Fun Factory Moody

Fun Factory Moody is a Silicone Rechargeable Vibrator with rippled shaft G or P spot tip and flared base for safe play

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Product Description

Pleasure Resonates Well with The Fun Factory Moody Vibrators

Let us face it. Hedonism is the creed of our times. The base on which the whole edifice of our modern civilization is built upon. Pleasure may manifest itself in various forms. There is pleasure in writing poetry. There is pleasure in solving a complex mathematical problem. The basic feeling of elation in both is one and the same. The joy of creating.

Physical Pleasure:-
For the majority of the population during the whole course of civilization regardless of period or place, the pleasure was sought mostly in physical and material forms. The topic at hand deals with physical pleasure associated with the Moody vibrators from Fun Factory. And there should be moral scruples associated with it a pleasure. Everybody needs to stimulate their sexual organs once in a while. That is a physical need just as we feel hunger and our other compulsory needs of the body.

Questions First Time Buyers of Vibrators Wonder About:-
If you are buying a sex toy for satiating your sexual appetite, then the whole process may seem to be overwhelming and definitely awkward. Then, of course, you have to go through the process of making a purchase decision. What separates plug-in and battery powered vibrators for one? And it is desirable to have a vibrator that resembles the male sexual organ.

The Basic Types of Vibrators:-
Vibrators can be found in four basic variants, the ones that stimulate the outside, the ones that do their magic inside, those that are meant for the G-spot and the ones that have dual action and have components meant to excite both the inside and the outside of the vulva.

The moody fixes your need for the stimulation of your G-spot or anus or clitoris.


Going Solo or Do You Have a Partner?
A vibrator may be put into use for situations where you need to satiate sexual cravings all on your own or add a dash of creativity in the passionate lovemaking session you love to enjoy with your chosen partner. You should opt for a vibrator that you find you can hold with ease.

The moody suits both of the sexes. It also has been hailed for its handle which you can use pretty easily without much of a bother.

The Number of Knobs Matter Too:-
Only a fourth of the female population find themselves orgasmic while having sex on a consistent basis. Direct stimulation of the clitoral is the mainstay of the remaining majority. So when shopping for a vibrator clitoral stimulation must be kept in mind. In case you are the type who prefer to up their chances multi-taskers with multiple knobs are the way to go.

The Materialistic Perspective of the Vibrator:-
In all likelihood your sex toy is likely to become a companion that you will use considerably, that is why you are buying it in the first place is not it? The material that you vibrator is made of as such gains prime importance. You want to be sure that it is phthalates free. The phthalates are a chemical group that makes plastics flexible and hard to break. But is has adverse effects on reproductive systems of animals so you want to be sure that your vibrator is free from phthalates. Sexual experts strongly recommend the use of silicone that is of medical grade as the material of which a sexual toy is made. Glass and leather vibrators cost a whole lot more while medical-grade silicone are flexible, cleans easily and warms up quickly according to the heat of the body.

The moody meets up to its expectations on this criterion too being made of 100% silicon of medical-grade.

The Running Noise:-
You alone or with your partner are having a passionate session of lovemaking. The last thing you most probably want is to let the other members of your household and neighbors share this fact. So, before you decide on a particular vibrator as the one of choice, make sure that you for sure how loud it is. This is best accomplished with physical experience with the sex toy.

The moody is however on the louder side. But good for you, it has a quickStop feature that ensures the valued privacy that your sexual desires rightly deserve.

Is It Hard Enough to Be Useful?
If you are buying a vibrator for the first time around chances are you will opt for a delicate one which is sheer foolishness. This is because there is nothing more frustrating than having your vibe, as it is often affectionately abbreviated, run out of power in terms of maximum speed just at the moment when you were going to experience an orgasm. So, go for a strong and sturdy vibe and if possible one that has the ability to operate at varying speeds.

The moody features no less than six different intensities of vibration and pattern.

Is It Good-Looking Enough?
There is nothing that will turn you off more than an unappealing or even garish and scary vibrator irrespective of the power commanded by its motors. You want to enjoy, to be turned on. You are not looking to be turned off, to have your sexual desires negated by an ill-designed vibrator. So go for a vibe whose look you absolutely dig.

The aesthetics of the moody has wide appeal and attracts you from the very first time you lay your eyes on the toy. The texture, the tip, the handle all contribute towards making it an excellently designed sex toy.

Discretion is the Better Part of Pleasure:-
You want your vibrator to be discreet. In fact, there are vibrators in the market that look like something else altogether. If your vibrator looks like what it is, then consider a lockbox too which will aid you in keeping your vibrator away from unwanted and prying eyes. The moody is not that discreet in its looks, to be quite frank.

All in All:-
At the end of the day, a vibrator is for pleasure and sometimes you may need one to experiment, go through the trial and error method to see for yourself what works for you. The moody is one of the better vibrators available in the market and will please its users to a considerable degree both literally and figuratively.