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Fun Factory New Wave, Flexible Pure Silicone Double Ended Dong with different styles on each end

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Product Description

Made by Fun Factory, the New Wave dildo is a double-ended dildo made entirely from 100% medical grade silicon. The New Wave dildo includes two ends to work for two people at the same time both vaginally and anally. It is available in black or pink colors with about 1.5 thick and a length of 13 inches long – quite a large one!

The New Wave dildo is very simple in terms of features. It has a double-ended style with a flat and wide area in the middle to separate the ends. What makes this dildo stand out is that it isn’t just a long, straight double-sided toy, like more double-ended dildos on the market. It has a draggy side and a clitoral bump for extra pleasure. I definitely recommended being extremely turned on or apply a generous amount of lube for intense pleasure. The pink style is desirable as it appears to glow in the dark when in dim lighting. The color is very vibrant and may help to set the mood.

Made in Germany, the Fun Factory New Wave double-ended dildo is hypoallergenic and Phthalate-free. The firm, insertable ends make for easier insertion without the worry or pain. On one of the sides of the dildo, there is a small bump near the center that is intended for clitoral stimulation. The bump isn’t very noticeable as you will only feel it during certain positions when the dildo is positioned up. I must say, it is a favorable addition to the dildo as it adds more stimulation for those who enjoy it.

Size and Features:-
Between the opposite ends, there’s not much of a difference besides one end with a slight squiggle along the shaft. Basically, it depends on what you and your partner favor. The smoother end has a larger diameter to it by half an inch. While I enjoy the squiggly side for an intense feeling, if you enjoy larger, filling toys, the smooth end might be your ideal choice. The smooth side is slightly curved from the g-spot but may not make a different anyway as the end is rather thick.

The Fun Factory New Wave dildo comes in a pretty package with a long slender box. While the packing it not very discreet it is rather a slipcover with a discreet box underneath. When you open the package, the dildo simply rests in the box with no tray or anything to hold the dildo in place. Aside from the dildo, there is a small instruction manual book that offers care details. There is a short list of the do’s and don’ts for the dildo via pictures.

Cleaning & Proper Care:-
To clean this dildo, you can just use an antibacterial soap with warm water. The dildo can be sterilized with a water and bleach combination, especially before its first use. Another option for sterilization is to boil the dildo. Though, that would require a large pot due to its size. In terms of lubricant, the New Wave dildo is only compatible with water-based type lubricants.

Works best for: -
The Fun Factory New Wave dildo is intended for double pleasure between two users. Whether it is between two females or a male and female, this dildo is basically an all-purpose sexy toy as anything goes. Because it is so flexible and long, it offers a comfortable experience between two users. This dildo is fantastic for two people as it is just too long for solo use. When it comes to solo-use, there’s just too much of it to hold onto. While it CAN be used for solo pleasure, there are other dildos that may it better suited for the job.

What We Like:-
We like how flexible the New Wave dildo really is as it offers room to flex the dildo instead of having to hold it firm. Though the center holds firm, this removes any awkward or tense feelings of finding the right position for the couple. Unlike other unsafe or Kelly types of double-ended dildos, the Fun Factory New Wave dildo provides a relatively firm silicone to hold its shape while flexing when pressure is applied.

What We Don’t Like:-
Due to its silicon material, it does tend to pick up lint and hair strands, so it’s definitely a better idea to store it in its bag when not in use.

Final Verdict:-
I’m quite impressed with the Fun Factory New Wave double-ended dildo has most double-ended dildos are just long and straight while this dildo adds favorable variety. It’s easy to share with your partner and offers different sensations to give you the best pleasurable results.