Fun Factory Wicked Wings Light Blue

Fun Factory Wicked Wings Light Blue, Rabbit Battery Powered Vibrator for Powerful Clitoral and G Spot stimulation

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Product Description

Whether you are pleasuring by yourself or with your partner, a good vibrator should meet and satisfy your sexual desires. Nothing turns off your wild expectations than ending up in your bed with the wrong sex toy. With Fun factory wicked wings vibrator, you can never go wrong as it is made with the user in mind. Its shape and wings, powerful motor for varying stimulation intensities and robust batteries are designed to maximize your arousal.

Playful Shape
When you lay your hands on one, the first thing that will catch your attention is its playful angelic shape. They toy’s shaft is contoured similar to a penis with the heading jutting out invitingly. As you move from its front to the rear, the vibrator broadens subtly up to the base. The toys total length is 19.8cm, with a comfortable 9.4cm of insertable length, allowing adequate distance to firmly grasp it and comfortably drive yourself to zenith of joy. This is complemented by an insertable diameter of 9.4cm, allowing flexibility whether you are a beginner or experienced user.

Wicked Wings Of Joy
At the base of the toy’s shaft are wings that do more than offer visual appeal. They allow simultaneous stimulation as the shaft is working on your sweet hole. When placed along the sensitive frenulum or on between the clit, the wicked wing produces an amazing sensation that will drive you wild in satisfaction. For those who love anal, the wicked wings will safely and delightfully stimulate the outer ring. For G-spot or prostate fun, the shaft’s pronounced ridge take care of that delivering amazing sensations. Fun factory wicked wings vibrator has a powerful motor that supports six modes and four vibration intensities. The powerful motor delivers deep and rumbling vibration, doing that while surprisingly quiet thus giving you the freedom to pleasure yourself without raising curiosity.

Battery That Lasts As Long As Your Desires
A feature that stands out with fun factory wicked wings vibrator is its powerful battery that lasts long while delivering steady power. If you ever had the misfortune of your pleasurable explorations interrupted by a battery losing power steadily you would agree with me that no sexy toy is worth its name if it cannot last enough. Fun Factory solved such problems by developing a lasting battery in this toy. The manufacturer guarantees that the battery will last for up to an hour at the highest settings. And the fun does not end there as the toy comes with the choice of a hybrid kit that has rechargeable batteries. The kit is sold separately and has two rechargeable batteries. The LED charge indicator light illuminates when the battery is charging and stops when it is full. You will have nothing to cut short your sexual delight.

Smooth And Soft Texture
Safety is a concern for many women and men as they shop for sex toys. Nobody wants to enjoy the rumble of a prized vibrator only to later nurse infections and bruises. Made of soft medical-grade silicone, Fun factory Wicked Wings vibrator has a smooth texture that is not only pleasing to the skin but also increases the sensations.

You should wash it with warm water and mild soap before the first use and after every use and you will be safe. In addition, the vibrator is waterproof, meaning you can use it everywhere, even in your bathtub or in the shower.

Once you have purchased Fun factory wicked wings vibrator and you are expectantly preparing to plunge yourself into floods of deep sensations, you will be grateful of the toy’s easy to control design. The intuitive on and off button is easier to locate as it’s prominently position at the shaft’s bottom. No fudging about or reaching out your phone to call the customer care. You just press on and savor the moment.

Wicked Wings gives you control on the intensity of vibrations ranging from one to four speeds, presented in six vibration patterns as you like. To use, you just press the turn on button and the motor purrs to life at medium power. There is a button for lower intensity, for higher intensity and for rhythm settings. It is definitely a vibrating toy that will make your sex life better and is worth investing in.