Fun Factory Gigolino

Fun Factory, 8 Inch Vibrator, Gigolino, Come With Powerful Vibration For Extended G-Spot Pleasure

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Product Description

Fun Factory Gigolino

GIGOLINO is a master of one on one in passion. A slim midsize vibrator that wins users over with performance and an intense rhythm.

New and improved vibrations promise deep sensations and unforgettable climaxes.

    high quality, low price
    battery operated
    touch pad with intuitive operation
    6 vibration intensities
    6 vibration programs
    strong, quiet and long-lasting motor
    ideal for beginners
    100 % medical grade silicone
    100 % waterproof
    size: 8.1 in, Ø 1.4 in

With its nonchalant directness the GIGOLINO leaves rivals in the dust. The gently curving body and the grand length of 8.1 in pleasures in a very arousing manner. Actively control and increase excitement with the intuitive touch pad. Different vibration programs, six vibration intensities and a vibration shaft made of 100 % medical grade silicone bestow ecstatic moments.

The only thing you need to take care of is making sure the GIGOLINO doesn't run low on energy. With the right batteries, however, it will never happen. GIGOLINO is the perfect choice for pleasure seekers who don't want to move directly from a beginner's toy to a strong toy. Dare to dance with GIGOLINO and you will be swept off your feet like never before.