Fun Factory Bouncer

Fun Factory Bouncer – the dildo that hypnotizes with internal rotating weights. Experience satisfaction like never before!

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Product Description

Imagine a world where dildos aren't just dildos. In this world, they're sleek, abstract pieces of art with hidden surprises. Welcome to the Fun Factory Bouncer, where ordinary is nowhere to be found.

At first glance, the Bouncer looks like your regular dildo. It boasts a gently curved shape that's perfect for G-spot and prostate stimulation. But here's the twist—literally. The Bouncer is anything but ordinary. It's a dildo that knows how to hypnotize with an extra dash of stimulation that will have you shaking with delight.

The Bouncer is more than meets the eye. Its variable shaft thickness ensures that it delivers fulfilling moments of pleasure, whether for vaginal or anal use. But the real magic happens when you pick it up and give it a little shake. Three rotating balls inside react to the softest touch, adding an aspect of lively spice to this flexible toy made of 100% medical-grade silicone. With its flat base, the Bouncer is suitable for harnesses and firmly adheres to smooth surfaces.

The impressive Bouncer has all the best characteristics of a dildo – an impressive 18 cm length with a gentle curve perfect for reaching the G-spot or prostate. It boasts a considerable variable diameter of up to 4 cm, creating a thrilling feeling of being "filled" and steady, gentle pressure during climactic pleasure. The low profile toy base is ideal for harness use and adheres to all smooth surfaces, making it safe for anal adventures. But what makes the Bouncer truly extraordinary is its hidden secret.

Tucked inside its three bulges are three weighted balls that release vibrations with every movement. As you penetrate, arousing feedback occurs with every thrust, releasing waves of ecstasy. Even the smallest movement or touch causes the balls inside to react. The three passion-packing balls rotate silently, intensifying the stimulation with each motion. The Bouncer adapts to the intensity of your lovemaking, matching your pace and stamina of passion. Without a motor, it pleasures everyone, individually, and infuses new energy into your love life from the moment it enters the bedroom.


 The unique dildo that reacts to your movement

Intensified stimulation by three internal rotating weights

Filling, wavy shape

Impressive length of 18 cm

The wide base pleasures the outlying erogenous zones and makes BOUNCER 100% safe for anal use

Velvety textured surface

Firm yet pleasantly flexible silicone shaft

Low profile base that allows BOUNCER to stick to smooth surfaces and walls

Harness compatible

100% medical-grade silicone



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