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Fun Factory, Diva Dolphin, Powerful Slimline Battery Powered Silicone Vibrator for Solo and Couples Play

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Product Description

Diva Dolphin Vibrator is a one of a kind vibrator. One thing that stands out in Diva Dolphin Vibrator is its strength. Its vibration is very powerful and can be operated using both rechargeable and regular batteries. This, therefore, means that the Diva Dolphin Vibrator is an eco-friendly device because you don’t need to throw away the used batteries. You simply recharge. Its battery also uses a technology known as a smart technology. This implies that it charges very fast. There is no need to wait for the appliance as it charges. The following are more features of the Diva Dolphin Vibrator a must-have -device for all fun lovers.

The Diva Dolphin Offers Unmatched Strength
This device has a deep and rumbling vibration that is same from the beginning to the end. Its vibration can only be compared to the most popular rechargeable toys. Its power will never reduce as the normal toy does. When the battery is really low, you can always replace them with rechargeable batteries. As mentioned earlier, it has a smart charging that will distinguish between rechargeable batteries and the standard batteries that are not chargeable. It offers very deep and rumbling vibration due to its size. It is almost 20cm long. This, therefore, means that the user gets too much pleasure that they cannot get when using other normal vibrators. When exposed to the highest settings, Diva Dolphin Vibrator can play for up to one hour.

Alluring Shape
Diva Dolphin has a perfect design. The design isn’t only perfect for the playful guys but is also excellent for other kinds of play. It can also be used for penetration to other targeted external vibration. It was made with satisfaction in mind. It also comes with a locking functionality that makes it easy to handle during traveling. It also has led charge indicator light. This helps the user know when the batteries are fully charged. When the battery power drops down, it also indicates. The device can, therefore, stay for long because chances of under and over-charging are drastically reduced.

Ready to Use
Unlike other toys where you are supposed to spend the better part of the day charging, this Diva Dolphin comes ready to use. The manufacturers, in fact, refer to it as a ready to use romance tool. You can either buy it as a gift or for a weekend getaway. Either way, you are always sorted by the Diva Dolphin. It is also very easy to use. This is because it has on and off button. It also has a Fun button.

Easy to Store
Remember that the Fun Factory came up with a device that can be charged separately. When you feel you like you need to recharge the batteries, you can easily remove the batteries and charge them separately. This accords you the time to safely keep your Diva Dolphin. In case you need to recharge the batteries inside the vibrator, you can just use a USB magnetic charger that is always provided as you make your purchase. The USB Magnetic charger operates the same way the standard rechargeable batteries operate. It is also very quiet and discreet as opposed to other vibrators that make a lot of noise when in use.

Don’t worry about the product getting spoilt should it come into contact with water. It is 100% waterproof. It also comes in a wide range of colors to choose from. The material is made up of silicone that has been approved by the medics. It has different speed levels, up to 4 vibration intensities. It also has different stimulation modes. The total number of vibration rhythms is 6. This, therefore, implies that the user is offered varied pleasures.

Guide On How to Use
When you purchase the Diva Dolphin Vibrator, you get a user manual that advice on you the dos and the dots so as to achieve maximum benefit from the product. It is advisable to clean the toy before and after every use. The manufacturers recommend cleaning it using mild soap and warm water. The cleaner for the toy is specifically meant for cleaning the erotic types of toys. It can also be used for washing the genital areas. You should, therefore, use it for any other job that it is not meant for.

You should always add a few drops of the toy fluid which act as a lubricant. The aim is to ensure that there is pleasant feeling during the insertion of the toy. The lubricants should always be water based.