Cascade Wave Single Sheath

Cascade Wave Single Sheath By Love Life Products Is Made Of Quality Silicone Material And Come With powerful motor housed in the tip of the Cascade Vibe

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Product Description

Twist and click your way to a new wave of cascade pleasure. This brilliant wave sheath will give you new demensions of play, giving you even more to enjoy from your cascade vibrator.

Simple to use and with sensational results, this brilliant sheath will open new doors of pleasure. With all the lubricated joy you associate with your Cascade sex toy, simple twist on and play to your hearts content.

Super smooth to the touch, this silicone sheath offers you waves of pleasure with every touch, and will stimulat e with every thrust.

Giving you varied and exciting sexual pleasure, whatever mood you are in, this amazing Cascade collecition will give you multiple sex toys in one, with lubrication at the touch of a button. what more could you ask for?


Love Life Sex Toys were designed to allow the user to explore the sexuality of themselves or their partner.  Enabling you to discover new things about your body and dare to try new and exciting things.  Many years have been invested into designing the perfect adult toy that is healthy for you and bring ultimate satisfaction to its users. Only the best designs, materials and engineering is used from start to finish ensuring that when you get these pleasure objects home they are going to used over and over again.  They will make you feel sexy and adventurous and most of all just have some good and dirty fun!!!