Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator

Fun Factory Stronic Surf, Pulsating Dildo with Silicone Shaft and raised silicone tip to create sensual pleasure on the g spot

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Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator

The Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator is one of the newest offerings from Fun Factory as they expand their pulsating technology. Now stronger, harder and faster - the pulsator technology sees the shaft thrusting in your hands to create a realistic sensation of movement! You don't even have to hold it to enjoy the powerful sensations that pulsators offer, simply lube it up and insert it and relax and enjoy the pulsations.

The stronic surf will see you riding wave after wave of pleasure as you enjoy Fun Factory's premium silicone shaft which is firm, yet flexible. The rippling sensations of the shaft will provide pleasure as it moves back and forth through your body. With three easy to use buttons, you can turn up the pulsations, turn them down and cycle your way through the offerings of Fun Factory Engineering.

Not only is this adult toy a lot of fun, but it's safe to use as well. Using premium silicone which doesn't absorb bacteria, and is hypoallergenic, you can rest assured that this toy is completely and utterly body safe. You don't even have to worry about the impact of batteries, as this toy is fully rechargeable and is capable of delivering hours of fun. Pack this in your nightstand, or take it away with you for a naughty weekend - the Stronic Surf will quickly become one of your favourites to use.