Fun Factory Bouncer

Fun Factory, Bouncer Silicone Dildo, Features Internal Free Beads that Move with Every jiggle and provide unique and unlimited stimulation

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Product Description

Fun sexual toys are almost everywhere but there is one product that will surely define product satisfaction and that is the Fun Factory Bouncer. A collector’s must have!

There are just so many sex toys out in the market and you will probably wonder which one can really create the satisfaction you are looking for. You cannot possibly get all the types and designs and do a trial and error as this will cost you much. But just like any other customers, you want value for your money.

This is why a search for a good, satisfying and quality dildo is rampant as there are various online stores and even shops that sells as many as the mind can fathom. As sexual pleasures are being studied further and toys are created to address those sexual fantasies and needs, one product popped up the list.

Unlike any other product competitor out in the market, this bouncer has three secrets under its pocket that creates just the perfect experience for you. Just beneath the bumpy shaft of the bouncer are three jiggly balls that are going to bounce to action once in use. Surely, a bouncy and sexy experience all in all.

A greatly unique designed dildo that has three jiggle balls to add quivering sensations during use, the movement of the balls are not battery operated unlike most other dildos that promises satisfaction through electric movement. Battery operated dildos do send some pleasure to the spine but the use of such lessens the personal touch of the user. With the Fun Factory Bouncer, the balls’ movement will highly depend on the thrust and enthusiasm of the user. The three jiggle balls will move according to the movement of the user which creates a more personal touch and dual stimulation.

The Fun Factory Bouncer is 7 inches long and a maximum circumference of 5 inches at the bulge part of each three wavy bumps. For some this might be small, but as it is designed to be explored in such a way the three jiggly balls will be utilized as intended builds better on having an orgasm. Also, because of the three balls, it makes it feel bigger once in use and it is not too big for those who are not comfortable with big ones.




Another good quality of this product is that it uses a great quality matte silicone material which allows a better skin contact compared to other silicone dildos. Some dildos are just too synthetic looking though how hard it is meant to look and feel real. The type of silicone matters highly in this kinds of products as it intends to mimic the exact real thing or just get the closest possible replication as possible. The silicone material used is phthalate free and non-porous which means it is safe to use. And it is very easy to clean as well just with toy cleaner and water.

Another feature of this wonder product is that it has a flared base that is considered anal friendly and is possible to be used in a harness. An easy grasp dildo due to its triangular shape, it even has a low profile base that doubles suction cup allowing the bouncer to stick to surfaces.

If you are after hitting the G and P spot, then the bouncer is the perfect product for you! Its design also lodges a gentle curve combined with a bulging top. These features do not just hit the G spot but it sustains the pleasure in that area. Surely you will not just be pleasured but you will reach orgasm to its fullest. The effect of the Fun Factory Bouncer is long lasting as well as it stays in the right spots just with the correct movement and use.

Just like any other dildos in the market which are not battery operated, this Fun Factory Bouncer has to be used with vigor to achieve the intended results it is designed for. For those who just loves thrusting and making those crazy moves, you are in for a good deal with the bouncer.

Surely one product that is really up for grabs! So check it out and see what these bouncers really do!