the users mood and interest, as these also come with different shapes. As these sex toys will give you sexual pleasures, make sure to do it in the proper way because you don’t want to spoil that hunger for orgasm in you.

With Stronic sex toy innovation, all of those curiosities, cravings, and others will surely be fulfilled. The fun factory innovation goes along with the modernization of the sex toys as each pulsator or vibrator, or others, has uniquely different designs to brighten up your sexual experience. You may want for more sex toys once you have purchased one, so never settle to only one. Choose wisely but surely.

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