Manbound Mini Horn Contoured Rubber Plug

Manbound Mini Horn Contoured Rubber Plug By Sportsheets features a tapered tip for easy insertion, Flexible shaft bends with your bodys contours for optimal comfort

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Product Description

Whether you're a submissive male or just a guy that enjoys some anal stimulation, the Manbound Mini Horn Contoured Rubber Dildo is a plug that's well worth adding to your toy box. Perfectly positioned for intense prostate stimulation. This sleek black coloured plug is made from durable rubber that is compatible with your favourite lubricants and totally washable and body-safe. Its smooth surface slides inside with maximum comfort, going from around 1 inch at the tip to 1.5 inches at its thickest point before tapering back again at the base.


The entire toy is 5 inches in length, so even the most demanding guys will get the satisfaction they crave. The toy's flared design keeps the plug securely and comfortably anchored in place so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about it slipping back out. The Manbound Mini Horn Contoured Rubber Dildo features a unique horn shaped curve that hits the prostate gland perfectly. Every little movement you make will help tease and please you. Plus, you get extra stimulation thanks to the bullet style vibrator that fits into the base of the plug. Slide the vibe into the channel and switch it on to get even more pleasure as the vibration sensation gives your prostate even more pleasure.

With its durable, waterproof construction, the vibrating plug, and the unique curved shape that probes you just right, this is one anal plug that can't be ignored.



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