Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, Smooth Silicone Shafted Pulsator for G spot Stimulation

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Product Description

When it comes to sex toys, we've seen them all; from nontoxic and rechargeable to underwater and dual motors. But even with these revolutionary designs coming out every day, few have come close to wowing people more than the Stronic Eins Pulsator. Here is why.

Though Fun Factory categorizes the Stronic as a vibrator, most people who have tried it would disagree. It is better than a vibrator. The majority would agree that it is a delicate and versatile lover. It works through forward and backward motions that penetrate deep enough to send any woman to cloud nine, even after a short session. It is uniquely designed to suit different people while still allowing each and every one to reach the same level of ecstasy every single time they use it.

The most distinguishing feature of it, however, is its powerful motor. This sublime lover releases powerful waves even at the lowest frequencies for an unforgettable ride to the climax. It is ideal for those slow and gentle sessions when she wants to enjoy every single splash of vaginal stimulation and just as suited for those intense thrusting rhythms that leave her breathless. The fact that it is easy to control means that you don't have to scope around in search of the button that will send you on your merry way pleasure.

You will love the innovative "Press Fun to Play" button which allows you to easily turn your mechanic lover on and off. The different levels of speed are cleverly included to allow you to pace yourself while the pulsation sends you to town. Pick the shape, color of your pleasure partner from a selection of styles. If that doesn't end you into a giddy fit, consider the fact that there are provisions for a sexy add-on to the gadget.

You can choose to add an external clitoral stimulation gadgets like a vibrating cock ring for those yummy G spot and clitoral stimulation's. In order to get the most out of this machine, you will need some lubrication. While it may be fun to go on a ride, there are some times when the friction may be too hot for you to handle (as delicious as it may be). Even if you produce enough self-lubrication we still recommend opting for some water-based lubrication. No one likes to have to stop midway due to some friction and by getting some lube before the toy arrives means that you will never have to. As for noise, Fun Factory have you covered for those moments you want to keep your mechanical love affair private with a refreshing new silent mode provision on the gadget. In normal operating conditions, this toy will not be audible outside of a closed bedroom.