Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5

Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5, Slimline Grooved Silicone Vibrator with Erogenous Zone Tip and Ergonomic Handle

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Product Description

Every woman loves intense stimulation when it comes to making love or simply having sex with their partner. In situations where there is no physical human partner, like during masturbation, women have the option and by all means should utilize that option to invest in a sex toy that can provide the same or even 'better' stimulation to that of a man. In such situations, vibrators are the most preferred sex toys. With the many varieties and types being advertised on a daily basis through various advertising platforms, deciding which one to buy can become a headache. This decision has been made easier by the fun factory Patchy Paul vibrator.

Normally referred to as a charming ladies’ man by many users, the fun factory Patchy Paul vibrator creates a world of fantasy by seducing, stimulating and massaging the internal walls of the vagina and arousing the clitoris from the outside. It has a wavy shape and, when you combine with eight vibration intensities and programmed with three vibration programs it, makes for some extremely powerful vibrations. The intensity of these vibrations bestow ecstatic moments that remain in a woman’s memory for a very long time. The curved tip on the vibrator shaft is a master of finding every G-spot during operation. The technical perfection that has been used in making the vibrator, allows women to decide on the level of arousal by allowing them to control the intensity of the vibrations.

The Rechargeable patchy Paul, is longer lasting, stronger and with a quieter motor than its predecessors, provides extra thrilling fun, thanks to the newly added irresistible turbo booster function. Patchy Paul vibrator has a unique illuminated control unit that is useful in case it is to be used in the dark, is 100% waterproof and the vibration shaft is made from 100% approved medical silicone that makes it medically safe for the user. The vibrator’s waterproof ability means that it can be used to provide the same erotic pleasure underwater.

Made with technical perfection and unlimited erotic pleasure in mind, the fun factory Patchy Paul vibrator gets right to the point required upon insertion-stimulation, climax and beyond, making the user lose all her senses while experiencing unfettered moments. Upon insertion, every touch by the vibrator magnifies and electrifies the desire for more fantasy -filled intimate massages. The need to always have a nose for female desire and satisfaction combined with the stimulating surface structuring, makes the Patchy Paul vibrator a real classic when it comes to rampant passion and intense stimulation. Rated among the leaders when it comes to battery operated vibrators, Patchy Paul is a really special love toy and a must have stimulation companion for the fun loving sexual woman.