Fun Factory Big Boss G5

Big Boss G5 by Fun Factory is a Silicone Sex Toy with Thick Shaft for Filling Sensations With 12 Deep Frequency Yet Quiet Vibration Programs

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Product Description

There is no beating about the bush The Big Boss by Fun Factory is exactly what it sounds like: a big, black (or Pink, or Nude!), penis shaped vibrator. With a long, thick shaft and a deep, rumbling powerful motor, this toy definitely lives up to its name and it is the boss.

The Big Boss has all the makings of a luxury adult toy. It’s made of velvety soft, medical grade silicone and is 100% body safe. Despite its size, it's still remarkably soft and squishy and this softness makes it far more manageable than appearances give. However, you need to ensure that you are under no illusions as to the size of this toy, and if size freaks you out - then it is strongly advised that you move on to another toy - with a 4cm diameter, its size is not to be taken lightly.

Its water resistant meaning you can get it a little wet but not take it in the bathtub with you and is fully rechargeable. The boss is powered by three easy to use control buttons and has a looped handle which is specifically designed for your index finger, allowing you to have an intuitive yet controlled hold on the toy and easy access to the many variables of settings that it can provide. This handle makes the toy incredibly easy and comfortable to use, especially if you suffer from any hand cramps or hand mobility issues. If you're after a toy that is designed to give you that full filling, and filling, sensation then look no further than the big boss.

As the name suggests, The Big Boss is a larger sized toy and has an insertable length of 6.5 inches and a circumference of 5.5 inches, making it a long and thick vibrator. It is the biggest that Fun Factory provide and it is actually one of the thicker silicone toys on the entire sex toy market. Many companies don't bother with sizing this big, because it is quite costly to do with the silicone. The Big Boss isn’t an Anaconda and a more accurate way to describe it would be a little above average size. It is designed for both vaginal, and anal play, and it has a slight curve throughout the main shaft so that it will comfortably and easily hit either spot.

When it comes to the Big Boss by Fun Factory, what’s a “pro” for one person, might be a “con” for another. What the Big Boss really has going for it is its size and shape. The toy will definitely give you a fuller feeling than a lot of other vibrators. However, the Big Boss isn’t just a pretty face. It also packs a lot of power. It has 12 multiple speed and vibration settings and the Big Boss is considered to be one of the most powerful toys around. Considering how powerful this toy is, it’s exceptionally quiet. It only gets slightly louder at the very highest settings and by then you'll be having way too much fun anyway to care.