Fun Factory Flexi Felix

Fun Factory Flexi Felix, Flexible and Durable Silicone Anal Beads with Delightfully Cute Silicone Handle

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Product Description

When it comes to anal beads, there are certain pitfalls to avoid. You don’t want something too loose that feels like it’s going to break while it’s inside you. You want an item that’s easy to clean. And most importantly, you want a toy with solid proportions. That’s a good length with decent-sized beads, for easy insertion and lasting sensation.

I’m happy to report that the Fun Factory Flexi Felix accomplished all of that for me and my man. We opted for the hot pink, though they also come in black, to add a little fest to our fun. It certainly took some lube but getting them in wasn’t much of a problem for either of us. Once inside, I realized what a great toy this really is. There was no feeling that the beads could snap that I’ve experienced with other products and they seemed to just keep coming and coming out of me. When I thought I got to the end, there was another, and another. Too perfect. Then when I was done, a quick rinse in the shower and they were good to go for my boyfriend, who seemed to love them even more than I did. The only complaint I could really make is that the beads aren’t on the massive side, like many of those that really enjoy bottoming prefer. However, with the kick they give coming out, I certainly think it makes up for it.

Clearly these beads are a blast, but to pinpoint it, here’s what most makes them so special:

These beads are thickly connected to each other, though not to the point that it turns them from beads into more of a snake. They’re made of silicone, allowing for easy insertion and flexibility despite the thickness. They also have a strong and decorative handle, shaped like a bug’s head. When putting something up there, one of the worst fears of course is that it’ll get stuck. The strong handle and support connecting the beads adds some much needed reassurance that many other anal beads, that seem more like broken necklaces, simply don’t offer.

These suckers measure 10 inches. That equals a lot of bead fun, at least a few good minutes of pulling.

Good for beginners:-
With their durability but powerful effect, these beads would be perfect for someone new to the anal bead world. The moderate size of the beads also makes them easier to take than a lot of this toy’s competitors.

With their shape and colors, these beads just seem to scream fun. It lightens up what can be kind of an intense situation, sticking big things in your bottom.

Ease to Clean:-
The silicone texture also helps to make the beads easy to clean. While it too makes them susceptible to dust, it just means you have to clean them right before use, but with anything going up there, that should really already be the case. So it’s not much of an extra hassle.

Change in Size:-
The beads get bigger as you get closer to the handle, making them more like a real penis, with the least width coming out at the end. It can make the whole experience more familiar and enjoyable, and even helps the beads serve as better foreplay for anal sex than they already would be.

Cost: The beads pack a lot of fun into a moderate price. Considering how long this durable toy could last, that’s a good deal. We’ve had ours for about a year now and have played with them a few times. They’re still going strong to this day.

The Pitfall:-
Beads on the Small End - While they were OK for me, my boyfriend does tend to like things down there a little bigger. The beads are a little on the small side and I could see some people wanting a little more girth out of an anal toy.

All in all, I think these beads are a great buy, especially if you’re a beginner or don’t love to put giant things up there. Even for the biggest power bottom though, they offer up a heck of a kick, making it nearly impossible to deny their impact. All that combined with their stability, cost and the ease at which they can be cleaned make them a real bargain. If you don’t have a Fun Factory Flexi Felix lying around the house somewhere, I’d really recommend getting one. You never know when you’re going to be in the mood for some bead fun, and this toy is just the ticket.